Fleetwood Mac / The Other Mirage / 1CD

Fleetwood Mac / The Other Mirage / 1CD / Mainstream

Outtakes and alternates including previously unreleased songs.



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Setlist: 1.GYPSY 2.IF YOU WERE MY LOVE 3.SMILE AT YOU 4.STREIGHT BACK5.THAT’S ALRIGHT 6.I’VE BEEN LOVING YOU TOO LONG 7.THE EYES OF THEWORLD 8.GYPSY (early take) 9.GYPSY (slow version) 10.GYPSY (shortversion) 11.GYPSY (long version) 12.STREIGHT BACK (early take)13.STREIGHT BACK (long version) 14.I’M ALRIGHT ( THAT’S ALRIGHT ) (demoversion) 15.THAT’S ALRIGHT (long version)

Mainstream SBR Collection. MSBR-50


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