Jeff Beck Group / Definitive Roundhouse / 2CD

Jeff Beck Group / Definitive Roundhouse / 2CD / Wardour
Live at Roundhouse, London, UK 23rd July 1972

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The second JEFF BECK GROUP which collapsed in the summer of 1972. The first full version live album which recorded the last show is appearance.
The last show is “July 23, 1972 London concert”. It was a show at the well-known venue “Round House” that has created many legends. Actually, there are many unclear points in the record at that time, but the final performance is correct on this day. July 24, the following day, “We succeeded in fusing the music styles of the members. However, with the comment that they were not able to create the powerful new music that they originally wanted,” they officially broke up (A few days later, on August 1st, the show will be held as a new JEFF BECK GROUP, to which Tim Bogart, Carmine Apis and Kim Milford joined). It is a show the day before the dissolution declaration.

[First time complete recording of the second JBG last night] Such shows are also known for the great audience recordings left. What’s more, in the early 70’s, it was unusual for two bottles. One is a well-known recording that has been known for a long time since the group, such as “THE LAST EVER GIG” since ancient times. Another one is our excavation “ROUNDHOUSE 1972 (Reel Masters-017)”. The former has recorded all the songs of the day, and the latter has a wonderful sense of documentary recorded by the staff of the Japanese record company at that time. But both were not perfect. “ROUNDHOUSE 1972” was missing in 3 songs “Got The Feeling”, “Let Me Love You” and “Superstition”, and some of the songs in the former had a cut as a tape change. It is miraculous that only two recordings of the name are left in 1972 and it is miracle, but because the show is historical and wonderful, it is a collector’s dream that “I want to listen in a perfect body” It has become.
This work is what makes such a dream a reality. It is a live album that connects two types of audience recordings and plays “complete recording” rather than “all songs recording”. Of course, not only the length but also the sound side is the highest peak ever. The base was the finest master excavated by the prestigious “Kro_co”. All songs can be suppressed by this alone, but the missing piece that occurred in “Going Down (about 3 seconds)” and “New Ways (about 40 seconds)” was complemented by the reel master of “ROUNDHOUSE 1972”. Moreover, this work has also polished up the highest peak “Kro_co” master with careful mastering. In fact, although “Kro_co” is a masterpiece of excavation, its policy seems to place emphasis on the “master’s truth”. Therefore, the deterioration is kept deteriorated, and it is not uncommon for the pitch to be significantly out of order. This work arranges such “master disturbance”. Speaking in terms of pitches, it is just 1% correct and not to be missed. The original sound has no effect on the historical and delicate sounds, and there is no sound squeezing out of it, and of course the connection with the reel and the master is also kept to a minimum with a sense of discomfort, and the ears are cleared with headphones “Finally the direction of the microphone has changed?” It is finished to a degree of completeness that can only be felt like. If the policy of “Kro_co” is “master’s truth”, this work is a live album focused on the reproduction of “field truth”.

[Historical live album with the best sound too] Then, “the last night” that I hit in the highest peak & perfect body is awful. First of all, the sound is overwhelmingly better than “ROUNDHOUSE 1972”. “ROUNDHOUSE 1972” was not a bad recording, and it was a great sound, especially after the 4th song “Definitely Maybe” on the day, but I could not praise the early stage. Although it was clear, the bass is distorted as well by the balance that the high frequency reaches the ear. Cozy Powell’s cymbal work was Kinkin, and the line of Clive and Chairman was unclear with Mokomoko. However, the main of this work is the prestigious “Kro_co” master. Not only clear from high-pitched to heavy bass, but also their balance and direct feeling are not compared, and vocals of Bob Tench’s vocals are crisply vivid to one word and one word of lyrics. Of course, the self-directed guitar of Jeff Beck’s protagonist is also clear, and it swims freely without being mixed in the ensemble of a good match.
What is drawn with that sound is just the final heat performance. There is also a declaration of dissolution on the next day, and the performance is filled with the heat of “Today is the last.” Speaking of the second phase JBG, the upgrade board of symbolic sound board ‘BBC IN CONCERT (Wardour-361)’ will be released simultaneously this week, but this work will also show ‘Jeff’s Boogie’ and ‘Superstition’, which can not be heard there. In particular, “Superstition” is the true number, the last number of the second JBG. We can experience the fierce live performance of only one time in history with the quality that updates the highest peak ever.

As stated earlier, the day after this work, a declaration of dissolution was made, and the second term JBG ended. We will enter into a new era with Bogart & Apis. Unlike the 1st JBG which connected between CREAM and LED ZEPPELIN, and BB & A which aimed at a straight hard rock sound, the 2nd JEFF BECK GROUP which created a unique sound by sucking in Moton’s excitement fully. Last night they arrived. Please enjoy anytime and always with the Press 2CD, which will leave the shine forever.

★ Connect two audience recordings to achieve your first complete recording! (Complement 2 cuts (Going Down, New Ways) of “Kro_co” sound source with the sound source of Reel Master that has already been issued. The sound quality is corrected and corrected so that there is no discomfort.)

