Queen / Champions Shoot /1CD

Queen / Champions Shoot /1CD /Wardour New London Theatre Centre, 6th October 1977+Bonus DVDR t ‘Houston 1977’ News Of The world USA Tour. The summit, Houston, USA 11th December 1977. Click Image To Enlarge Wardour-036  

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Queen / It’s A Killer /2CD

Queen / It’s A Killer /2CD / Wardour Live at Mecca Arena, Milwaukee, USA, 10th September 1980. Bonus DVDR: ST Paul 1980. Live at Civic Centre, St. Paul, USA 14th September 1980 Click Image To Enlarge Wardour-037  

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Queen / Operatic Ecstasy / 2CD

Queen / Operatic Ecstasy / 2CD / Wardour Translated Text: Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 31st March 1976. Click Image To Enlarge 1976, than QUEEN2 time of the Japan tour, March 31, to be a tour day 7, complete recording of a great high-quality sound that Nippon Budokan performance can assert that this tour the best, is the appearance at ...

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