UK / Definitive Final In Tokyo / 2CD

UK / Definitive Final In Tokyo / 2CD / Virtuoso

Translated text:
Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 30th April 2015


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“Band I do not boil is very much realized that even though broke up in front of the eyes. It would be why?”. This is the other day, is suddenly and leaked words after the UK final performances progressive rock lover of acquaintance has been made in the Nakano Sun Plaza. Although the band has passed here in Japan about three weeks from Lower the curtain on its history, I would not in the real intention common to surprisingly many fans because not boil is what it says still feel. This weekend give a sharp answer on the grounds that, UK final performance ultimate ultra-than-ultra-ultra superb sound quality board is will appeared!

Week was released to wherever “THE FINAL IN JAPAN (Virtuoso 249/250/251/252)” is as you will find popular the UK has concluded the history of activities Japan two shows as complete recording was good board, gift to its release week It appeared in the panel “THE FINAL CONCERT 2015 (Free 2CDR)” also gift board was I look forward to your good reputation in the high-quality sound board of much no undue importance. Both then you have to keep sufficient quality as a memorial recording, in fact, was more than I will receive the voice of joy from the customers that have been coming to the store after your purchase. But whether the sound source to withstand as “material for performance research”, and it is when you have a little story is different. It is to it because because sound obtained by subtracting the sharper in the musical ambiguity is required. In other words, rather than a memorial will mean that cool documentary of that sound quality specialized is required there, it will be recalled incense made and whether the outflow source of absolutely desk recording, turn of ultra-high-quality Iyamoni matrix … and You. But the place is interesting is the recent recording equipment not be the case. This recording is the skill of our taper is recording method of topic that combines the most attention to are MK4 microphone and linear PCM recorder now!

Shops made MK4 microphone …. If those who he is familiar with the boot leg, we would have been here and there and its name recently to the eyes and ears. The sound of the place as a super-high-performance microphone cut-recording to perfect in tremendous closeness and clarity, unidirectional made of Germany has gained overwhelming support and high praise from recording fan in general not only the taper It is the microphone. Although this recording is this domestic leading manufacturer of PCM-D100 to MK4 what is was high-resolution recording, a combination of linear PCM recorder that boasts has become the original source, the height of the recording potential is more than lightly also the business for recording The more it phenomenal. I think that is also home anyone who “whether the best …? There may be such a thing in sound than nearby AUD recording Even though for business SBD and Iyamoni?”, But this is a reality. In recent boot leg has begun a title that has been gradually combat turned also, it has been attracted considerable attention as the recording system of royal road reinstatement to cast one stone in Iyamoni matrix with pros and cons to recording methods. However it is also necessary experience and sense in order Locle in attention-catching such excellent sound of people. To by equipment and way of installation combined with MK4 you have sound image also changed, it is what the difference comes out also by recording position. The original source of this recording has also had the factor slightly, while high-quality sound source that emits a strong impression it just, it was sound overall bass is felt somewhat sparse. So remastered in a range that does not affect the original sound is subjected to (※ Virtuoso label has recently introduced using the 2015 latest equipment), where it was to strengthen the bass part that was missing, and flowering the charm of the original source at the highest value miracle of ultra-high quality sound that was you that was realized. In other words, appeared in ultra-close range of about all of the sound output is hard to believe, is not totally cloudy without becoming useless even in loud-Bures, it stands out as the rise of sharpness also be surprised after you have picked up all also fine sound of complaints am I. Noise is nil, and the closeness of the medium to low range weight feeling and treble of the attack sense of containing growth in core also phenomenal, no vocal line haze of unidirectional Mike Rashiku one point more than anything else clarity is beyond even the console recording and Iyamoni recording, it is more honest a little abnormal.