1972年の夏に崩壊してしまった第2期JEFF BECK GROUP。そのラスト・ショウを収録した初の完全版ライヴアルバムが登場です。
そのラスト・ショウとは「1972年7月23日ロンドン公演」。数々の伝説を生み出してきた名会場“ラウンドハウス”でのショウでした。実のところ、当時の記録には不明な点も多いのですが、最終公演はこの日に間違いない。翌7月24日には「メンバー達の音楽スタイルを融合させる事には成功した。しかし、彼らがもともと求めていた強力で新しい音楽を創造することはできなかった」とのコメントと共に公式に解散が発表された(その数日後の“8月1日”には、ティム・ボガート、カーマイン・アピス、キム・ミルフォードが加入した新生JEFF BECK GROUPとしてショウを行っています)。その解散宣言の前日のショウなのです。

そんなショウは、素晴らしいオーディエンス録音が残されたことでも知れています。しかも、70年代初期にしては珍しく2本も。1本は古くから『THE LAST EVER GIG』等の既発群で知られる有名録音。もう1本は当店の発掘盤『ROUNDHOUSE 1972(Reel Masters-017)』。前者は当日の全曲を収録しており、後者は当時の日本人レコード会社スタッフが録音したドキュメント感が素晴らしい銘品でした。しかし、両者とも完全無欠ではありませんでした。『ROUNDHOUSE 1972』は3曲「Got The Feeling」「Let Me Love You」「Superstition」で欠けがあり、前者でも一部の曲でテープチェンジと思しきカットがありました。聴けるだけでありがたい1972年に2本もの名録音が残されているだけで奇跡的ではあるのですが、そのショウが歴史的で素晴らしいからこそ「完全体で聴きたい」というのがコレクターの夢になってきたのです。
本作は、そんな夢を現実にするもの。2種のオーディエンス録音を繋ぎ、「全曲収録」ではなく「完全収録」を果たしたライヴアルバムなのです。もちろん、長さだけでなくサウンド面でも過去最高峰。ベースになったのは名門「Kro_co」が発掘した極上マスター。これだけで全曲は押さえられるのですが、「Going Down(約3秒)」「New Ways(約40秒)」で発生していた欠けを『ROUNDHOUSE 1972』のリール・マスターで補完したのです。しかも、本作は最高峰の「Kro_co」マスターを細心マスタリングで磨き上げてもいる。実のところ「Kro_co」は発掘の名門ではあるものの、そのポリシーは「マスターの真実」に重きを置いている模様。そのため、劣化は劣化なままにしており、ピッチが大幅に狂っている事も珍しくありません。本作は、そんな“マスターの乱れ”を整えている。ピッチで言えば、1%以下の狂いまで見逃さずにジャストに正し、位相も補正。原音が持つヒストリカルで繊細な鳴りには一切手を加えず、無闇矢鱈な音圧稼ぎもなしですし、もちろんリール・マスターとの接続部分も違和感を最小限に抑え、ヘッドフォンで耳を澄ませても「マイクの向きが変わったかな?」くらいにしか感じられないほどの完成度に仕上げている。「Kro_co」のポリシーが「マスターの真実」だとするなら、本作は「現場の真実」の再現に注力したライヴアルバムなのです。

そうして最高峰&完全体で甦った”最後の夜”は感無量。まず何より『ROUNDHOUSE 1972』よりも圧倒的に音が良い。『ROUNDHOUSE 1972』も決してダメ録音ではなく、特に当日4曲目の「Definitely Maybe」以降は極上サウンドだったのですが、序盤は絶賛できなかった。クリアではあったものの、高域が耳につくようなバランスで低音も歪み気味。コージー・パウエルのシンバルワークがキンキンとしていて、クライヴ・チェアマンのラインもモコモコと不明瞭だったのです。しかし、本作のメインは名門「Kro_co」マスター。高音から重低音までクリアなだけでなく、そのバランスもダイレクト感も比較にならず、ボブ・テンチのヴォーカルも歌詞の1語1語までクッキリ鮮やか。もちろん無論、主役ジェフ・ベックのわがままギターも鮮明で、名手揃いのアンサンブルの中を混じり合いもせずに自由自在に泳ぎ回るのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるのは、まさに最後の熱演。翌日には解散宣言を行っていることもあり、その演奏には「今日が最後」の熱気が込められている。第2期JBGと言えば、象徴サウンドボードのアップグレード盤『BBC IN CONCERT(Wardour-361)』も今週同時リリースとなりますが、本作はそこでも聴けない「Jeff’s Boogie」「Superstition」も披露。特に「Superstition」は正真正銘、第2期JBGのラスト・ナンバー。歴史上1回だけの苛烈なる生演奏を過去最高峰を更新するクオリティで体験できるのです。

先述した通り、本作の翌日には解散宣言が行われ、第2期JBGは終了。ボガート&アピスを迎えた新時代へと突入していきます。CREAMとLED ZEPPELINの間を繋いだ第1期JBG、ストレートなハードロック・サウンドを志向したBB&Aとは異なり、モータウンの薫りもたっぷりと吸い込んで独特なサウンドを生み出した第2期JEFF BECK GROUP。彼らがたどり着いた最後の夜。どうぞ、輝きを永久に残すプレス2CDでいつでも、いつまでもご堪能ください。

★2種のオーディエンス録音を繋ぎ、初の完全収録を実現!(「Kro_co」音源のカット2箇所(Going Down、 New Ways)を既発Reel Masterの音源で補填。なるべく違和感のないように音質補正したうえで補填がなされています。)


Disc 1 (49:11)
1. Introduction
2. Ice Cream Cakes
3. Morning Dew
4. Piano Solo / Going Down
5. Definitely Maybe
6. Tonight I’ll Be Staying With You
7. New Ways / Jam Section / Plynth / Drum Solo / Train Train

Disc 2 (43:04)
1. Tuning / MC
2. Jeff’s Boogie
3. Ain’t No Sunshine
4. Got The Feeling
5. Let Me Love You
6. Superstition

Jeff Beck – Guitar
Bob Tench – Vocal
Clive Chaman – Bass
Cozy Powell – Drums
Max Middleton – Keyboards


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