Rolling Stones / A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss / 1CDR

Rolling Stones / A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss / 1CDR / Non Label

Taken From A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss’ LP (London / GXF 2025/6).


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The Japanese edition compilation LP 2-disc set “A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSS” released in 1977 with the Japanese title “Rolling Stones and Moss Musazu” is made into a disc directly from the original. As you can see from the jacket, it is an enlarged version of the 1965 American edition of “December’s Children (And Everybody’s)”, and enjoys a total of 26 tracks, about 70 minutes with warm texture and good quality sound that seems to be via analog. can do. Until Abco Records released a remastered version in 2002, it was a non-LP track collection of Japanese original editing, which was a rare but unexpected content. Please enjoy the charm of the early Stones in the reprint from the LP of the best condition without any needle pachi.

「転がる石に苔むさず」の諺を邦題に冠した1977年リリースの日本盤コンピレーションLP2枚組「A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSS」を、原盤よりダイレクトにディスク化。ジャケットを見てもわかる通り、1965年アメリカ編集盤「December’s Children (And Everybody’s)」の拡大版的内容で、アナログ経由らしい温かみのある質感と良質なサウンドで全26トラック、約70分たっぷりと楽しむことができます。アブコ・レコードが2002年にリマスター版を出すまでは、一時的とは言え、意外とレアな内容だった日本独自の編集のノンLPトラック集。針パチ一切ない極上コンディションのLPからの復刻盤で、初期ストーンズの魅力をご堪能下さい。

1. I Want To Be Loved 2. I Wanna Be Your Man 3. Stoned 4. Poison Ivy 5. Poison Ivy (The Other Take)
6. Bye Bye Johnny 7. Money 8. Time Is On My Side 9. I Can’t Be Satisfied 10. Fortune Teller
11. Medley: We Want The Stones/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/Pain In My Heart
12. I’m Movin’ On 13. Route 66 14. She Said Yeah 15. Talkin’ ‘Bout You 16. Look What You’ve Done
17. The Singer Not The Song 18. I’m Free 19. Gotta Get Away 20. Blue Turns To Grey 21. Sad Day
22. Long Long While 23. Who’s Driving Your Plane 24. We Love You 25. Child Of The Moon
26. Memo From Turner

RSGXF 2025/6

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