Paul McCartney & Wings / Fly South Soundboard Highlights Alternate Mono Mix / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Paul McCartney & Wings / Fly South Soundboard Highlights Alternate Mono Mix / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Non Label
Live at Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia 13th November 1975 Plus Bonus DVDR Fly South Japanese TV Broadcast Version.  SBD


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This is a radio broadcast of the Wings of Melbourne concert in 1975, which I mentioned in the video version, but this will be released simultaneously as a limited press CD. Australian broadcasters were recording on both television and radio (both in mono audio), not to miss the wings of the popular climax. The material broadcasted from there later traveled to Japan via the pole side, and realized the apology broadcast of the performance to Japan. Moreover, for radio broadcasts, the bootlegs were made separately in Japan and overseas because the sound quality is very good. The LP made overseas was named “FLY SOUTH” bearing the same title this time, and the Japanese-made product was “ROCK SHOW‘ 75 “by MARC label. However, in terms of sound quality, the fact that Japan was a smash hit made us feel proud.
It is this radio sound source broadcasted in Australia under the title of “PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS: IN CONCERT” at the time of ’75, but it is not “HIGHLIGHTS DOWNUNDER” released by ORANGE when it comes to the item that reminds me of it Is not it. The masterpiece which told Melbourne for 75 years with the highest sound quality by CD. However, it was inconvenient to say that two encore songs were recorded at the end of the live sound source compilation “BIG MAC’S LIVE TRACK” because the broadcast was not long enough to fit on a single disc.

This time I got a master with better sound quality than “HIGHLIGHTS DOWNUNDER”, and recently recorded the radio sound source of Melbourne ’75, which was apt to be pushed by the image, in the best condition. First of all, the sound quality itself is more natural and better, and it makes me sure that it is the upper version clearly. But that’s not all. It is the best version that has been wiped out of some of the unstable elements that were occurring in “HIGHLIGHTS ~”. The same title had a glitzy dropout on the right channel in front of “Maybe I’m Amazing”, but it’s a master with a sense of stability that doesn’t cause any problems at all. However, the second half of the live will not be included in other items, it will be released in the best state without complaints upper version that can be heard without stress in any way.
The sound of the video that was completely open and the sound quality of the directly connected sound board is also powerful, but the high-quality, well-organized sound of the radio sound source is still exceptional. While the finish is very smart throughout, the attraction of the large presence of Paul’s base. Especially from the end of the live, the buoys are ringing. In addition, echo has been added to the vocals in some songs, and although it is monaural, it is a perfect finish as a live album of Wings in 1975.

It will be that “Little Woman Love / C Moon” and “Junior’s Farm”, which were the highlights of the 75-year tour, have been omitted from the broadcast. Nevertheless, it is a very enjoyable thing to hear as it sounds different from the sound of the video. On the contrary, since the audio was also covered at the time of the television broadcast unlike the outflow version of the video, it was possible to know how good the sound source was, and at the same time, the wise measures like a broadcast station were applied. It would have been difficult to play the sound board sound directly connected to the public broadcast video.
In fact, the quality of the radio source is really great. It boasts so much clearness, so it has no problem to enjoy as a virtual live album of 75 years Wings. If it is this excellent sound quality, I will assert that it is the best live recording that can be enjoyed thoroughly even if it is not a mania. Then, just from the sound, it will be clearly transmitted the performance of the Australia-like atmosphere that is completely different from the 76-year tour. In addition, the appearance of the member who is enjoying it becomes clear again. Please enjoy high-definition video version with high degree of perfection as live video, and the best clearest sound source of this, Wings of 75 years by set by all means!

