Jeff Beck / Blow By Blow US Quadraphonic / 1CDR

Jeff Beck / Blow By Blow US Quadraphonic / 1CDR / Non Label

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Taken From US Quadraphonic LP PEQ 33409.


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Reprinted directly from US EPIC Quadraphonic LP board of the name board Blow By Blow of release , 1975 JEFF BECK. Classic items that are on CD as a collector’s item in the past , such as multi- channel design board seems to have come out once on the basis of the 4ch mix even in the official , but ( the state of hard-to-find already ) , and again this time clothing is also emerging digitized from analog board , as a gift title . Mastering that respects the original sound of analog board Upon on CD , but does not comp treatment, appropriately performed in the range of the minimum required noise reduction , achieve the best sound with almost no noise scratch . In order to hear the mix are different songs of course is a regular board LP, this Quadraphonic LP board has become very interesting . It is a thing to be able to enjoy fresh as a ” mix of different name record ” so ginger LP to be played along with dedicated equipment originally , even if you played on a record player normally . In addition , in the context of the present album , guitar take that you do not hear a regular board also because it is able to see the music of some further , it’s try to confirm the difference on this occasion also it would be interesting .

JEFF BECK、1975年リリースの名盤Blow By BlowのUS EPIC Quadraphonic LP盤よりダイレクトに復刻。過去にもコレクターズアイテムとしてCD化されている定番アイテムで、オフィシャルにおいてもその4chミックスをもとにマルチ・チャンネル仕様盤などがかつて出ていたようですが(すでに入手困難の様子)、今回は改めてアナログ盤よりデジタル化、ギフトタイトルとして装いも新たに登場です。CD化に際してはアナログ盤の原音を尊重したマスタリングで、コンプ処理は行いませんが、ノイズリダクションは必要最小限の範囲で適宜行い、スクラッチノイズの殆どない極上なサウンドを実現。このQuadraphonic LP盤はレギュラー盤LPとは勿論ミックスが全曲違って聞こえるため、非常に面白いものとなっています。本来専用の機器を伴って再生すべきLPなのでしょうが、普通にレコードプレイヤーで再生していても「名盤のミックス違い」として新鮮に楽しめるものです。また、本アルバムに関しては、さらに一部の楽曲ではレギュラー盤では聞けないギターテイクも確認できるようですので、この機会にその違いを確認してみるのも面白いでしょう。

1. You Know What I Mean 2. She’s A Woman 3. Constipated Duck 4. AIR Blower 5. Scatterbrain
6. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers 7. Thelonious 8. Freeway Jam 9. Diamond Dust

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