Queen / Koln 1974 / 1CD

Queen / Koln 1974 / 1CD / Wardour
Live at Sartory Hall, Koln, Germany 6th December 1974

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QUEEN in 1974 was lit with a single “Killer Queen” and album “SHEER HEART ATTACK”. The best live album that can be seen at the breakthrough site is here.
Included in this work is “December 6, 1974 Cologne Performance”. It is the finest audience recording that recorded the first continental European tour act. QUEEN’s first hit was a single “Seven Seas of Rhye”, but it was a story in the UK. On the other hand, the hit of “Killer Queen” was a world-wide one that ran up charts in North America and Europe, and was the moment when the door to the world was opened. First, let’s check the position of the show from the whole view of “SHEER HEART ATTACK TOUR”.

● 1974
<October 21 single “Killer Queen” released>
・ October 30-November 7: UK # 1 (8 performances)
《November 8 “SHEER HEART ATTACK” release》
・ November 8-November 20: UK # 2 (11 performances)
・ November 23-December 13: Europe (11 performances) ← ★ Here ★
● 1975
・ February 5-24: North America # 1 (16 performances)
・ March 5-April 6: North America # 2 (21 performances)
・ April 19-May 1: First visit to Japan (8 performances)

QUEEN at the moment this flutters around the world. Within 1974, he traveled to England and Europe, and in 1975, he finally traveled across the ocean to North America and Japan. The Cologne performance of this work is a concert corresponding to the 7th performance of such “Europe” leg.
This work, which recorded such a show, is truly an exquisite audience recording. Although it is a show that has been recorded for a long time, this work is the best master handed over from overseas core collectors, and anyway, a clear air feeling and freshness are irresistible. The powerful core reaches straight without distortion, and the details are clear thanks to the clear air feeling. The base is particularly surprising. Anyway, the heavy bass of vintage audience recording tends to be blurred and blurry, or crushed and roared. However, this work is beautiful and beautifully separated from high-pitched to deep bass. You can taste not only the line and groove, but also the sound that creates it. The audience and sound of the vocals and snares are not mistaken for the sound board, but the sound of the guest is just the tone level. Clearness is not defeated by the radio sources around.
In addition, this work is the highest peak version of such a master master polished with meticulous mastering. Even when it was introduced as “BEST COLOGNE 1974” as a gift board, it was said that “it is a press CD as it is”, but it has been further brushed up. As a matter of course, the pitch was correct, and the omission was further improved, and the stereo balance that was slightly to the right was also adjusted. The finish that brings out the full potential of the famous recordings.
The show drawn with such a beautiful sound is the very first culmination. This is a good opportunity, so let’s organize the contents here.

● QUEEN (3 songs)
・ Son And Daughter, Keep Yourself Alive, Liar
● QUEEN II (6 songs)
・ WHITE SIDE: Procession, Father To Son, White Queen
・ BLACK SIDE: Ogre Battle, The March Of The Black Queen, Seven Seas Of Rhye
・ Now I’m Here, Flick Of The Wrist, In The Lap Of The Gods, Killer Queen, Bring Back That Leroy Brown, Stone Cold Crazy, In The Lap Of The Gods … Revisited
● Other
・ Big Spender, Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jailhouse Rock

… and it looks like this. Seven songs from the “SHEER HEART ATTACK” with a fire were performed, and three songs were selected from each side of the debut work “QUEEN” and the famous board “QUEEN II”. You can see that the initial taste is concentrated. In fact, this set is the same as the November performance in London that was officially announced as part of “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74”, but the contents are much better. The official London is tired of Freddie’s voice because of the last day of the “UK” tour, but this work is in great shape. The singing voice is different from the later years, and it grows well up to high, and the tension that burns on the first continental tour is also wonderful. Roger’s high that you hear in “In The Lap Of The Gods” is also growing. Of course, the performance is also substantial. You will get used to the tour life of moving and show, and you can see that the experience has improved rapidly.
In addition to such a performance, this work is also excellent in reality. The “QUEEN first experience” was repeated all over the world only during the break, but the enthusiasm is unreasonably real. If you write like this, it seems to be covered with a yellow scream like the first visit to Japan, but it is not. Rather, it smells like a man. During the performance, it just calmed down as “hand-on look”, and every time one song finished, a stupid habit of saying “I won’t do it!” Arises. “Liar! Liar!” And the requesting voice (which is said to shout “Brian!” In one theory…) is also strangely rock-like. Unlike Japan, where the popularity of idols exploded from the beginning, it was the site of rock lovers who had QUEEN as a new generation of hard rock.

