Faces / LA Forum 1975 Mike Millard 1st Gen / 2CD

Faces / LA Forum 1975 Mike Millard 1st Gen / 2CD / Wardour
The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA 5th March 1975

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The excavated sound source from the 1975 US tour, which has become a hot topic among enthusiasts around the world, is released on a limited press CD. This year, the last year of the group’s activities, they traveled around the United States in two convenient times, but this time we recorded amazing quality sound sources from the first tour that took place from February to March . From this tour, the UXBRIDGE label has been released on CD-R in the past with high-quality Odins recordings called “PROVIDENCE 1975” and “SEATTLE 1975”.
Both of them have excellent sound quality, and the former, which had an exceptionally clear sparkle like Dan Lampinsky recording, and the latter, which had a monophonic sound quality with a hip like JEMS sound source. Each of them was an excellent audience recording, but the sound source of this time is exceptional quality that surpasses them lightly. Immediately after the appearance, there was so much discussion between enthusiasts that it was a sound board because of the high quality sound.
If you come to such an amazing Odins recording, as well as a recording at the LA Forum, you’ll be able to detect it even if you are not a mania. Yes, it was that Mike Millard that recorded the sound source that appeared this time. The sound image was so strong that it seemed to be mistaken for a sound board. The time when it was recorded is also interesting. This sound source was recorded on March 5, but three weeks later, Millard was recording three days at the LA Forum in Led Zeppelin. They are also great sound quality, but the high level only by Mirrorard that the tremendous quality of this sound source that captured the stage of the last phase is also high.
And the sound source that appeared this time is the first generation copy, which is perfect in terms of state. However, it seems that the pitch has dropped when making a copy from the master, and this point was left out of the way when this net appeared. Therefore, when the press CD was released, the problem was adjusted as a matter of course. In addition, the sound quality is fine-tuned to achieve a more perfect state. Anyway, it is a superb sound source that is misunderstood as a sound board. There is no art just by putting it in the press CD.

Also, the greatness of this sound source is not only the sound quality, but the performance is outstanding. Around this time, it was natural to put in a lot of songs from Rod Stewart’s solo album, leaving behind the group’s last album “OOH LA LA”, which was a big part of the group. As the history proved, the result was a crack. However, in 1975, Ron Wood, who released the first solo album “I’VE GOT MY OWN ALBUM TO DO” in the previous year, added songs from the album to the repertoire and was in a terminal state. It ’s easy to ask.
Still, every day’s stage continues to be a rock-and-roll show that seems to be FACES, and it’s hard to believe that the band’s life was less than a year even if one day was taken. In this regard, the two items released by the UXBRIDGE label have already proved, but the extraordinarily on sound image of this mirrored sound source recorded an even better live performance.

Exceptional mention is that strings are added in “Bring It On Home To Me / You Send Me”, unlike Providence and Seattle. It is well known that string players were added when playing the same song at the 74th Kilburn Theater, which is the classic video of the last phase, and the 75th final tour was held in Boston in October. It has been confirmed that they have joined. However, with the appearance of this sound source, it became clear that the strings that seemed to be local musicians also added flowers to the performance here at the LA Forum.
Not only the same R & B song that demonstrates the realism of the rod, but also the whole band that lets you listen to the performance of flying wild throughout. In the final stage of “Stay With Me”, Tetsu Yamauchi bursts into the fuzz base. The excitement in “Angel” by Jimi Hen Cover, which has been performed on stage for a long time and was made into a record in the live album “COAST TO COAST” in the previous year, is also tremendous. Unfortunately, it was the end of the band as a band, but it can be said that it is a valuable document that tells us that the popularity of Faces has reached its peak because of the fulfillment of the performance and the enthusiasm of the audience. The best sound source and sound performance without a multiplier, Odins album representing the 75-year Faces here!

(Remastered memo)
★ Fixed a rather slow pitch.

★ Due to the high sound quality, the bass can be improved and the overall separation can be improved.

世界中のマニアの間で話題となっているフェイセズ1975年アメリカ・ツアーからの発掘音源を限定プレスCDにてリリース。グループの活動最終年となったこの年、彼らは都合二回に分けてアメリカを回っていますが、今回は2月から3月にかけて行われた最初のツアーからの驚異的なクオリティの音源を収録。このツアーからは過去にもUXBRIDGEレーベルが「PROVIDENCE 1975」と「SEATTLE 1975」という上質オーディンス録音がCD-Rにてリリースされたことがありました。

また今回の音源の素晴らしさは音質だけに留まらず、何より演奏が抜群。この頃になるとグループのラスト・アルバムとなってしまった「OOH LA LA」収録曲を差し置いて、ロッド・スチュワートのソロアルバムからの楽曲を大量投入するのが当たり前となっており、それがグループに大きな亀裂を生む結果となったのは歴史が証明した通り。ところが75年にもなると、前年に初めてソロアルバム「I’VE GOT MY OWN ALBUM TO DO」をリリースしたロン・ウッドも同アルバムからの曲をレパートリーに加えさせるなど、グループとしては末期的状態であったことが容易に伺えます。

何と言っても特筆すべきは、プロヴィデンスやシアトルと違い「Bring It On Home To Me / You Send Me」でストリングスが加わっていること。末期フェイセズの定番映像である74年キルバーン・シアターにおいて同曲を演奏する際、ストリングス奏者が加わっていたことはよく知られていますし、75年もファイナル・ツアーでは10月のボストンにストリングス奏者が加わっていたことが確認されています。しかし今回の音源の登場により、ここLAフォーラムでも地元のミュージシャンと思われるストリングスが演奏に花を添えてくれていたことが明らかになったのでした。
そんなロッド本領発揮のR&Bたる同曲だけでなく、全体を通してワイルドで飛ばしまくりの演奏を聞かせてくれるバンド全体も素晴らしい。「Stay With Me」終盤のソロ回しでは山内テツもファズ・ベースを炸裂。以前からステージで演奏されており、前年にライブアルバム「COAST TO COAST」で音盤化されていたジミヘン・カバーの「Angel」における盛り上がりがまた凄まじい。残念ながらバンドとしては末期だった訳ですが、こうした演奏の充実ぶりやオーディエンスの熱狂からは、フェイセズの人気が頂点に達していたことを伝えてくれる貴重なドキュメントだと言えるでしょう。掛け値なしに音質と演奏のどちらも最高な音源、75年のフェイセズを代表するオーディンス・アルバムがここに!




Disc 1 (61:14)
1. Intro
2. It’s All Over Now
3. Take a Look at that Guy
4. (I Know) I’m Losing You
5. Bring It On Home To Me / You Send Me
6. Sweet Little Rock & Roller
7. I’d Rather Go Blind
8. Too Bad
9. Every Picture Tells a Story
10. Angel
11. Stay With Me
12. Slide Guitar Solo incl.Motherless Children,
13. Gasoline Alley
14. Stay With Me (Reprise)

Disc 2 (23:54)
1. I Can Feel the Fire
2. You Wear It Well
3. Maggie May
4. Twistin’ the Night Away
5. We’ll Meet Again

Rod Stewart – Vocals Ronnie Wood – Guitar, Vocals Kenney Jones – Drums
Ian McLagan – Keyboards Testu Yamauchi – Bass


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