Of course uncut full recording in Duration also long, for example a track (1) to tell the state before show start has been recorded “THE FINAL IN JAPAN” than about 3 minutes and a half long. Since the curtain before the venue in women announcement also started the talk and have complete recording, it will dance suddenly mind to add Vantage from the beginning disk. “Thirty Years” at Wet ‘n’ voice of closeness, not only guitar of complaints, and the faint play of Manjini slapping sound has been recorded in the Perfect, the sound image that all sounds appear at close range of extraordinary, and 10 10 people everyone should confident beyond official record in human. “Nevermore” is possible and charm of performance by this lineup will lift in the ultra-class sound quality. Especially in the Wet ‘n’ and Manjini of rhythm work is breathtaking, if supported by a song tapping sound that makes you feel the intelligence even a single note from the rhythm surface also battered, based whether the phenomenal was making the beating of which as the song in conjunction you’ll enjoy your pleasure in the sound quality. “Carrying No Cross” also appeared in the sharpness of the unbelievable will stand out better from the beginning of the sound, and volley is feeling can be a scene where the ability of MK4 microphone reaches. how the 6 minutes 19 seconds incoming sequence sound from the near-boggling nearby, also appeared in the close of the wonder, the keyboard to sing and sew it, came out also bass portion of the base and the drum Any start moving in the ultra-close range of earth-shattering You. Drum deep echo feeling entering in the finale part you also will not be tasted first in the other title. “Alaska” also has become the keyboard is tremendous closeness and meat thickness of the introduction, this might faint if you first listen. sound image of from 2 minutes 58 seconds ensemble moves also jumped in sharpness, such as lightning explodes in front of the eyes, sharp feel the skeleton in the “Time To Kill” high performance even rhythm of instantaneous force in and marvel at the tough sound image should it be. The state in which the Wet ‘n’ has put a Hamming (※ 1 minute 44 seconds to 45 seconds) also will have picked up clearly, this is one of the painful scene to understand and buried the entire sound in the sound quality and recording sounds of other same day title and, this is the Advantages of even this recording for listen clearly. Similarly track (7) You hear clearly is very close to real voice of Eddie, but he is not perfectly picked up the voice so far in the other day title for the slender voice. Therefore, here it is also nice point of this recording of MC can take hear clearly. The “Night After Night” power and breadth of the recording range of tough sound of the midrange in prominence, also singing earnestly twist fists I’ll hit here truly in the near and sharpness of the more suspect the ear. Arouse also fresh excitement sharp approach of gloss and the drum of the keyboard in the development part, Eddie of MC also track (7) to enter again after the show similar to the human voice is customers are possible clearly charm you. “Rendezvous 6:02” effect (※ or interpretation of Manjini flow) that use the crash cymbal from the second half of the song floating in vivid, is sure understanding of the final play that explored the possibility from the rhythm surface is further enhanced, the difference in the echo of the depth of from consuming condition and lyrics second vocal echo lyrics No. 1 has become a big feature of can feel instantly. This echo change, would be unlikely to care-as long as it is not compelling carefully hear the sound image of the other title.

“Nothing To Lose” in power there keyboard that dismissed all the other same day title is rising sharply from close range, music is high and far to push up to Yuku excitement will burst from ride to. The way how the equipment trouble of keyboard occurs in has also captured vividly in high purity sound, all of the documents that occurred in the final playing I will Yuke chasing perfectly. “In The Dead Of Night” You should closeness is instantaneous force of high performance and phase Mari of sound output of each instrument, all who listen to the trembling as loud superb sound image in its pervade as tough is stunned. In at attractive of the Wet ‘n’ seems to base it earnestly effectiveness of Dos can enjoy middle, the song is transformed “By The Light Of Day” also each instrument is overlap in the sense of transparency best close sound, folding tapestries of ensemble full of vitality but it is Yuki past one after another ear. “Forever Until Sunday” is the sound of high-mids that emits violin has become a dazzling sound that contrasted with good rhythm sound crisp spree beat Gorigori in the bass, which I was listening in the same day the title of the other label who should also I had not tasted this performance in dense and transparent sound so far. One in the beautiful guitar sound drifts, also overlap snuggled is one and each other’s music, you will enjoy enjoy a true documentary of ultra superb sound that day become the final form at this unreleased song best performance . “Caesar’s Palace Blues” is a real sense of movement and a touch of sharpness that was not fully conveyed in the other day title will hit the ear with the highest value. In surprise Topics also the sound output of the vocal has become closer, it should also become a sense of Wet ‘n’ is singing in the ear rather than the other ear. The rust of the portion was sung to the audience, how the Yuku make a eagerly playing to come was the Japanese fans and the last to continue to support many years also jumped at the sound image of clarity and ultra-short distance of the ultra-class because certainly please attention. “The Only Thing She Needs” In you carved distinctive riff that you crunch but (※ 00 minutes and 38 seconds around ~, and near to 2 minutes 53 seconds), this tone can enjoy in particular on the sound of the DRIVE plenty also is the charm of this work of (not out sharp sound up to this point in the ※ other titles). Close enough to surprise even singing voice of sound output, drum also every single tapping sound is a surprisingly clear, but I as a glossy sound of violin directed toward the coder also stunned, abnormal without these sounds also crushed speck It will be astounded to come out in such proximity. “Carrying No Cross” final verse After the show of has continued whopping 6 minutes also close recording, “Sayonara” Eddie Acknowledgements and Wet ‘n’ of course, springing twice up long “UK! UK!” Call, tell the curtain hall announcement also are fully recorded in crisp sound to the last, and boasts a perfection that more is not considered first as a documentary recording.

