David Bowie / The London Boy BBC 2000 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

David Bowie / The London Boy BBC 2000 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Wardour
BBC Radio Theatre, Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London, UK 27th June 2000 plus Bonus DVDR “BBC Radio Theatre 2000 The Video” STEREO SBD

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The master of the full version of the legendary stereo sound board that was officially announced in “BOWIE AT THE BEEB” was discovered. Introduced in 2CD.
”The legendary sound board was recorded“ London, June 27, 2000 ”. This is a special performance recorded for the program at the BBC Radio Theater. This show is also known as the act of “MINI TOUR”. As the name suggests, this is a special time that is different from a normal concert tour, and the record has been introduced in our shop. First, let’s imagine the show position from the overview of “MINI TOUR”.

《June 17: New York performance (cancelled)》
・ June 19: New York performance (transfer)
・ June 27: BBC RADIO THEATER ← ★ This work ★

[Complete master of the classic sound board] Above, all 4 performances. The main is the Glastonbury Festival, which appeared for the first time in 30 years. Our “GLASTONSTONBURY FESTIVAL 2000 (Wardour-184)” was not only very popular, but also the official edition “GLASTONBURY 2000” appeared after that. . Before and after that, a limited show was held three times, and this work was the last concert. This show is premised on broadcasting, and is also familiar as a one-hour TV broadcast pro shot and official compilation “BOWIE AT THE BEEB”. However, they are all incomplete versions, and the entire view of the day has long had to rely on audience recording. However, a complete stereo sound board sound source has been discovered in recent years. This work is the ultimate board provided by a researcher who originally acquired the master, the highest peak.
The sound is just an iron wall. After all, it was recorded by the prestigious BBC, and it was actually recorded on the official board, so the recording is completely official. There are some misaligned versions of the pitch between the core collectors, but this work has been digitized from the masters that were exhibited at the auction. There are many things that the best sound board introduced by our shop is not defeated even when it was officially announced later, but this work is one of them. That is the quality that is not strange even if it is officially announced.

[Show that set and performance are too special] It is a precious and too special show that is drawn with that quality. In the first place, “MINI TOUR” itself was only four performances, but this work is exceptional. First of all, a lot of rare songs. “Starman”, “Wild Is The Wind” and “Absolute Beginners”, which have been revived after more than 10 years, played in Glastonbury, but there are plenty of other famous songs that you can’t even listen to at that show. Classics such as “Seven”, “Survive”, “Always Crashing In The Same Car”, “Cracked Actor”, and “The Jean Genie” that were unique to those days. Even more prominent are the 60’s singles “The London Boys”, “I Dig Everything” and the movie “This Is Not America” provided for the movie “Codename is Falcon”. All of them are extremely rare songs that were played only several times at “MINI TOUR”. “This Is Not America” was heard on TV and “BOWIE AT THE BEEB”, but “The London Boys” and “I Dig Everything” were not included. You can enjoy such rare songs on the official sound board.
The second is a special show mood. In fact, this show is also known as the worst condition in Bowie history. It seems that the condition is not good from the beginning, but it gets worse in the second half. In “Ziggy Stardust”, he started over again without any voice, but he sang somehow, but the following “All The Young Dudes” was also interrupted. While Bowie is absent, the band plays “The Jean Genie” on the instrument. After that, Bowie returns to the stage, redoes “All The Young Dudes” and completes the show with full creativity. These songs were probably too strict, and they have been cut by both TV broadcasts and “BOWIE AT THE BEEB”. The third one is related to it, but I can listen to plenty of MC between songs. “BOWIE AT THE BEEB” had not only a few songs but also a lot of narration between songs, but there was Bowie who talked about the story of each song with plenty of humor and excused the state of badness. Although it is a scene that has been confirmed by audience recording so far, this work can experience such Bowie words and singing voices that squeeze the dead power with a direct sound board.

I wrote earlier that “it wouldn’t be strange if it was formulated as it is”, but it would be difficult. It is unlikely that the complete version of the redo show, which was rumored at that time as “the tears broke out after the live”, will be officially made. However, it is one page of Bowie history. Even if it is not excellent as a musical destination, the mania who knows his allure is irresistible. A full version where you can enjoy a special show of such a special time with a stereo sound board. Please thoroughly enjoy with permanent preservation press 2CD.

