Aerosmith / Rocks Quadraphonic DVD – Audio Edition / 1DVDR Audio

Aerosmith / Rocks Quadraphonic DVD – Audio Edition / 1DVDR Audio / PCQ

Translated Text:
PPCM (96kHZ/24BIT) 4.0 SURROUND + DOLBY DIGITAL (48kHZ/16BIT) 4.0 SURROUND. Soundboard


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Following the Quadra phonic DVD-AUDIO second album “GET YOUR WINGS”, their lords board “ROCKS” in his fourth and also appeared in the DVD-AUDIO of Quadra phonic 4 channel surround included!

Here also use a good valuable Quad phonic LP and this also valuable dedicated equipment of the state in the same way, and Kon’vu~ato to digital extracts the four channels.

PPCM 96kHZ / 24BIT, recorded in four channels of high-resolution formats and Dolby Digital 4 channel (here playable in DVD player of DVD-AUDIO playback disabled).
The speaker is different from that of the original even four without, you can also enjoy in this Quadra follower mix the two-channel stereo for Nick.

The Quadra phonic mix of “ROCKS” has different mix than other album, The item can be said that the fan absolutely must listen because it can make a difference noticeable even in stereo mix!


セカンド・アルバム「GET YOUR WINGS」のクアドラフォニックDVD-AUDIOに続き、4作目で彼らの大名盤「ROCKS」もクアドラフォニック4チャネル・サラウンド収録のDVD-AUDIOで登場!


PPCM 96kHZ/24BIT、4チャンネルのハイレゾ・フォーマットとドルビー・デジタル4チャンネル(こちらはDVD-AUDIO再生不可のDVDプレイヤーでも再生可)で収録。

1.Back in the Saddle
2. Last Child
3. Rats in the Cellar
4. Combination
5. Sick as a Dog
6. Nobody’s Fault
7. Get the Lead Out
8. Lick and a Promise
9. Home Tonight


PCQ 34165DVD-A

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