Well, here to feel again in contact with the final played in excellent recording “to broke up the band, for some reason feeling does not boil” that, it is the word of acquaintance noted at the outset. It is for sure in the wonder, but rather than listen to the raw live when such thing as music, is what is quite often the first time transmitted come to and understanding can performance information listening with CD. Is there perhaps also fun and interesting of the foundation that is in contact with the boot leg, it is to us brings a lot of re-discovery that was not a care in the day field to re contact with recordings that day was excellent performance that you experience, analysis of the performance It is what deep understanding even or amass by in their own by making a. But the purpose must be in contact with the playing in recording excellent even a little, there is is a translation also sound quality empathy ease are required, but does not have that worry with respect to this work. After all the sound that can be heard here it is because the sound quality of ultra-class of more than lightly such as the expression “the” on “sound” of fashion recently. But thus once again this final performance thoroughly with this work that pulled pick up the sound of the site When contacted, and I are reminded with nature to the fact that it also becomes a question of the answer shot of acquaintance. that it is playing by the end organized on goal is home to this Mike Mangini is, had presented a very large musical possibilities is a fact. Although it is obvious If you listen to excellent in this work in sound quality, this performance is a performance that leaves the possibility too future In the final play to close the curtain on its history, strong premonition the next step of the band The cell has become a thing that is. Therefore will he also did not “realize the Na excite” the dissolution. But every souvenir = musical potential of the band to its future was left to last, just to mantra that the dissolution was a happy gift with real about would in Keshiton, many people same thing if Sessure to this work There is no difference to be realize. So it is deeply in other words, it is has become the ultimate title dress communication with all of the sound of the final performance. Come this weekend, we would like crowned try an Ultra-sound of this another dimension to expel all the other same day recording source. Initial distribution fraction limited numbering sticker with-beautiful picture disc specification, is of course the factory production of the press machine. UK and the ultimate form the title of the final performance that you want what Good because Japanese fans with a special thought to the Nakano Sun Plaza, please please stay tuned!

★ U.K. Final performance ultimate best sound quality board. This is what is the vertex !!


先々週にリリースされた『THE FINAL IN JAPAN (Virtuoso 249/250/251/252)』は、U.K.が活動の歴史を締めくくった日本2公演をコンプリート収録した好盤として御好評戴き、そのリリース週にギフト盤で登場した『THE FINAL CONCERT 2015 (無料2CDR)』もギフト盤には勿体無いくらいの高音質盤で御好評を賜りました。どちらもメモリアル録音としては充分なクオリティを保っていますし、実際、御購入後に来店されたお客様からも喜びの声を複数頂戴致しました。しかし” 演奏研究用の素材 “として耐え得る音源か、となると少し話は違ってきます。何故ならそれにはよりシャープで音楽的な曖昧さを減じたサウンドが求められるからです。つまりメモリアルというよりは音質的に特化したクールなドキュメンタリー性がそこに求められる訳で、こうなるとどうしても卓録音の流出音源か、超高品質なイヤモニ・マトリックスの出番…と想起してしまいます。でもそうはならないのが昨今の録音機材の興味深いところ。本録音は熟練のテーパー達がいま一番注目しているMK4マイクとリニアPCMレコーダーを組み合わせた話題の録音方式なのです!