『BOWIE AT THE BEEB』で公式化もされた伝説ステレオ・サウンドボードの完全版マスターが発掘。永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。
その伝説サウンドボードが記録されたのは「2000年6月27日ロンドン」。BBCラジオ・シアターで番組用に収録された特別公演です。このショウは“MINI TOUR”の一幕としても知られています。その名の通り、通常のコンサート・ツアーとは趣の違う特別な時期であり、その記録は当店でもご紹介してきました。まずは“MINI TOUR”の概要からショウのポジションをイメージしてみましょう。

・6月27日:BBC RADIO THEATRE ←★本作★

以上、全4公演。メインは30年ぶりの出演となったグラストンベリー・フェスティバルであり、当店の『GLASTONSTONBURY FESTIVAL 2000(Wardour-184)』が大好評となっただけでなく、その後に公式盤『GLASTONBURY 2000』も登場しました。その前後に限定のショウを3回実施されており、本作はその最後のコンサートでした。このショウは放送を前提としており、約1時間のTV放送プロショットや公式のコンピレーション『BOWIE AT THE BEEB』としてもお馴染みです。ただし、それらはすべて不完全版であり、当日の全景はオーディエンス録音に頼らざるを得ない状態が長らく続いてきました。しかし、近年になって完全版のステレオ・サウンドボード音源が発掘。本作はその最高峰となるマスターを独自入手した研究家から提供された究極盤なのです。

そのクオリティで描かれるのは、貴重にして特別すぎるショウ。そもそも“MINI TOUR”自体が4公演しかなかったわけですが、本作はその中でも格別。まず第一に、大量のレア曲。10年以上を経て復活した「Starman」「Wild Is The Wind」「Absolute Beginners」辺りはグラストンベリーでも演奏していましたが、他にもあのショウでも聴けない名曲がたっぷり。当時ならではの「Seven」「Survive」や「Always Crashing In The Same Car」「Cracked Actor」「The Jean Genie」といったクラシックスを披露。さらに極めつけなのが60年代シングルの「The London Boys」「I Dig Everything」や映画『コードネームはファルコン』に提供された「This Is Not America」。どれも“MINI TOUR”でのみ数回演奏された激レア曲なのです。「This Is Not America」はTV放送や『BOWIE AT THE BEEB』でも聴けましたが、「The London Boys」「I Dig Everything」は未収録だった。そんな激レア曲をオフィシャル級サウンドボードで楽しめるのです。
二つ目は、特別なショウのムード。実は、このショウはボウイ史上最悪コンディションとしても知られている。冒頭から調子が良くない事はうかがえますが、後半になると悪化。「Ziggy Stardust」では声が出ずにやり直し、それでも何とか歌いきったものの、続く「All The Young Dudes」も中断。ボウイが休む間、バンドはインストで「The Jean Genie」を演奏するのです。その後、ボウイがステージに戻ってきて「All The Young Dudes」をやり直し、満身創痍でショウを完遂する。これらの曲はさすがに厳しすぎたのか、TV放送でも『BOWIE AT THE BEEB』でもカットされてきたわけです。三つ目もそれに関係していますが、曲間MCもたっぷりと聴ける。『BOWIE AT THE BEEB』は曲が少ないだけでなく曲間の語りも大幅にカットされていましたが、そこでは各曲のストーリーをユーモアたっぷりに語り、調子の悪さを言い訳するボウイがいる。これまでもオーディエンス録音では確かめられたシーンではありますが、本作はそんなボウイの言葉も、死力を振り絞るような歌声も耳元ダイレクトなサウンドボードで体験できるわけです。



Disc 1 (77:43)
01. Mike Garson Introduction
02. Wild Is The Wind
03. Ashes To Ashes
04. Seven
05. This Is Not America
06. Absolute Beginners
07. Always Crashing In The Same Car
08. Survive
09. The London Boys
10. I Dig Everything
11. Little Wonder
12. The Man Who Sold The World
13. Fame

Disc 2 (64:04)
01. Introduction
02. Stay
03. Hallo Spaceboy
04. Cracked Actor
05. Band Introductions
06. I’m Afraid Of Americans
07. Band Introductions by Gail Ann Dorsey
08. Ziggy Stardust [Breakdown] 09. Ziggy Stardust
10. All The Young Dudes [Breakdown] 11. The Jean Genie [Band Only] 12. All The Young Dudes
13. Starman
14. “Heroes”
15. Let’s Dance

David Bowie: Vocals
Earl Slick: Guitar
Emm Gryner: Clarinet / Keyboards / Vocals
Gail Ann Dorsey: Bass / Clarinet / Guitar / Vocals
Holly Palmer: Percussion / Vocals
Mark Plati: Bass / Guitar / Musical Director
Mike Garson: Keyboards / Piano
Sterling Campbell: Drums




David Bowie / BBC Radio Theatre 2000 The Video / 1DVDR / Non Label
BBC Radio Theatre, London, UK 27th June 2000 PRO-SHOT

