Rainbow / Harrisburg 1982 / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR

Rainbow / Harrisburg 1982 / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR / Black Box
City Island, Harrisburg, PA, USA 21st June 1982 plus Bonus 1DVDR “Live Between The Eyes Alternate Camera Angle Edition”

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A marvelous new excavation master that includes the extremely rare “Jealous Lover” appears. Urgent, permanent preservation press decision!
This time, the shock master is RAINBOW. This is the finest audience recording of the first part of “STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES TOUR” “Harrisburg performance on June 21, 1982”. Of course, the biggest point of this work is the live performance of Jealous Lover and beautiful sound. However, the show position before approaching the content. The official video “LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES” is also left on this tour.

・ May 7-June 9: North America # 1a (20 performances)
《June 10 ‘One blow from darkness’ release》
・ June 10-June 29: North America # 1b (15 performances) ← ★ Here ★
・ July 10-August 23: North America # 2 (32 performances) ← ※ Official video
・ September 24-25: North America # 3 (2 performances)
・ October 12-22: Japan (8 performances)
・ October 29-December 3: Europe (23 performances)

This is RAINBOW in 1982. Around 5 months before the album was released, it went to North America, and then Japan → Europe. The Harrisburg performance of this work is the 9th performance of “North America # 1b” which is the beginning of the performance. It was a concert about a month before “LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES”.
This work that recorded such a show is a fresh audience recording anyway. In fact, the master collection of the recording artist “luvsufo” from the prestigious excavation “Krw_co” has been announced in large quantities, and collectors from all over the world are making a big difference. This work also appeared as one of them. It’s not a close-contact recording that is mistaken for a sound board, but it’s not (almost) far away. The vibrant core of the details jumps straight into it, you can listen to each word of the lyrics beautifully, and the synth can be tasted delicately. Although the base is a little far away, the drums are clean, and the most important strat sounds are very pleasing to the super-weak phrases. And beautiful. It’s beautiful just because it’s digitalized directly from the master cassette, so there’s no dubbing. The long tone that stretches smoothly stretches without shaking or distortion, and crisp riffs and modest play phrases are reproduced as they are. Although the audience is enthusiastic among the songs, the essential performance sound is as beautiful as a kinney recording.
Moreover, this work further refines such superb recording with meticulous mastering. Although it hasn’t changed significantly, each part has been fine-tuned to improve its completeness as a music work. There are many things, but the biggest one is distortion correction. Although the original sound was tremendously stable, the tape was swaying in the intro’s “we-inspired dignity”, not perfect, and a curl sound was generated in the last “Woman from Toyko” riff, and the pitch shifted as much as a semitone . “Krw_co” left the truth of the master exactly, but in this work, such parts are corrected neatly. Next, the head part of the “Power” opening riff, which was slightly missing (?), Was added to the other parts to complete the body. Although each is a small correction, it allows you to enjoy the full show seamlessly without any catch. To put it the other way around, the original recording was excellent enough to be perfect with this level of correction.
The show drawn with such a sound is a rare show that the precious song “Jealous Lover” is also dazzling. Speaking of “STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES TOUR”, “LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES” is the standard.

● DOWN TO EARTH (2 songs)
・ All Night Long
・ Songs you can’t listen to at LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES: Since You Been Gone
・ Spotlight Kid / Can’t Happen Here / Difficult To Cure
・ Songs I can’t listen to at LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES: I Surrender
● Straight Between the Eyes (4 songs)
・ MISS Mistreated / Tearin ’Out My Heart / Stone Cold / Power
● Other
・ Blues / Smoke On The Water
・ Songs that cannot be heard with LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES: Jealous Lover

* Some songs are just touched like a medley, so it’s not always a complete performance. “Since You Been Gone” and “I Surrender”, which were faithful to the basics of “STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES TOUR” but could not be heard in traditional official images, are also delicious. And above all, “Jealous Lover”. Usually, it is a place where the avalanche goes into “Long Live Rock’n’Roll” following drum solo, but on this day, “Jealous Lover” is played. I don’t know exactly how many performances were performed, but the sound source is a very rare number that is only recorded in about 5 performances, and it has played 2 choruses longer than the famous New York recording. Speaking of “Smoke On The Water,” Ritchie ’s “No Release” is also rare in the intro. It is unusual for the scene to apologize to the audience. You can enjoy all of them with superb sound.
Even if master excavation beyond the long time of 37 years alone is wonderful, it is one piece of shock that you can taste even more than expected and precious “Jealous Lover”. Please enjoy the permanent preservation press CD anytime and forever.

