New Order / Tokyo 1987 2nd Night / 1CD

New Order / Tokyo 1987 2nd Night / 1CD / Wardour

Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 28th January 1987

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While the shock of “TOKYO 1985 (Wardour-369)” has not been awakened, the world’s first public master is a new excavation! This time again, live in Japan was reprinted from the original cassette by the prestigious “Kinney”. Of course, it is decided to make an emergency permanent preservation press CD!
“The January 28, 1987: Nakano Sun Plaza” performance is recorded in this work. It is a superb audience recording. “TOKYO 1985” was the first visit to Japan with “LOW-LIFE”, but this is the second Japan tour that was realized during the “BROTHERHOOD” era. It is possible to collect two visits made in the 80s with a miracle kinney sound. Let’s check the show position from the schedule at the time for recording.

・ January 27: Nakano Sun Plaza
・ January 28: Nakano Sun Plaza ← ★ This work ★
・ January 29: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall
・ January 30: Nagoya City Public Hall

Above, all 4 performances. This work is the second live album. The biggest point of this work is the overwhelming sound. “TOKYO 1985” was also amazing, but this work goes further! As a reminder, “TOKYO 1985” Kinney Master was unmistakably a miracle. Even if it became a coupling with an official sound board, it was enough to stretch the main. Even that sound is exceeded.
The point is the direct feeling of a very thick core. The beauty of sound that is neat just for Kinney and the transparency of the atmosphere are natural, but the performance and singing voice that cuts through such a space like a laser beam is just zero distance. The sound does not feel even the time lag that travels through the space, and it jumps straight into your ears with the same feeling of touch as the sound board. If you try to make your audience look like it’s all about the drum tone … No, it’s normal for FM broadcasts … The audience’s noise … is still far away … I can’t find it. It is a transcendental beauty recording that might be a masterpiece even in a prestigious collection that can be called the Japanese boot history itself.
It is a show that transcends the first visit to Japan with a sound that exceeds that of Daimyo’s “TOKYO 1985”. Here, we will organize a set that has changed since the first visit to Japan.

● LOW-LIFE (3 songs)
・ Sub-Culture, Face Up, The Perfect Kiss
● BROTHERHOOD (4 songs)
・ Angel Dust, Every Little Counts, Weirdo, Bizarre Love Triangle
● Other (6 songs)
・ Single songs: Everything’s Gone Green, Ceremony, Temptation, Thieves Like Us
・ Age Of Consent (POWER, CORRUPTION & LIES), Touched By The Hand Of God (SALVATION!)

… and it looks like this. Although many “LOW-LIFE” numbers and single songs lead to the first visit to Japan, the repertoire of “POWER, CORRUPTION & LIES” has been greatly reduced and replaced with the new “BROTHERHOOD”. In addition, “Touched By The Hand Of God” provided in the movie “SALVATION!” The momentum of the time, which continued to produce new masterpieces in a progressive form, appears clearly. Speaking of 1987, there is also a video “BRIXTON ACADEMY APRIL 1987” and a live album “BBC RADIO 1 LIVE IN CONCERT”, but the cover of this work and the former is only 5 songs and the latter is only 6 songs. Numbers such as “Angel Dust”, “Everything’s Gone Green”, “Thieves Like Us”, “Sub-Culture”, “Weirdo”, “Face Up” cannot be heard in either official work.
And the performance that plays such a set is wonderful. In “TOKYO 1985”, it was quite rough to add equipment troubles to a wild ensemble reminiscent of the JOY DIVISION era, but the second time it has become much more complete. The combination of iron walls makes it easy to create complex tunes. The performance in Japan was the first inauguration in 1987, so I was not tired, and it gave me a wonderful show showing how I grew up with experience all over the world.

Unlike “TOKYO 1985,” which testifies to the “first visit to Japan”, 1987 NEW ORDER was developing a fulfilling show that ran toward the prime. This is the world’s first live album that tells such a precious show with the miracle “Kinney Magic”. In contrast to “TOKYO 1985” where the incident was a shock, this work is purely quality and music. The second installment of Kinney Master, a miracle of intense impact, but with different personalities. Please enjoy it to the fullest.

