Beatles / Please Please Me Stereo Remix Revised Edition / 1CD

Beatles, The / Please Please Me Stereo Remix -Revised Edition / 1CD / Non Label

Please Please Me Stereo Remix -Revised Edition



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Center mix of early stereo recording that seems to have become the life work of Lord Reith. So far, two attempts have been published online, but the stunning finish has surprised enthusiasts around the world, both of which were sufficient to be released on a limited press CD. The stereo image that was divided into left and right in the first two Beatles albums. It’s a hard work by Lord Reith, who turned it into a natural stereo center mix with the latest technology today.
For that reason, Lord Reith’s demixing work to change the stereo image of the first two albums is memorable and worthwhile. This summer, a new version was announced for the third time. To put it the other way around, the value of the past two versions has not faded as a so-called “separate mix”.

Until now, vocals, which can be called the basics in the first try, have been placed in the center. From there, in the second version, the rhythm section was moved from the left to the center, but the third time, the outline of the rhythm section that moved to the center became more apparent. Certainly, compared to this version, it is undeniable that in the previous try, the rhythm section was more like a monolith and spread over the entire stereo rather than moving to the center. In that respect, this time, the sound of the rhythm section is clearly sounding from the center so that you can hear it at a glance. This was what Lord Reith was aiming for this time.
Certainly, it is an improvement that may be difficult to understand from the speaker, so I would like you to listen carefully with headphones, but the difference is obvious with headphones. It can be said that it is the goal of Lord Reith’s center mix, which is becoming more and more complete. In fact, he said, “I think this will be the last try.”
Also, in the album “PLEASE PLEASE ME”, there are two songs in “Love Me Do” that only have a monaural sound source called “PS I Love You”, but these have also changed to a complete stereo version with this try. Last time, especially “PS I Love You” was finished in left and right packed stereo, but this time it’s amazing, it feels like it was recorded with a 4-track recorder. This will be a big highlight this time.

And this version re-challenge not only the album itself of “PLEASE PLEASE ME” but also the center mix of the session scenery. Even so, I tried to restore the take before overdubbing in “Baby It’s You” and “Misery” (no master tape left). This is also a wonderful finish. In addition, thanks to the concept of arranging the rhythm section in the center, it seems that Paul missed the bass sound at the ending of take 6 of “Do You Want To Know A Secret?” I can hear it.
In other words, this time it is also a good value to put together the album itself and the new center mix version of the session. Therefore, at the time of this release, we are not just making the Lord Reith version into a limited press CD, but re-editing the session part. The original version was mixed with songs corresponding to the time of the next work, but although they were eliminated and released in “STUDIO SESSIONS 1962-1969 IN SPECTRAL STEREO” instead, the apple of “Love Me Do” A drum version and a demixed version of “How Do You Do It” have been added to upgrade the document as a more time-series faithful document. The 1962 Beatles were reborn in a new remix that Lord Reith himself declared “the last try”!

そのため、最初の2枚のアルバムのステレオイメージを変更するためのLord Reithのデミキシング作業は、印象的で価値があります。今年の夏、3度目の新バージョンが発表されました。逆に言えば、過去2つのバージョンの価値は、いわゆる「セパレートミックス」として衰えることはありません。

また、アルバム「PLEASE PLEASE ME」では、「Love Me Do」に「PSI Love You」というモノラル音源しかない曲が2曲ありますが、今回も完全ステレオバージョンに変更されました。前回、特に「PS I Love You」は左右のパックステレオで仕上げましたが、今回はすごい、4トラックレコーダーで録音したような感じです。今回はこれが大きなハイライトになります。

そして、このバージョンは「PLEASE PLEASE ME」のアルバム自体だけでなく、セッション風景のセンターミックスにも挑戦し直します。それでも、「Baby It’sYou」と「Misery」(マスターテープが残っていない)でオーバーダビングする前に、テイクを復元しようとしました。これも素晴らしい仕上がりです。また、リズムセクションを中央に配置するというコンセプトのおかげで、ポールは「秘密を知りたいですか?」のテイク6のエンディングでベースサウンドを逃したようです。聞こえます。
言い換えれば、今回はアルバム自体とセッションの新しいセンターミックスバージョンをまとめることも良い価値です。したがって、このリリースの時点では、Lord Reithバージョンを限定プレスCDにするだけでなく、セッション部分を再編集しています。原作は次作の時期に合わせた曲とミックスされていたが、「STUDIO SESSIONS 1962-1969 IN SPECTRAL STEREO」で削除・リリースされたものの、「LoveMeDo」のリンゴドラムバージョンとデミックスドキュメントをより時系列の忠実なドキュメントとしてアップグレードするために、「How Do YouDoIt」のバージョンが追加されました。 1962年のビートルズは、リース卿自身が「最後の試み」と宣言した新しいリミックスで生まれ変わりました。

01. I Saw Her Standing There
02. Misery
03. Anna
04. Chains
05. Boys
06. Ask Me Why
07. Please Please Me
08. Love Me Do
09. PS I Love You
10. Baby It’s You
11. Do You Want To Know A Secret
12. A Taste Of Honey
13. There’s A Place
14. Twist And Shout
15. Love Me Do (4th September 1962)
16. How Do You Do It (Take 2)
17. Please Please Me (11th September 1962)
18. Please Please Me (No Harmonica)
19. Please Please Me (Single Mix)
20. Ask Me Why (Single Mix)
21. There’s A Place (Take 1)
22. There’s A Place (Take 10)
23. I Saw Her Standing There (Take 1)
24. I Saw Her Standing There (Take 2)
25. I Saw Her Standing There (Edit of Takes 6 and 9)
26. Misery (Take 1)
27. Misery (Edit of Takes 5 and 6)
28. Misery (Take 7)
29. Misery (Take 11 No Piano)
30. Do You Want To Know A Secret (with Ending)
31. Baby It’s You (Take 3 No Celeste)
32. A Taste Of Honey (Take 5 No Overdubs)
33. Do You Want To Know A Secret (Take 6 No Overdubs)

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