Foreigner / Super Rock ’85 In Japan / 1DVD

Foreigner / Super Rock ’85 In Japan / 1DVD / Non label
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Live at Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan 10th-11th August 1985.  Pro-Shot

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FOREIGNER who announced a co-star with the golden age member on the 40th anniversary tour of the formation (Unfortunately it does not become an official reunion, it seems to stop at the spot with several performances). Official images that celebrated their heyday revived with the highest quality ever.
In this work is “August 10 – 11, 1985 SUPER ROCK ’85”. It is a pattern when I appeared in a legendary festival held at “Tokyo Bay Odaiba Movement Square”. This festival was held with the success of the previous year’s “SUPER ROCK ’84”, EARTH EARTHSHAKER → STING → FOREIGNER → DIO → ROUGH CUTT → MAMAS BOYS (in order of appearance) participated. What a strange order of appearance, in fact this festival is an all-night event of 12 hours starting at 18:30 in the evening. It was a composition that tri – class band gathered near midnight. In the field, rain repeatedly shakes and stops, and it is also handed down as a severe burning event.
This legendary festival was officially taken, and the 5-digest digest edition, DIO edition, FOREIGNER edition was released as video software. Unfortunately, none of the works have been officially formulated as DVD yet, but this work is a FOREIGNER compilation of such official images. And, the most noteworthy is its quality. In our shop, we have reprinted various out-of-print analog images with the highest quality ever, but this one is one of them. We keep the mint · quality board which domestic core · collector treasured preciously, digitized by overseas analog specialized manufacturer. It is a difficult time to look for a decent consumer aircraft player, but in the high-end environment of the professional specification, the maximum amount of information the laser disk had has been transferred to the DVD.
These methods are the same as the “Repeat” series of “Always”, but the visual beauty of this work is different from “Always”. The vivid and vibrant vivid screen is top class among the series. Every single piece of Lou Gram’s rolled hair, a drop of sweat that flows, shines, and the dark night is an extremely deep black. Although it should surely be an analog shooting, it is a transcendence beautiful that can be officially released even by the modern criteria of digital prime. Of course, the sound is also an absolutely perfect official sound. Although it has produced countless CDs since ancient times, the sound pulled out with “Mint · Quality LD + Professional Specification” is the unmistakable best quality.
When saying the wonderfulness of the entertainment of the heyday period of the heyday period that revives with the highest quality in such history ever … …. Choose only big songs from the entire work from the debut work “FOREIGNER” to the new work of the time “AGENT PROVOCATEUR”. All 11 songs played are single hits, most of them are super luxurious, the best 20. Besides, the balance is clearly placed after the daimyo board “4” since the formation of four people, and the tight ensemble of 4 people shines to the fullest. Among them, Lou Gram is still wonderful. I try not to wipe the sweat dripping, wield a gentle magical voice. As a matter of course, the beauty of the voice, as the incarnation of the song and full of power to lock it is awesome if it is video. Of course, beautiful ballads are far hotter than studio albums. He is often referred to as “a soulful vocal”, but rather is a “songwriter who wants to call in Japanese” rather than “voice of the soul”.

FOREIGNER who had repeated pop hits and was even seen as a representative of “industrial rock”. However, its performance was hotter and its singing voice was a live resonating to the soul. Official footage that has drawn the best of their great heyday. It is the highest peak version ever. It is the loss of humanity that this live image remains hidden in the darkness of history. While the laser disc remains, while someone can play it in a high-end environment, someone has to save forever. One piece packed that feeling in press DVD. This wonderful live in Japan will be delivered to you at this weekend.
本作に収められているのは「1985年8月10日-11日SUPER ROCK ’85」。“東京湾お台場運動広場”で行われた伝説フェスティバルに出演した際の模様です。このフェスは、前年の“SUPER ROCK ’84”の成功を受けて開催され、EARTH EARTHSHAKER→STING→FOREIGNER→DIO→ROUGH CUTT→MAMAS BOYS(出演順)が参加。なんとも奇妙な出演順ですが、実はこのフェスは夕方18:30から始まる12時間のオールナイト・イベント。真夜中付近にトリ・クラスのバンドが集まるという構成だったのです。現場では雨が振ったり止んだりを繰り返し、相当ぬかるんだ過酷なイベントとしても語り継がれています。
そんな史上最高峰クオリティで蘇る全盛期FOREIGNERの熱演の素晴らしさと言ったら……。デビュー作『FOREIGNER』から当時の新作『AGENT PROVOCATEUR』までの全作から大代表曲ばかりをチョイス。演奏される11曲総てがシングル・ヒットであり、その大半がベスト20という超豪華ぶり。しかも、そのバランスは明らかに4人編成になってからの大名盤『4』以降に比重が置かれ、4人のタイトなアンサンブルが最大限に輝くのです。中でも素晴らしいのは、やはりルー・グラム。滴る汗を拭こうともせず、艶やかな魔法の声を振り絞る。その声の美しさは当然のこととして、歌の化身となってロックする全力ぶりは、映像ならでは凄味。もちろん、美しきバラードもスタジオ・アルバムより遙かに熱い。よく「ソウルフルなヴォーカル」と言われた人ですが、むしろ「魂の声」と日本語で呼びたい熱唱です。


1. Long, Long Way From Home 2. Head Games 3. Waiting for a Girl Like You
4. Luanne 5. That Was Yesterday 6. I Want to Know What Love Is
7. Reaction to Action 8. Urgent 9. Dirty White Boy 10. Hot Blooded 11. Juke Box Hero



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