Led Zeppelin / Fillmore West 4.24.1969 / 1CD + 1 Bonus CD

Led Zeppelin / Fillmore West 4.24.1969 / 1CD + 1 Bonus CD / Non Label

Fillmore West, San Francisco, California, USA 24th April 1969 and Bonus CD “Winterland Ballroom 1969 DAY 1 ” Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA. USA 25th April 1969


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Our shop when released each version of April of Fillmore West last day of 1969, “the first day of the sound source? The not been released,” were received many questions that a few weeks ago. April 24th and 27th is a good quality sound source, such as if each is responsible for both ends of the bookend. Of course the first day of the sound source It does not snow to the translation you do not want to release!
Although it is a sound source that captures the live of such April 24, a full-fledged 1990 analog LP is rapidly began to decline by the spread of the CD, it represents the first appearance in a special form of 10-inch size of the record . As a feature of this sound source, feel heard and package is what seems like a realistic stereo sound board recording. However unique recording state that voice throughout the plant has been relegated to the back is called the speculation, while initially this day is recorded in will be broadcast on the radio, and that’s the sound source, which has been shelved by the problem It had been thought.
It is, however, by then in that it has come to be described as “audience recording” in such research this, this unique recording balance has been changed to the testimony of the fact that not a sound board recording. Further research is advanced a result, the sound source is that it was one that was recorded and hung the two microphones from the top of the stage was found. Although the balance of performance and musical instrument is the balance, such as sound board itself, while the sound of the instrument is awfully vividly, it was Mise caught up roar of Bonzo that flurry in the middle you are hitting the drum, in the normal sound board recording The Nase not it was a trick.

In other words, the live of the day, rather than those with the purpose, such as for broadcasting, it was recorded as any “recording” has become clear. Sound board recordings Therefore of course, also different with the audience recording was recorded from the audience, would be a big attraction is one-and-only texture literally. Like sound source yourself about make me illusion to have … such a simulated experience that glimpse the energetic stage of ’69 ZEP from the wings, which has a unique flavor.
Yet freshness is outstanding. If this is a recording of the 1969? I want to doubt the ear become such clearness. Speaking of April 69, still fledgling ZEP. Manager Peter Grant of things without any so wield the iron fist, should little to stick to talk to the band side, it was not difficult to perform a “stage recording” that setting such a floor microphone. Not only a recording had been made in such a great Taimigu, I performance of ZEP on this day there is no only say so lucky also was confronted by a miraculous Meien.

“As Long I Have You” it has became a putting studying thoroughly among them. a great number of initial ZEP will show off the light playing ability of the footwork that was good at, yet is also the repertoire was an air of psychedelic atmosphere of the late 1960s. Is such a song, that will not be playing every day at the end of the here Fillmore, and there was at the end of the glorious time. Actually played here also played rapidly deployed in exceptional footwork. But it played trouble from where was the tempo up in the middle to the base of Johnsy has occurred. Failure of bass amp with from issuing the way of noise to be heard here, or I have suffered contact with the failure of the guitar shield.
Or it would not be lucky also because this trouble occurs in the long songs played. So guitar such Paige and Johnsy has stopped playing, plant and Bonzo will connect the play with improvisation. Its thrilling rarity even listening many times deployment. Johnsy is I join hit the tambourine in the meantime, but the sound would be taste awfully vivid place also stage recording unique. As a result, it is rather the Meien that superbly taken to recover the trouble had to be left at the best sound quality.

is a recording of the band playing comes through too realistic, even a balanced voice is off feeling of the plant, rather mysterious and because of even hear come in as to contribute to the unique charm of this sound source. No, Scream of the fully open is the natural era, but still I feel the presence of the plant comes through clearly. Live While I that it does not complete recording is spared rather, but it is an interesting coincidence also because miraculously plant of turn without instrumental songs have been many recorded.
“White Summer” of Paige has had happening in the place where more than six minutes, the rapid rise of the pitch, which is estimated to malfunction of the recorder has become a correction point in the items that have been recently released, but this time of release firmly adjust in. Decade, such as in front of the item was not considered, and promise a stable reproduction. Of course before ZEP each member begins to ring the MC and sound, it is recorded from the bustle in the recording began stage. And the JAMESKG version that direct copy to VHS from the master reel as a base, most recording of a natural state. Then on April 27 to 24th Fillmore, this name sound source will also be released the best version in limited press CD!




その中でも極め付けとなったのが「As Long I Have You」。初期のZEPが得意としていたフットワークの軽い演奏能力を見せつける絶好のナンバー、それでいて1960年代後半のサイケデリックな雰囲気を漂わせたレパートリーでもあります。そんな曲が、ここフィルモアでの日々を最後に演奏されなくなるという、最後の輝かしい時期でありました。実際にここでの演奏も抜群のフットワークで演奏が目まぐるしく展開します。ところが演奏が中間でテンポアップしたところからジョンジーのベースにトラブルが起きたのです。ここで聴かれるノイズの発し方からしてベース・アンプの故障、あるいはギター・シールドの接触不良に見舞われてしまいました。

ペイジの「White Summer」が6分を超えたところで起きてしまった、レコーダーの誤作動と推測されるピッチの急速な上昇は近年リリースされてきたアイテムにおける補正ポイントとなっていますが、今回のリリースにおいてもしっかりアジャスト。一昔前のアイテムでは考えられなかったような、安定再生を約束。もちろんZEP各メンバーがMCや音を鳴らし始める前、録音が始まった段階でのざわめきから収録しています。そしてマスター・リールからVHSにダイレクト・コピーしたJAMESKGバージョンをベースとして、もっともナチュラルな状態での収録。4月27日に続いて24日のフィルモア、この名音源もベストのバージョンを限定のプレスCDにてリリースいたします!