映像版の方で触れたウイングス1975年メルボルン公演のラジオ放送ですが、こちらに関しても限定プレスCDの音盤として今回は同時にリリースします。オーストラリアの放送局は人気の絶頂にあったウイングスを逃すまいと、テレビとラジオの両方から収録(どちらもモノラル音声)していました。そこから放送された素材が後にポール側を経由して日本に渡り、来日公演のお詫び放送を実現させています。しかもラジオ放送に関しては音質が非常に良いことから海外と日本でそれぞれにブートレグまで作られました。海外製LPは今回の同じタイトルを冠した「FLY SOUTH」、日本製はMARCレーベルによる「ROCK SHOW ‘75」でした。しかし音質面に関しては日本製が圧勝だったことは、我々からすると誇らしい気がします。
75年当時は「PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS : IN CONCERT」と題してオーストラリアで放送されたこのラジオ音源ですが、それを身近に思い出させてくれるアイテムと言えば、ORANGEがリリースした「HIGHLIGHTS DOWNUNDER」ではないでしょうか。CDで75年メルボルンを最高音質で聞かせてくれた名盤。とはいっても放送がディスク一枚に収まる長さでなかったことから、アンコール2曲が「BIG MAC’S LIVE TRACK」というライブ音源コンピレーションの最後に収録されたのは正直言って不便でしたが。

今回は何と「HIGHLIGHTS DOWNUNDER」よりもさらに音質の良いマスターを入手、最近は映像に押され気味だった75年メルボルンのラジオ音源を最高の状態で収録。まず音質自体がより自然でしかも抜けが良く、はっきりアッパー版であることを確信させてくれます。しかしそれだけではありません。「HIGHLIGHTS~」で生じていたいくつかの不安定要素も一切払拭されたベスト・バージョンなのです。同タイトルは「Maybe I’m Amazed」の前で右チャンネルに派手なドロップアウトが生じていましたが、そうした問題がまったく起きない安定感抜群のマスター。それでいてライブ後半が他のアイテムに収録されるようなこともなく、あらゆる意味でストレスなく聞き込める最高の状態な文句なしのアッパー版でのリリースとなります。

惜しむらくは75年ツアーの目玉だった「Little Woman Love / C Moon」と「Junior’s Farm」が放送からは省かれてしまったことでしょう。それでもなお、映像の音声とはまるで違う音の仕上がり具合は聞いていて非常に楽しめるもの。逆に映像も流出版と違ってテレビ放送時にもラジオ音声が被せられていたのだから、いかに優れた音源であるかが分かると同時に、いかにも放送局らしい賢明な措置が施されていたのですね。公共の放送ビデオにあった卓直結サウンドボード音声を流すのは厳しかったのでしょう。


Disc 1 (45:40)
1. Venus And Mars / Rock Show 2. Jet 3. Let Me Roll It 4. Maybe I’m Amazed
5. Live And Let Die 6. Bluebird 7. I’ve Just Seen A Face 8. Blackbird
9. Waltzing Matilda / Yesterday 10. You Gave Me The Answer 11. Magneto And Titanium Man 12. Go Now

Disc 2 (36:56)
1. Call Me Back Again 2. My Love 3. Listen To What The Man Said 4. Letting Go 5. Medicine Jar
6. Band On The Run 7. Hi, Hi, Hi 8. Soily


Paul McCartney & Wings / Fly South Japanese TV Broadcast Version /1Single DVDR / Non label
Live at Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia 13th November 1975 & Broadcast on 30th November 1975 in Japan

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This is Wings of Melbourne in 1975, when the upper version video is released, but in a sense the Japanese broadcast version can also be called an officially released video. It has been around since the age of video, but this gift is a valuable version of the entire program that includes the video. It is the main program to broadcast the apology message of Melbourne and performance cancellation provided by Paul side after receiving the cancellation of Wings’s performance in Japan, but the time background of 1975, which has not been so long since the Beatles dissolution. There is also a special program that includes the Beatles video (everything from the movie).
The Japanese broadcast version of Melbourne, which had been on the market so far, seems to have probably taken out only the video of the same performance from this video, and it was dropped into a rough image quality due to the generational drop at the time of trade distribution. The image quality is also very clear from the fact that this is a program of Omoto, which has spread widely in recent years, yet it is also possible to enjoy the image quality even to the whole program other than Melbourne.

