Traffic / Stockholm 1967 Pre Fm Master / 1CDR

Traffic / Stockholm 1967 Pre Fm Master / 1CDR / Uxbridge

Live At Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 12th September 1967. Stereo Soundboard

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TRAFFIC, a legendary band that left a huge footprint in the 60’s UK rock dawn. A miracle top stereo soundboard album that introduces its extreme early appearance.
It is recorded in such a work “Stockholm performance on September 12, 1967”. At that time, TRAFFIC released two singles “Paper Sun (released May 1967)” and “Hole in My Shoe (released in August)”, but the debut album “MR. FANTASY” is still being recorded It has not been completed. It was exactly the dawn. Of course, the site of the activities in those days was almost in the UK, but the overseas performances performed exceptionally were Sweden (it is said that only 2 shows were). This work is that precious record.
And this show is also a classic. Numerous preexisting groups were born from air check by FM broadcasting. As long as you can listen to the extreme early days of the legendary band, it has been loved by fans over the years as a famous board of British rock. This work is the highest peak of its legendary FM broadcasting sound source. Unlike many air checks, it was digitized directly from the reel master of the local radio station. It is a decision board that transmits the sounds themselves that were ringing at the time of the stage without passing through the space radio waves to the present age.
Actually, the sound of this work is overwhelming. Due to the nature of the broadcast, the spread is not felt so much, but there is no doubt that it is a stereo recording because Jim Cavaldi ‘s bass drum can be heard from the left channel. More than that, the freshness is just too wonderful. Since it is Master Direct, there is no dubbing trace naturally, and since it is not through radio waves it is absolutely noisless glossiness and stability feeling. That is the reason why you say you can archive as an official CD … as it is, it is a superb sound that you want to do.
It is only because the performance itself is too wonderful. That member of course “MR. FANTASY” that four people. In addition to the released “Paper Sun” “Hole In My Shoe”, the set was “Smiling Phases” which was single B side. Three songs “Giving To You”, “Colored Rain” and “Dear Mr. Fantasy” are also being played from the debut work which was being produced. And, among such original songs, highlights become the cover song “Feelin ‘Good” of the musical “THE ROAR OF THE GREASEPAINT: THE SMELL OF THE CROWD”. Fillmore ‘s live take was also recorded on the 3rd album “LAST EXIT”, but it has already become a repertoire at this time, and it will let you listen to the entertainment for about 10 minutes.
And that performance was the essence of the initial TRAFFIC. Despite being a psychedelic, there are plenty of jazzy flavors, and Improvisation is rich. The music elements sucked in by Steve Winwood and Dave Mason are mixed neatly, and Chris Wood pours Avant – garde saxophone and beautiful flute there. In “Smiling Phases”, sitar with Mason appeared, and it draws a sound world that nobody except TRAFFIC can do.
This versatile and supple rock. This was 1967. It is the sound of the era when “DISRAELI GEARS” and “AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE” were not born yet while spirit core was running on the appearance of Jimihen and CREAM. Although it is a super-best live album of the early period TRAFFIC, it is also the breath itself of Britain that started running toward the 70s of the 100 flower rushes at the same time. It is one of the world cultural heritage classes which made it the highest peak version of such a legendary sound board, why the Official has not left. Please enjoy yourself to your heart ‘s content.

そんな本作に記録されているのは「1967年9月12日ストックホルム公演」。当時のTRAFFICは、2枚のシングル『Paper Sun(1967年5月発売)』『Hole in My Shoe(同8月発売)』こそリリースしていたものの、デビューアルバム『MR. FANTASY』はまだレコーディング中で完成していない。まさに黎明期でした。もちろん、当時の活動の場はほぼほぼイギリス国内だったのですが、例外的に行われた海外公演がスウェーデン(2公演だけだったとも言われています)。本作は、その貴重すぎる記録なのです。
その想いが殊更に募るのも、演奏そのものが素晴らしすぎるからこそ。メンバーはもちろん『MR. FANTASY』のあの4人。セットはリリース済みの「Paper Sun」「Hole In My Shoe」に加え、シングルB面だった「Smiling Phases」。さらに制作中だったデビュー作からも「Giving To You」「Coloured Rain」「Dear Mr. Fantasy」の3曲が演奏されている。そして、そんなオリジナル曲の中にあってハイライトになるのは、ミュージカル“THE ROAR OF THE GREASEPAINT: THE SMELL OF THE CROWD”のカバー曲「Feelin’ Good」。3rdアルバム『LAST EXIT』にもフィルモアのライヴテイクが収録されましたが、この時点で既にレパートリーになっており、約10分に渡る熱演を聴かせてくれるのです。
そして、その演奏ぶりは初期TRAFFICの真髄。サイケデリックでありながらジャズ風味もたっぷりとまぶし、インプロヴィゼーションはどこまでも豊か。スティーヴ・ウィンウッドとデイヴ・メイスンが吸い込んできた音楽要素が見事にミックスされ、そこにクリス・ウッドがアヴァンギャルドなサックスや美しいフルートを流し込む。「Smiling Phases」ではメイスンによるシタールまで登場し、TRAFFIC以外の何者も成し得ない音世界を描くのです。
 この多彩にしてしなやかなロック。これこそ、1967年。ジミヘンやCREAMの登場に元気芯が走りつつ、まだ『DISRAELI GEARS』も『AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE』も生まれていなかった時代の音なのです。黎明期TRAFFICの超極上ライヴアルバムではありますが、同時に百花繚乱の70年代に向けて走り出した英国の息吹そのものでもある。そんな伝説サウンドボードの最高峰版にして、なぜかオフィシャルが残してくれていない世界文化遺産級の1枚。どうぞ、心ゆくまでじっくりとお楽しみください。
1. Intro. 2. Giving To You 3. Smiling Phases 4. Coloured Rain 5. Band Introduction
6. Hole In My Shoe 7. Feelin’ Good 8. Paper Sun 9. Dear Mr. Fantasy 10. Outro.
Steve Winwood – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Jim Capaldi – drums
Chris Wood – flute, saxophone
Dave Mason – guitar, sitar

Uxbridge 969

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