激レアな「Jealous Lover」も収録した驚異の新発掘マスターが登場。緊急、永久保存プレス化決定です!
今回の衝撃マスターはRAINBOW。“STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES TOUR”の一幕「1982年6月21日ハリスバーグ公演」を記録した極上オーディエンス録音です。もちろん本作最大のポイントは貴重極まる「Jealous Lover」の生演奏や美麗なサウンド。しかし、その内容に迫る前にショウのポジション。このツアーには公式映像『LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES』も残されておりますので、それとも比較してツアー概要から確かめておきましょう。


これが1982年のRAINBOW。アルバム発売前から約5ヶ月をかけて北米を巡り、その後に日本→欧州という流れ。本作のハリスバーグ公演は、その序盤となる「北米#1b」9公演目。『LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES』の約1ヶ月前にあたるコンサートでした。
しかも、本作はそんな極上録音をさらに細心マスタリングで磨き上げ。大幅に変えてはおりませんが、各所を微調整し、音楽作品としての完成度を高めました。いろいろとあるのですが、特に大きいのは歪みの補正。原音も驚異的に安定していたものの、完璧ではなくイントロの「威風堂々」でテープが揺れ、最後の「Woman from Toyko」のリフでキュル音が発生して半音ほどピッチがズレていたのです。「Krw_co」はマスターの真実を正確に残していましたが、本作ではそうしたパートも綺麗に補正。ついで(?)にわずかに欠けていた「Power」冒頭リフの頭部分も他パートから継ぎ足して完全体にしました。それぞれ小さな補正ではありますが、それによってフルショウを何の引っかかりもなくシームレスに味わえる。逆に言えば、この程度の補正で完璧になるほど、元録音も優れていたわけです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるショウは、貴重曲「Jealous Lover」も眩しいレア・ショウ。“STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES TOUR”と言えば『LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES』が基準になりますので、それと比較しつつセットを整理してみましょう。

・All Night Long
・LIVE BETWEEN THE EYESで聴けない曲:Since You Been Gone
・Spotlight Kid/Can’t Happen Here/Difficult To Cure
・LIVE BETWEEN THE EYESで聴けない曲:I Surrender
●Straight Between the Eyes(4曲)
・MISS Mistreated/Tearin’ Out My Heart/Stone Cold/Power
・Blues/Smoke On The Water
・LIVE BETWEEN THE EYESで聴けない曲:Jealous Lover

メドレー的に触りだけの曲もあるので必ずしも完奏とは限りませんが、このようになっています。“STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES TOUR”の基本に忠実ながら、伝統の公式映像でも聴けなかった「Since You Been Gone」「I Surrender」も美味しい。そして何より「Jealous Lover」。普段ならドラム・ソロに続けて「Long Live Rock’n’Roll」へ雪崩れ込むところですが、この日は「Jealous Lover」を演奏するのです。正確に何公演演奏されたかは分かりませんが、音源では5公演ほどしか記録にない激レア・ナンバーであり、しかも有名なニューヨーク録音よりも長く2コーラス演奏している。さらに言えば、「Smoke On The Water」でもイントロにリッチーが「No Release」もレアですし、アンコール・ラストの「Woman from Toyko」のイントロを弾き始めたところで会場の時間制限が来てしまい、ジョーが観客に謝っているシーンも珍しい。それらすべてを極上のサウンドで楽しめるのです。
37年という長大な時間を超えたマスター発掘だけでも素晴らしいのに、期待以上のサウンドと貴重な「Jealous Lover」まで味わえる衝撃の1枚。どうぞ永久保存プレスCDでいつでも、いつまでもご堪能ください。


1. Land Of Hope And Glory
2. Over The Rainbow
3. Spotlight Kid
4. Miss Mistreated
5. I Surrender
6. Can’t Happen Here
7. Tearing Out My Heart
8. Blues
9. All Night Long
10. Keyboard Intro (incl. Child In Time)
11. Stone Cold
12. Power
13. Difficult To Cure
14. Keyboard Solo
15. Difficult To Cure
16. Drum Solo
17. Jealous Lover ★★必聴!!
18. Since You’ve Been Gone
19. Smoke On The Water
20. Woman from Toyko
21. Joe Lynn Turner Announcement
★アンコール・ラストの「Woman from Toyko」のイントロを弾き始めたところで会場の時間制限が来てしまい、ジョーが観客に謝っているシーンも珍しい。。。

Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
Joe Lynn Turner – lead vocals
Roger Glover – bass, backing vocals
Bobby Rondinelli – drums
David Rosenthal – keyboards, backing vocals

Black Box 029



Rainbow / Live Between The Eyes Alternate Camera Angle Edition / 1DVDR / Non Label

Live at Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas, USA 18th August 1982 PRO-SHOT(HIGHEST QUALITY EVER)