In this Japanese broadcast version, the radio sound source of “FLY SOUTH SOUDBOARD HIGHLIGHTS” released this time is dubbed for broadcasting, and it is finished so that it can be viewed without discomfort even if it flows on a general household television in 1975. However, since the original direct-video sound board sound board was originally from the original, even the radio sound source had a low level of presence, the cheering was covered uniquely in Japan at the moment when “Rock Show” was started, etc. It was directed that.
The Japanese translation of the lyrics that appear in the same song is the best example, but it is a smile that it seems that a fairly translated Japanese is projected. “Jimme Paige and the guy who did it” Introductory words, the original lyrics “Rainbow”, which was the venue name for the concert hall in London, is confused here with the band name of Richie Blackmore, who just released his debut album It is done.
The angle also differs everywhere compared to the full-length version, but the biggest difference is that the shots of the audience are included everywhere. The best example is “Listen To What The Man Said”, and the figure of the spectators who appear in the front row seen here is an angle that does not appear at all in the full length version. And also for the apology message, the “Bluebird” short version played after that does not appear here.

Other than the images of such Melbourne, the highlight is abundant. While the status of non-Paul members is reported, critics of the nostalgic critic who keep calling the title of the best album “SHAVED FISH” which was John’s new album at that time “Katsuo”. Alternatively, the appearances of the start-up rally and demonstrations that were held in response to the cancellation of Wings’s visit to Japan will be shown, but it will be remembered that it was not just a gathering of fans, such as the appearance of even a record company’s producer. Also, although the fans who are interviewed say that they will not give up, it is unfortunate that Paul actually came to Japan 15 years from now.
And what a timing, in the CM that flows between the shows, the youthful appearance of the Japanese singer and actor who died the other day is projected with a great actor who has unexpectedly died several years later from this video. In this way, it is a must-see bonus disc containing a very valuable image that you can taste not only Wings and Beatles but also the Showa feeling that would have been projected on a 1975 CRT.


この日本放送版では今回リリースされる「FLY SOUTH SOUDBOARD HIGHLIGHTS」のラジオ音源が放送に向けてアフレコされており、1975年の一般家庭テレビで流れても違和感なく鑑賞できるよう仕上げられています。とはいえ元のビデオ映像の卓直結サウンドボードは元より、そのラジオ音源ですら臨場感のレベルが低めであったことから「Rock Show」が始まった瞬間などでは日本で独自に歓声が被せられるという演出が施されていました。
また全長版と比べてアングルも随所で違うのですが、一番の大きな違いは客席のショットが随所で盛り込まれているということ。その最たる例が「Listen To What The Man Said」で、ここで見られる最前列でノリまくる観客の姿は全長版でまったく登場しないアングル。そしてお詫びのメッセージに関しても、その後に演奏された「Bluebird」ショートバージョンがここでは登場しません。

そんなメルボルンの映像以外でも見どころは盛りだくさん。ポール以外のメンバーの近況が報じられる中、当時ジョンの新譜だったベストアルバム「SHAVED FISH」のタイトルを「かつお節」と呼び続ける懐かしの評論家。あるいはウイングスの来日中止を受けて行われた決起集会とデモの模様が映し出されますが、そこではレコード会社のプロデューサーまで登場するなど、単なるファンの集いではなかったことが伺われます。それにインタビューを受けるファンが意気揚々「諦めない」と語っていますが、実際にポールの来日が叶うのはこれから15年後だったということを考えると切ないものがあります。

1. Opening 2. TV Advert 3. Studio Talk #1 4. Venus And Mars / Rock Show 5. Jet
6. TV Advert 7. Studio Talk #2 8. You’re Going To Lose That Girl 9. Ticket To Ride
10. Studio Talk #3 11. Let Me Roll It 12. Maybe I’m Amazed 13. TV Advert
14. Studio Talk #4 15. I’ve Just Seen A Face 16. Blackbird 17. Waltzing Matilda / Yesterday
18. TV Advert 19. Studio Talk #5 20. Listen To What The Man Said 21. Call Me Back Again
22. Letting Go 23. TV Advert 24. Band On The Run 25. Hi, Hi, Hi
26. Yesterday 27. Ending


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