もちろんノーカット完全録音で収録時間も長く、例えばショウ開始前の様子を伝えるトラック(1)は『THE FINAL IN JAPAN』より約3分半も長く収録されています。開演前の会場内女性アナウンスもその喋り出しからコンプリート収録しており、ディスク冒頭からのアドヴァンテージにいきなり心躍るでしょう。「Thirty Years」ではウエットンの声の近さ、ギターの弱音、そして淡く奏でるマンジーニの打音がパーフェクトに録れているだけでなく、全ての音が異常なほどの至近距離で現れる音像に、10人中10人全員が公式録音超えを確信する筈です。「Nevermore」はこの布陣による演奏の可能性と魅力がウルトラ級の音質で浮き上がります。特に息を呑むのはウエットンとマンジーニのリズムワークで、連打でも単音でも知性を感じさせる打音がリズム面から曲をどう支え、ベースと連動してどの様に曲の鼓動を創っていたかが驚異的な音質でお愉しみ戴けるでしょう。「Carrying No Cross」も序盤から音の浮き立ちが信じ難いほどの鮮明さで現れ、MK4マイクの実力が至るところで実感出来るシーンが連発します。6分19秒付近から入ってくるシーケンス音が近く・遠くなる様子も驚異の間近さで現れ、それを縫って歌うキーボード、動き出すベースとドラムの低音部がどれも驚天動地の超至近距離で出てきます。終曲部で入るドラムの深いエコー感も他のタイトルではまず味わえないでしょう。「Alaska」も導入のキーボードが凄まじい近さと肉厚さで鳴っており、これは初めて聴いたら卒倒するかもしれません。アンサンブルが動く2分58秒からの音像も目の前で稲妻が炸裂する様な鋭さで飛び出し、「Time To Kill」での瞬発力の高い演奏もリズムに骨格を感じるシャープでタフな音像に驚嘆される筈です。またウエットンがハミングを入れる様子(※1分44秒~45秒)も鮮明に拾っていますが、これは他の同日タイトルの音質・収録音では全体音に埋没して判り辛いシーンのひとつとなっており、これが鮮明に聴けるのも本録音のアドヴァンテージです。同様にトラック(7)ではエディの肉声が非常に近く鮮明に聴こえますが、彼は声がか細い為に他の同日タイトルではここまで完璧に声を拾っておりません。故に、ここでMCがハッキリ聴き取れるのも本録音の嬉しいポイントです。「Night After Night」では中音域のタフな音の威力と収録音域の広さが際立ち、コブシを効かせまくった歌声も真に耳を疑うほどの近さと鮮明さでこちらにぶつかってきます。展開部でのキーボードの艶とドラムの鮮明なアプローチも瑞々しい感動を喚起し、終演後に再び入るエディのMCもトラック(7)同様その肉声が鮮明にお愉しみ戴けます。「Rendezvous 6:02」は曲後半からクラッシュ・シンバルを使う効果(※或いは、マンジーニ流の解釈)が鮮烈に浮き上がり、リズム面から可能性を探った最終演奏の理解度がより高まる筈ですし、歌詞1番のボーカル・エコーの掛かり具合と歌詞2番からのエコーの掛かり具合の違いが瞬時に感じ取れるのも大きな特徴となっています。このエコー変化は、他タイトルの音像ではよほど注意深く聴かない限りまず気付けないでしょう。

「Nothing To Lose」では他の同日タイトルを全て一蹴する威力あるキーボードが至近距離から鋭く立ち上がり、音楽が高く遠くに押し上がってゆく興奮がのっけから炸裂します。途中でキーボードの機材トラブルが発生する様子も純度の高いサウンドで生々しく捉えており、最終演奏に起こったドキュメントの全てが完璧に追ってゆけます。「In The Dead Of Night」は各楽器の出音の近さが瞬発力の高い演奏と相まり、その漲るほどタフで震えるほどラウドな極上音像に聴く者全員が唖然とする筈です。中盤でドスの効きまくったウエットンらしいベースが楽しめるのも魅力で、曲が変容する「By The Light Of Day」もそれぞれの楽器が透明感最高の至近音で重なり、生命力に充ちたアンサンブルの綴れ折りが耳元を次々に通り過ぎてゆきます。「Forever Until Sunday」はヴァイオリンが放つ中~高音域の音色が低音でゴリゴリ唸りまくるキレの良いリズム音と対比する眩しいサウンドとなっているのですが、これは他レーベルの同日タイトルで聴いていた方もここまで緻密で透明な音でこの演奏を味わってはいなかった筈です。麗しいギターの響きが漂う中でひとつ、またひとつと互いの音楽が寄り添って重なり、この未発表曲が最高の演奏で完成形になってゆく真のドキュメンタリーを超極上のサウンドで御堪能戴けるでしょう。「Caesar’s Palace Blues」は他の同日タイトルでは伝え切っていなかった本物の躍動感とタッチの鋭さが最高値で耳元を襲います。ボーカルの出音が更に近くなっているのも驚きのトピックスで、もう耳元というよりは耳の中でウエットンが歌っている感覚にもなる筈です。サビの部分を観客に歌わせ、長年熱心に支え続けてきた日本のファンと最後の演奏を創ってゆく様子もウルトラ級の鮮明さと超至近距離の音像で飛び出しますので是非御注目下さい。「The Only Thing She Needs」ではザクザクした特徴的なリフが刻まれますが(※00分38秒付近~、及び2分53秒付近~)、この音色がドライヴ感たっぷりの特上サウンドで堪能出来るのも本作の魅力です(※他タイトルではここまで鋭く音が出ていません)。歌声の出音もびっくりするほど近く、ドラムもひとつひとつの打音が驚異的に鮮明で、コーダへ向かうヴァイオリンの響きも唖然とするほど艶やかなのですが、これらの音が微塵も潰れることなく異常な近さで出てくる事に仰天されるでしょう。「Carrying No Cross」の最終ヴァース終演後は何と6分近くも録音が続いており、エディの謝辞とウエットンの「サヨナーラ」は勿論、2度湧き上がる長い「U.K.! U.K.!」コール、終演を告げる場内アナウンスも最後まで鮮明な音で完全収録しており、ドキュメンタリー録音としてもまずこれ以上は考えられない完璧さを誇っています。

