Van Halen / Definitive Pasadena 1977 / 1CD

Van Halen / Definitive Pasadena 1977 / 1CD / ZODIAC

Live at Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA, USA 15th October 1977 STEREO SBD

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An ultra-super soundboard album that has the rock heritage that transcends the formal/unofficial boundaries and is the closest to the “live performance version of the “fire flame””. The highest peak board is reprinted.
“The October 15th, 1977 performance in Pasadena” is recorded in such a super famous board. It is a super-quality stereo sound board recording. Many shocking sound board recordings have been unearthed in VAN HALEN before and after the debut, but this work is the most suitable one to call “live version “flame blaze””. To explain why, let’s first look at the situation at the time when Hard Rock’s masterpiece “Flame of Fire” was born and check the position of the show.

● 1977
・January 1-30: US #1 (10 performances)
・February 2+3: Starwood (2 performances)
・February 18th-August 26th: US #2 (24 performances)
<<August 31-September “Flame Leader” production>>
・September 16-October 22: USA #3 (6 performances) ←★here★
・December 9-31: US #4 (9 performances)
・January 27-February 25: US #5 (4 performances)
<<March 3: Start of the first world tour>>

This is the 1977/1978 VAN HALEN. At the Starwood performance in February, he met with the legendary Mo Austin/Ted Templeman and signed with Warner. There are various theories regarding the timing of the production of “Flame of Fire”, depending on the sources, such as the “End of August to September” and “3 weeks from the beginning of October” theory is uncertain. was. And the Pasadena performance of this work is the 5th performance of “US #3”. In other words, it was a show at the same time as the production of “Flame of Fire” or immediately after its completion.
Although this alone is a must-listen board, the quality was far from that. It is a superb sound board that is directly connected to the mix desk. Synchronous feeling of completely zero distance, details that you can feel even thick and tough and delicate cores, string vibrations… Anyway, everything is transcendental. Moreover, this work is the highest peak. Yes, the basis of this work is the decision board “PASADENA ON FIRE” that appeared eight years ago. There was a feeling of blockiness that the limiter was applied to the original sound, but each range was finely adjusted. A vivid separation feeling is created as if each note of each musical instrument was loosened. This time, I went to remastering again for reprinting, but no matter how I change it, I will not upgrade. It was the ultimate sound that maximized the potential of the original sound with a perfect balance. Therefore, I decided to faithfully reproduce the sound of “PASADENA ON FIRE” this time.
The sound depicts a flame squib spelled in a more intense live performance. This work consists of a live performance (11 songs, about 45 minutes) and a rehearsal of the day (5 songs, about 14 minutes) with a bonus part. Let’s organize the set together here.

● Flame fuse (9 live songs + 3 rehearsals)
・Live: On Fire/Feel Your Love Tonight/Runnin’ With The Devil/Atomic Punk/Little Dreamer/Ice Cream Man/Ain’t Talkin”Bout Love/Eruption/You Really Got Me
・Rehearsal: On Fire (2 takes)/Atomic Punk/Ain’t Talkin”Bout Love
-Legendary bomber (2 live songs)
・Live version: Somebody Get Me A Doctor/D.O.A.
●Others (1 rehearsal song)
・Rehearsal: Voodoo Queen

…And this is how it looks. All songs except “I’m the One” and “Jamie’s Cryin” were performed from “Flame of Fire”, and “Somebody Get Me A Doctor” and “D.O.A.” were added instead. “Voodoo Queen” played in the rehearsal is the original song of “Mean Street”.
Although this set alone is a “live performance version of the “fire line””, the tension of the performance is even greater. It is said that most of the daimyo-ban was recorded live, but after all, the one-shot game in which four people were on stage to play “Seno!” The band potential that created the historic masterpiece has become even larger once or twice… (even Takahashi rehearsal is a dimension called “outtake of flame squid?”). The sound world, which is unlikely to exist in reality even when written, begins to flow from the speaker.
Anyway, it is super strong and unrivaled. Valuable sound board between debuts. I often write “the live album that has the same value as the official studio work” as the biggest compliment, but that official studio work is that “fire flame”…. It’s a super masterpiece that is nothing but a cultural heritage. A treasure created by the “hard rock” music genre. Please experience it with the permanent preservation press CD!

そんな超名盤に記録されているのは「1977年10月15日パサデナ公演」。その超絶級ステレオ・サウンドボード録音です。デビュー前後のVAN HALENには衝撃的なサウンドボード録音が数多く発掘されていますが、本作こそが最も「生演奏版“炎の導火線”」と呼ぶに相応しい1枚。その理由をご説明するためにも、まずはハードロックの最高傑作盤『炎の導火線』が生まれた当時の状況を振り返り、ショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。


これが1977年/1978年のVAN HALEN。2月のスターウッド公演では伝説的なモー・オースティン/テッド・テンプルマンとの出会いがあり、ワーナーと契約。『炎の導火線』の制作時期は資料によって諸説あり、「8月末から9月」説や「10月初旬から3週間」説など不確定なのですが、いずれにせよ「米国#3」と同時期でした。そして、本作のパサデナ公演は「米国#3」の5公演目。つまり、『炎の導火線』制作と完全に同時期もしくは完成直後のショウだったわけです。
これだけでも必聴盤決定ですが、クオリティはそれどころではなかった。ミックス卓直結系の極上サウンドボードなのです。完全ゼロ距離のシンクロ感、極太・強靱にして繊細な芯、弦の振動まで感じられるディテール……とにかくすべてが超絶。しかも、本作はその最高峰となるもの。そう、本作のベースになっているのは8年前に登場した決定盤『PASADENA ON FIRE』。原音にあったリミッターがかかったような塊感があったのですが、各音域を細やかに調整。楽器1つひとつの1音1音までほぐされたような鮮やかな分離感が生まれている。今回、復刻のために再度のリマスタリングに臨みましたが、どこをどう変えてもアップグレードしない。ギリギリのバランスで原音の可能性を最大限に引き出した、究極のサウンドだった。そこで、今回は『PASADENA ON FIRE』サウンドそのままに忠実に復刻する事にしたのです。

・ライヴ本編:On Fire/Feel Your Love Tonight/Runnin’ With The Devil/Atomic Punk/Little Dreamer/Ice Cream Man/Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love/Eruption/You Really Got Me
・リハーサル:On Fire(2テイク)/Atomic Punk/Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
・ライヴ本編:Somebody Get Me A Doctor/D.O.A.
・リハーサル:Voodoo Queen

……と、このようになっています。『炎の導火線』から「I’m the One」「Jamie’s Cryin」以外の全曲が披露され、その代わりに「Somebody Get Me A Doctor」「D.O.A.」を追加したスタイル。リハーサルで演奏されている「Voodoo Queen」は「Mean Street」の原曲となるものです。

1. Intro.
2. On Fire
3. Feel Your Love Tonight
4. Runnin’ With The Devil
5. Atomic Punk
6. Little Dreamer
7. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
8. Ice Cream Man
9. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
10. Eruption
11. D.O.A.
12. You Really Got Me

Bonus Tracks
Rehearsals at Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA, USA 15th October 1977

13. On Fire
14. Voodoo Queen
15. Atomic Punk
16. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
17. On Fire

David Lee Roth – Lead Vocals Eddie Van Halen – Guitars, Vocals
Michael Anthony – Bass, Vocals Alex Van Halen – Drums




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