1. Tuning 2. As Long As I Have You 3. Killing Floor 4. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
5. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You 6. Pat’s Delight

April 24 to 27, ZEP live Days, which was carried out in San Francisco in between those two times of Fillmore Shaw, also have been made live at Winter land. Both promoter, is a venue that Bill Graham is owned, will the series of these performances were achieved by his eloquent person. These four performances Our shop has been sequentially release, “WINTERLAND BALLROOM 1969 DAY 2” for the winter land 26 days has just been released. But with respect to the previous day of winter land, it only audience recording of less than 25 minutes does not exist until now.
and the 25th 25 minutes only and did not record … of course because, it even as a joke, also recording is that less than 30 minutes extremity of contrition. Which is often incorporated into the item of editing that was more live instruments and mix thanks, it was evil and you will have seem to thin the impression of this day. Well as definitely “How Many More Times” will be that had been played. Incomplete recorded in ZEP live playing time is originally short of ’69. Stop the “As Long I Have You” is recording recorded in the first half. It also does not have so say only that it contrition.
However, it is. To sound quality and easy sound image to listen closer performance than the next day, such short recording class goods Any playing to be heard also in. This is a thing called hot night in April in San Francisco. Began Following the announcement by Bill Graham, “The Train Kept A Rollin ‘” full-top condition and from. This is a thing that can be said to all San Francisco sound source, but here even Scream of the plant tremendous! This day is the best Meien are led to perhaps “You Shook Me” you think that was played after the “I Can not Quit You”! Masterpiece like the plant of voice and Paige of slide guitar continues to climb even where. This would be typical Meien of ’69 ZEP.
And evil is incomplete recording, the 25th Winter land sound of you think that there are more that have been overlooked until now. This time, it comes as first delivery minute bonus disc of “FILLMORE WEST 4.24.1969”. Moreover, it is not just a bonus disc. What luxury things in the press CD Edition. Of course bonus disk and Haie, so we are adjusting to the exact pitch and state stuck to the natural is, here remains not amusing also been released as an item making polite is rainy day gift! In particular that it was adjusting the deviation of “The Train Kept A Rollin ‘” pitch that was noticeable in the opening, was upgraded to much is easy to hear state. And just because this press edition bonus disc, this overlooked the sound source and the Meien, you’ll be get to listen rather slowly and carefully!

4月24日から27日までの間、ZEPがサンフランシスコで行ったライブ・デイズはそれら二回のフィルモア・ショウの合間に、ウインターランドでのライブも行われています。どちらもプロモーター、ビル・グレアムが所有する会場であり、彼の口利きによってこれら一連の公演が実現したのでしょう。これら四公演を当店は順次リリースしてきており、26日のウインターランドに関しては『WINTERLAND BALLROOM 1969 DAY 2』がリリースされたばかり。ところが前日のウインターランドに関しては、現在に至るまで25分足らずのオーディエンス録音しか存在しないのです。
25日だから25分しか録音しなかった…もちろん、それは冗談としても、やはり録音が30分にも満たないというのは痛恨の極み。おかげで複数ライブ音源とミックスさせた編集のアイテムに組み込まれることが多く、それが災いしてこの日の印象を薄くしているように思えてなりません。間違いなく「How Many More Times」なども演奏されていたことでしょう。演奏時間が元々短めな69年のZEPライブで不完全収録。とどめは「As Long I Have You」が前半部分で録音収録。これもまた痛恨だとしか言いようがありません。
ところが、です。音質は翌日よりも演奏が近くて聴きやすい音像ですし、そんな短い録音の中でも聴かれる演奏はどれも一級品。これが4月のサンフランシスコでの熱い夜というもの。ビル・グレアムによるアナウンスに続いて始まった「The Train Kept A Rollin’」からしてフル・トップな状態。これはサンフランシスコ音源すべてに言えることなのですが、ここでもプラントのスクリームが凄まじい!恐らくは「I Can’t Quit You」の後で演奏されたと思われる「You Shook Me」に至ってはこの日最高の名演です!プラントの声とペイジのスライド・ギターがどこまでも登り続ける様が圧巻。これが69年のZEPの典型的な名演でしょう。
不完全収録が災いし、これまで見過ごされていた方が多いと思われる25日のウインターランド音源。今回は『FILLMORE WEST 4.24.1969』の初回納品分ボーナス・ディスクとして付属します。しかもただのボーナス・ディスクではありません。何とプレスCD盤での贅沢なもの。もちろんボーナス・ディスクとはいえ、ナチュラルさにこだわった状態と正確なピッチにアジャストされていますので、ここままアイテムとしてリリースされてもおかしくない丁寧な作りがまさかのギフト!特にオープニングの「The Train Kept A Rollin’」で目立っていたピッチの狂いをアジャストしたことで、格段に聴きやすい状態へとアップグレードしました。そして、このプレス盤ボーナス・ディスクだからこそ、この見過ごされた音源と名演を、むしろじっくりと聴いてもらえることでしょう!

1. Intro. 2. Train Kept A Rollin’ 3. You Shook Me 4. Communication Breakdown
5. As Long As I Have You

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