Even though it was brilliant, it was an early QUEEN where the power of hard rock was alive. It is a superb live album where you can experience their stage with the reality of 100% of students who were trying to turn around the world with force. A new masterpiece that refines the original master-quality sound recognized by researchers. Here is the birth.

シングル『Killer Queen』とアルバム『SHEER HEART ATTACK』で一気に火が付いた1974年のQUEEN。そのブレイクスルーの現場に立ち会える極上ライヴアルバムが登場です。
そんな本作に収められているのは「1974年12月6日ケルン公演」。彼ら初となる大陸ヨーロッパ・ツアーの一幕を記録した極上オーディエンス録音です。QUEENの初ヒットはシングル『Seven Seas of Rhye』でしたが、それはあくまでイギリス国内の話。それに対して『Killer Queen』のヒットは北米・欧州各国のチャートを駆け上がるワールド・ワイドなもので、世界への扉が開かれた瞬間でした。まずは、そんな“SHEER HEART ATTACK TOUR”の全景からショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。

《10月21日シングル『Killer Queen』発売》

しかも、本作はそんな絶品マスターを細心マスタリングで磨き上げた最高峰版。かつてギフト盤『BEST COLOGNE 1974』としてご紹介した際にも「このままプレスCDで」と言われたほどなのですが、さらにブラッシュ・アップ。ピッチが正確のは当然として、さらに抜けを向上させ、やや右寄りだったステレオ・バランスも整えた。名録音の旨みと美しさはそのままに、その可能性を最大限に引き出した仕上がりです。

・Son And Daughter、Keep Yourself Alive、Liar
・WHITE SIDE:Procession、Father To Son、White Queen
・BLACK SIDE:Ogre Battle、The March Of The Black Queen、Seven Seas Of Rhye
・Now I’m Here、Flick Of The Wrist、In The Lap Of The Gods、Killer Queen、Bring Back That Leroy Brown、Stone Cold Crazy、In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited
・Big Spender、Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll、Jailhouse Rock

……と、このようになっています。火の付いた『SHEER HEART ATTACK』から7曲が大盤振る舞いされ、デビュー作『QUEEN』と名盤『QUEEN II』の各サイドから3曲ずつセレクト。まさに初期の旨みが濃縮されているのが分かります。実のところ、このセットは『LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74』の一部として公式化された11月のロンドン公演と同一だったりするのですが、中身は本作の方が遙かに良い。公式のロンドンは「英国」ツアー最終日のせいかフレディの声に疲れが見えましたが、本作は絶好調。後年とは違う貴公子然とした歌声でハイまで良く伸び、初の大陸ツアーに燃えるテンションも素晴らしい。「In The Lap Of The Gods」で聴かせるロジャーのハイもえらく伸びてます。もちろん、演奏も充実。移動とショウを繰り返すツアー生活にも慣れ、その経験で急速に上達しているのがよく分かるのです。
そんな演奏に加え、本作はリアリティも絶品。ブレイク真っ最中だけに世界各地で「QUEEN初体験」が繰り返されていたわけですが、その熱狂が非情にリアルなのです。こう書くと初来日のような黄色い絶叫まみれかと思われてしまいそうですが、そうではありません。むしろ、男臭い。演奏中は「お手並み拝見」とばかりに静まり返り、1曲1曲が終わるごとに「やるじゃねぇか!」とでも言いたげな喝采が沸き起こる。「Liar! Liar!」としきりにリクエストしている声(一説にはブライアン!と叫んでるとも言われますが……)も妙にロックっぽい。最初からアイドル人気が爆発した日本とは異なり、ハードロックの新生としてのQUEENを迎えたロック野郎どもの現場なのです。



1. Procession
2. Now I’m Here
3. Ogre Battle
4. Father To Son
5. White Queen
6. Flick Of The Wrist
7. In The Lap Of The Gods
8. Killer Queen
9. The March Of The Black Queen
10. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
11. Son And Daughter
12. Guitar Solo
13. Son And Daughter(reprise)
14. Keep Yourself Alive
15. Seven Seas Of Rhye
16. Stone Cold Crazy
17. Liar
18. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited
19. Big Spender
20. Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll
21. Jailhouse Rock
22. God Save The Queen


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