★ The world’s first ultra-high quality kinney tape. Recording seats are in 3rd row and 30th (positions are in the front row)

『TOKYO 1985(Wardour-369)』の衝撃も覚めやらぬ中、さらなる世界初公開マスターが新発掘です! 今回もまた、名門“キニー”によるオリジナル・カセットから復刻されたライヴ・イン・ジャパン。もちろん無論、緊急永久保存プレスCD化決定です!
そんな本作に記録されているのは「1987年1月28日:中野サンプラザ」公演。その超絶級オーディエンス録音です。『TOKYO 1985』は『LOW-LIFE』に伴う初来日だったわけですが、本作は『BROTHERHOOD』時代に実現した二度目のジャパン・ツアー。80年代に行われた2つの来日を奇跡のキニー・サウンドでコレクトできるわけです。それでは、記録のためにも当時のスケジュールからショウのポジションを確認しておきましょう。

・1月28日:中野サンプラザ ←★本作★

以上、全4公演。本作はその2公演目のライヴアルバムなのです。そんな本作最大のポイントは、何と言っても圧倒的なサウンド。『TOKYO 1985』でも凄まじかったのですが、本作はさらに上を行く! 念のために付け加えますが、『TOKYO 1985』のキニー・マスターも紛れもなく奇跡でした。公式級サウンドボードとカップリングになっても差し置いてメインを張るほどだった。あのサウンドさえも超えているのです。
大名盤『TOKYO 1985』を超えるサウンドで描かれるのは、これまた初来日を超越するショウ。ここで、初来日から様変わりしたセットを整理しておきましょう。

・Sub-Culture、Face Up、The Perfect Kiss
・Angel Dust、Every Little Counts、Weirdo、Bizarre Love Triangle
・シングル曲:Everything’s Gone Green、Ceremony、Temptation、Thieves Like Us
・Age Of Consent(POWER, CORRUPTION & LIES)、Touched By The Hand Of God(SALVATION!)

……と、このようになっています。『LOW-LIFE』ナンバーやシングル曲が多いには初来日に通じるものの、『POWER, CORRUPTION & LIES』のレパートリーが大幅に削られ、新作『BROTHERHOOD』に入れ替え。さらに当時はまだ公開前だった映画『SALVATION!』に提供された「Touched By The Hand Of God」も披露。進行形で新たな名曲を生み出し続けていた当時の勢いが如実に現れている。1987年と言えばビデオ『BRIXTON ACADEMY APRIL 1987』やライヴアルバム『BBC RADIO 1 LIVE IN CONCERT』もあるわけですが、本作と前者の被りは5曲、後者とも6曲のみ。「Angel Dust」「Everything’s Gone Green」「Thieves Like Us」「Sub-Culture」「Weirdo」「Face Up」といったナンバーは、どちらの公式作でも聴けないのです。
そして、そんなセットを演じるパフォーマンスこそが素晴らしい。『TOKYO 1985』ではJOY DIVISION時代を思わせるワイルドなアンサンブルに機材トラブルまで加わって結構ラフでしたが、二度目はグッと完成度を増している。鉄壁のコンビネーションで複雑な曲想も難なくこなし、安定感もバツグンならポップなメロディもキレ良く淀みない。日本公演は1987年の幕開け一発目だったこともあって疲れもなく、世界中で経験を積んで成長した姿を見せつける素晴らしいショウを聴かせてくれるのです。

“初来日の事件”を証言する『TOKYO 1985』とは異なり、全盛に向かってひた走る充実のショウを繰り広げていた1987年のNEW ORDER。そんな貴重なショウを奇跡の“キニー・マジック”で伝えてくれる世界初公開のライヴアルバムです。事件が衝撃だった『TOKYO 1985』に対し、純粋にクオリティと音楽こそが衝撃な本作。個性こそ違えど、やはり強烈なインパクトの奇跡キニー・マスターの第2弾。どうぞ、存分にお楽しみください。


1. Introduction 2. Touched By The Hand Of God 3. Angel Dust 4. Everything’s Gone Green
5. Thieves Like Us 6. Every Little Counts 7. Sub-culture 8. Weirdo 9. Face Up
10. Age Of Consent 11. Ceremony 12. The Perfect Kiss 13. Bizarre Love Triangle 14. Temptation

Bernard Sumner – lead vocals, guitar, synthesizers
Stephen Morris – drums, percussion, keyboards
Gillian Gilbert – keyboards, guitars
Peter Hook – bass, electronic percussion, vocals, synthesizers


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