YES / Detroit Awaken / 2CDR

YES / Detroit Awaken / 2CDR / Sirene

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Live At Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan, USA 23rd August 1977


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Since 1977, stunned fans around the world to return Rick Wakeman “ultimate” US tour due to the album, it is the emergence of ultra-high-quality sound source. August 23, Detroit is full inclusion in the best audience recording the Cobo Hall performances. Sound quality is also punch of sound in a very clear enough, is a high-quality sound source of surprise is worthy of the original, if press CD. Whether the PA was considerably good, nice drum sound is very, has been very successful to record a dramatic sound. Than in the past, once again to were less good sound source “ultimate” tour sound source, is a new classic sound source ranks. In addition, the same venue performances of August 17, at the time of 1976 solo tour as a bonus disc of only glad the first delivery, which is also recording over in about an hour or more of the highest quality story. This is not to say, but at the time of participation Patrick Moraz, If you’re recording with great sound quality so far, I think the switch would like to listen to all that, is a super excellent sound source. I will be surprised again to arrange the Roundabout of this time unique of unusual intro. It not is about a great set of an exaggeration to say that all of Jesus fan must listen.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.82 (May 2007 issue). In case you’re wondering.

Than “ultimate” tour of Jesus, August 23, 1977 Detroit recorded Cobo Hall performances. Sound source of this day is the first appearance. Although there is a audience recording, kick of sound and the base of the drum has come out firmly, it’s worth noting that even that can feel to a pressure that is output from the PA. In addition, while a large venue, because there is little around write of sound, is nice to be able to receive the sound pressure from right in front. In any case, it seems to be pretty good quality as this time of the sound source. And return is Rick Wakeman has attracted a great deal of attention by saying his first tour, his use keyboard set you are is different significantly from previous ones, become colorful come sound strange that out cage, is a fairly fresh in the sense that so. It pronounced in such as in particular the effect of the Porishinse of the pipe organ specific sounds in aggressive playing and “frontier of enlightenment” in the second half of the organ solo of “crisis”. To silence the sound of the “century of the turning point,” the atmosphere has come out well, delicate guitar play of Steve Howe also take listen well.

It is to be noted that this board is, recorded et al live in about a year ago in the same place “SOLO NIGHT” is included as a bonus disc. If here and there is a sense of realism. This time is a time of enrolled Patrick Moraz, such as his solo corner, there is no mistake in it is also a valuable source nostalgic. Because especially solo part was the motif of his solo work the “i” listen with outstanding sound quality fan is a must listen. Why, masterpiece sound source of enough strange whether the sound source of this day is not on the market independently.


★beatleg誌 vol.82(2007年5月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。


なお、本盤には、同場所で約一年前に録音されらライヴ「SOLO NIGHT」がボーナスディスクとして付属する。こちらの方が臨場感がある。この頃はパトリック・モラーツ在籍時であり、彼のソロコーナーなど、懐かしくも貴重な音源であることに間違いはない。特に彼のソロ作品「i」をモチーフとしたソロパートは抜群の音質で聴けるのでファンは必聴である。何故、この日の音源が独立して発売されないのか不思議な程の傑作音源。

Disc 1
1. Firebird Suite 2. Parallels 3. I’ve Seen All Good People 4. Close To The Edge
5. Wonderous Stories 6. Colours Of The Rainbow7. Turn Of The Century 8. And You And I
9. Going For The One

Disc 2
1. Flight Jam 2. Awaken 3. Starship Trooper 4. Roundabout

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass
Rick Wakeman – Keyboards Alan White – Drums

Live at Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan, USA 17th August 1976 (AMAZING SOUND)

1. I’ve Seen All Good People 2. Long Distance Runaround 3. Moraz Solo 4. The Clap
5. Harp Solo 6. Heart Of The Sunrise 7. Roundabout

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass
Patrick Moraz – Keyboards Alan White – Drums

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