さて、ここまで優れた録音で最終演奏に接して改めて感じるのは「バンドは解散したのに、何故か実感が沸かない」という、冒頭で記した知人の言葉です。不思議にして確かな事ですが、音楽というものは時に生のライブで聴くよりも、CDで聴いて初めて伝わってくる・理解出来る演奏情報が結構多いものです。ブートレッグと接する面白さと興味深さの根幹も恐らくそこにあり、あの日体験した演奏を優れた録音で接し直す事は当日現場で気付けなかった再発見を多くもたらしてくれますし、演奏の分析をする事で自分の中により深い理解が築けたりもするものです。ただその為には少しでも優れた録音で演奏に接する必要があり、そこには音質的な感情移入のし易さも求められる訳ですが、本作に関してはその心配はありません。何しろここで聴けるサウンドは最近流行りの”「オン」なサウンド “という表現など軽く超えるウルトラ級の音質だからです。しかしそうして徹底的に現場の音を拾い抜いた本作で改めてこの最終公演に接すると、知人の放った疑問の答えともなる事実に自然と気付かされるのです。それはこのマイク・マンジーニを擁して放った最終編成による演奏が、非常に大きな音楽的可能性を提示していたという事実です。音質に優れた本作で聴けば明らかですが、この演奏はその歴史に幕を閉じる最終演奏にしてはあまりにも未来に可能性を残す演奏であり、バンドの次なるステップを強く予感させるものとなっています。それゆえ彼も解散の「実感が沸かな」かったのでしょう。しかしバンドが最後に残したその未来への置き土産=音楽的可能性は、まさに解散というお題目が消し飛んでしまうほど実のある嬉しい贈り物でしたし、本作に接すれば多くの方が同じ事を実感されるに違いありません。言い換えればそれほど深く、最終演奏の全ての音と通じ合える究極のタイトルとなっているのです。今週末は是非、他の同日録音ソースを全て駆逐するこの別次元のウルトラ・サウンドをお試し戴きたいと思います。初回配布分は限定ナンバリングステッカー付き・美麗なピクチャーディスク仕様で、もちろん工場生産のプレス盤です。U.K.と中野サンプラザに特別な想いを持つ日本のファンだからこそこだわりたい最終公演の究極形タイトル、どうぞ御期待下さい!


Disc 1(77:39)
1. Intro 2. Thirty Years 3. Nevermore 4. Carrying No Cross 5. Alaska 6. Time To Kill 7. MC
8. Night After Night 9. Keyboard Solo (Ballooning Over Texas) 11. Drum Solo
12. Member Introductions & MC 13. Rendezvous 6:02

Disc 2(50:32)
1. Nothing To Lose 2. In The Dead Of Night 3. By The Light Of Day 4. Presto Vivace And Reprise
5. Forever Until Sunday 6. Caesar’s Palace Blues 7. The Only Thing She Needs
8. Carrying No Cross (Last Verse)

John Wetton – Bass, Vocals Eddie Jobson – Keyboards, Violin Alex Machacek – Guitar
Mike Mangini – Drums, Percussion

Virtuoso 253/254

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