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The main press 2CD is the full version of the official stereo sound board. It is a superb live album suitable for permanent preservation, and the quality itself is a masterpiece that does not require a bonus. However, as I mentioned in the explanation, this show was shot not only by voice but also by multiple cameras, and TV broadcasting was also realized. Therefore, the video version that can witness the sight that spreads beyond the “new side” of the new famous live album is also included in the bonus.
That’s why this work contains the same “BBC Radio Theater Performance on June 27, 2000” as the main press 2CD. This is a multi-camera pro shot. Although it is a famous video that has become a classic pro shot representing “MINI TOUR” since that time, this work is the highest peak version. The best master currently known, carefully selected by the same researchers as the main press 2CD. In fact, the visual beauty is official. Although it is a period analog recording, the screen without any dubbing marks, faded or taped is completely refreshing and glossy. Although it is shorter than the full-show “BOWIE AT THE BEEB” special disc because it is edited along the broadcast frame for about an hour, the visual beauty is dazzling and elegant for the modern digital eye.
The show drawn in that quality is also wonderful. Since “MINI TOUR” was mainly in Glastonbury for the first time in 30 years, Bowie also stands out with a dandy appearance reminiscent of the “HUNKY DORY” era, but its appearance is also drawn with superb quality. As mentioned in the explanation of this volume, Bowie is in a bad condition and the voice that does not come out is painful, so the expression that I squeeze is serious. However, the feeling of tragicness is fine, the action is noisy, and the eye contact with the band is also smiling. There are about 250 spectators gathered at the scene, but it is also engraved with an entertainer who never forgets to entertain the audience in front of them while struggling.

This show has become a legend with its struggling singing voice as a strong personality, and the main press 2CD is engraved with such an exquisite quality. However, Bowie on the spot did not live in a tragic situation, but enjoyed and enjoyed the show with full power. Even if this is the best sound board, it will not be transmitted without video. Although this work itself is the finest professional shot that represents the “MINI TOUR” era, if you experience this work even once, it will turn into a fun mood even to the main press 2CD that sounds painfully. Such a magical video work. Please enjoy it with the best and complete sound board.
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と言うわけで、本作に収められているのは本編プレス2CDと同じ「2000年6月27日BBCラジオ・シアター公演」。そのマルチカメラ・プロショットです。当時から“MINI TOUR”を代表するプロショットとして定番となってきた名映像ですが、本作はその最高峰版。本編プレス2CDと同じ研究家が厳選した現在知られるベスト・マスターです。実際、その映像美はオフィシャル級。時代柄アナログ録画ではあるものの、ダビング痕も色あせもテープヨレもまったく見られない画面は瑞々しく、極めて艶やか。約1時間の放送枠に沿った編集のため、フルショウどころか『BOWIE AT THE BEEB』の特典ディスクよりも短いのですが、映像美はデジタル全盛の現代の眼にも眩しい極上品なのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるショウがまた素晴らしい。“MINI TOUR”は30年ぶりのグラストンベリー出演をメインとしていたためにボウイも『HUNKY DORY』時代を思わせるダンディな出で立ちなのですが、その姿も極上クオリティで描かれる。本編の解説でも触れたようにボウイは絶不調で出ない声は痛々しくもあるのですが、だからこ振り絞る表情は真剣そのもの。とは言え、悲壮感は微塵もなく、アクションはノリにノリ、バンドとのアイコンタクトも笑顔。現場には約250人の観客が集っているのですが、苦戦しながらも目の前の観客を楽しませる事を忘れないエンターテイナーぶりもしっかりと刻まれているのです。

このショウは苦しげな歌声も強烈な個性として伝説化しており、本編プレス2CDはそんな歌声を非情なほどの極上クオリティで刻まれています。しかし、現場のボウイは悲壮に暮れるのではなく、全力でショウを楽しみ、楽しませていた。こればかりはいかな極上サウンドボードであっても、映像がなければ伝わりません。本作自体が“MINI TOUR”時代を代表する極上プロショットではありますが、本作を一度でも体験すれば、ともすると苦しげに聞こえる本編プレス2CDまで楽しいムードに変わる。そんな魔法のような映像作品。どうぞ、極上・完全版サウンドボードと併せ、たっぷりとお楽しみください。

1. Wild Is The Wind
2. Ashes To Ashes
3. This Is Not America
4. Absolute Beginners
5. Little Wonder
6. The Man Who Sold The World
7. Fame
8. Stay
9. Hallo Spaceboy
10. Cracked Actor
11. I’m Afraid Of Americans


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