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The main press CD is the best live album that will become the new standard of “STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES TOUR”. For that bonus, we have prepared the highest quality and other angle version of the traditional official video “LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES”.
This work is of course a multi-camera pro-shot of “San Antonio performance on August 18, 1982” familiar to fans. This video has already been officially made into a DVD, but the content of the official DVD was actually quite subtle. Although it is formalized, it is based on the video master, and the image has wave-shaped noise, which is not the best sound. Still, the question of “Is it really official?” Was the result of crossing my mind.
So what is the “best”? It is a Japanese disc that was officially released in the 90s and was discontinued long ago. Not only is the standard resolution higher than video, it is also resistant to uneven playback and aging, and the sound is of the highest quality. Best of all, it ’s a complete “separate thing” that has been edited at a different angle from the video. At that time, it wasn’t particularly popular, but among collectors who knew both of them, it was well-established that “laser discs have better image quality” and “shots are powerful”. This work is an elaborate digital version of the mint quality version of such a Japanese disc. In fact, the quality of this work is unquestionably the highest ever and the highest ever. Compared to the official DVD, the picture quality is clearly superior (and much better), and the sound recorded with linear PCM without compression is also a very nice official sound. The popular DVD that has become very popular as a press DVD will also be introduced on the Gift DVDR.
Talking about the greatness of “LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES” drawn in that quality! It’s already an eye-burning and ear-octopus video, but it’s totally fresh when drawn with video beauty that I have never seen. After all, if you say the taste of this video, it’s “Energetic Richie”. There are a series of actions that are camera-conscious, and the intensity is something you can’t taste in any other video. Even though the home video was at its peak, the richness of the former California jam that ignored the camera and destroyed it would change … Of course, Joe Lynn Turner, Bobby Rondinelli and David Rosenthal’s “American Trio” are youthful and gorgeous, and “Spotlight Kid” stares at the audience seats and shakes the big head. Drum solos can be tasted with the highest quality ever.
Also, it is only in 1982 that DEEP PURPLE, which has been sealed for a long time, is scattered. In addition to “Lazy” and “Woman From Tokyo” played in the “All Night Long” intro, “Child In Time” is a keyboard solo prior to “Stone Cold”. Of course, the audience will be delighted with such a phrase, but when they see the reaction, they think “It’s impossible to aim to re-form DEEP PURPLE …”. This “Stone Cold” and “Power” were also recorded in “FINYL VINYL”, but this work is a sound that surpasses the official board. Enjoy sharpness and thickness with different quality.
And the biggest climax is the guitar crash! Not only the show’s biggest show, but also the biggest point of this work. The camera angle is very different from the official DVD. Although it is different due to fine cuts, the first is the close angle of Richie. It is a powerful shot that allows you to witness the frenzy performance right below the stage and close to Richie. *

In retrospect, there may be no “RAINBOW” to see and enjoy as much as 1982. A rainbow that changed its music to invade the United States, welcomed Americans as members, and showed up. We have reported on countless live albums in our store, but the true value must still be seen. This is the highest peak ever. It is one of the “tops” that exceeds even the official products. The ultimate footage of RAINBOW, which is no longer a cultural heritage. As a bonus to celebrate the birth of the new masterpiece press CD, there is no more one. Please enjoy plenty together.

本編プレスCDは、“STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES TOUR”の新定番となる極上ライヴアルバムです。そのボーナスには、伝統のオフィシャル映像『LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES』の史上最高峰クオリティ&別アングル・バージョンをご用意しました。
そのクオリティで描かれる『LIVE BETWEEN THE EYES』の素晴らしさと言ったら! すでに目に焼き付き、耳タコな映像ではありますが、見たことのない映像美で描かれるとまったく新鮮。何と言っても、この映像の旨みと言ったら“元気なリッチー”。カメラを意識したようなアクションの連発しており、その激しさは他のどの映像でも味わえないもの。いかにホームビデオ隆盛期とは言え、かつてのカリフォルニア・ジャムでカメラを無視し、破壊したリッチーがこうも変わるとは……。もちろん、ジョー・リン・ターナー、ボビー・ロンディネリ、ディヴィッド・ローゼンタールの“米国人トリオ”も若々しく煌びやかですし、「Spotlight Kid」で客席を睨みつける「デカ目」も、デカい頭を振り乱して叩きまくるドラムソロも史上最高峰クオリティで味わえるのです。
また、長らく封印されていたDEEP PURPLE(の断片)が散りばめられているのも1982年ならでは。「All Night Long」のイントロで演奏される「Lazy」や「Woman From Tokyo」ほか、「Stone Cold」に先立つキーボードソロの「Child In Time」。もちろん、そうしたフレーズに観客も大喜びとなるわけですが、その反応を見ていると「DEEP PURPLE再結成をめざすのも無理ないな……」と思ってしまう。この「Stone Cold」や「Power」は『FINYL VINYL』にも収録されましたが、本作はその公式盤を凌駕するサウンド。切れ味も厚みも段違いのクオリティで楽しめます。
そして最大のクライマックスは何と言ってもギター・クラッシュ! ショウ最大の見せ場と言うだけでなく、本作最大のポイントでもある。公式DVDとは大きく違うカメラ・アングルなのです。細かいカット割りからして違うのですが、一番はリッチーの間近アングル。ステージ直下、リッチーのすぐ近くから狂乱のパフォーマンスを目撃できるド迫力ショットなのです。


1. Introduction / Over The Rainbow 2. Spotlight Kid 3. Miss Mistreated 4. Can’t Happen Here
5. Tearin’ Out My Heart 6. Lazy / Woman From Tokyo 7. All Night Long
8. Keyboards Solo / Stone Cold 9. Power 10. Blues 11. Difficult To Cure 12. Guitar Solo
13. Drum Solo 14. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 15. Kill The King / Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (reprise)
16. Maybe Next Time 17. Smoke On The Water

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocals Roger Glover – Bass
David Rosenthal – Keyboards Bob Rondinelli – Drums


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