Queen / Providence 1978 / 2CDR

Queen / Providence 1978 / 2CDR / Uxbridge

Translated Text:
Live at Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI. USA 14th November 1978

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A wonder live album is new discovery from “JAZZ TOUR 1978 – 1979”. This work includes “November 14, 1978: Providence Performance”. Although it was only existent in the trade world between Coremania when saying the record of this day, it was not known in general in general. However, recently the recording person himself released a new recording. Moreover, it is making noise of the mania all over the world turbulent with high quality sound. This work is a masterpiece whose master was finished as a live album.
Although the biggest point of such work is in the sound with high sound quality as well, first of all it is the position of the show. Let’s check in the overview of the world tour.

· October 28 – November 14: North America # 1 (12 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
“November 14 Release of” Jazz “(Japan / North America)”
· November 16 – December 20: North America # 2 (23 performances)
· January 17 – March 1: Europe (29 shows)
· April 13 – May 6: Japan (15 shows)
“June 22” LIVE KILLERS “released”
· August 18: West Germany (1 performance)

This is the whole of “JAZZ TOUR”. It divides the North American leg into “# 1” “# 2”, but this is for convenience to put the release date of “JAZZ” in between. Yes, the Providence performance of this work is a concert on the day that “Jazz” was released in North America.
This work which included such an early tour, clear sound which wakes up to beauty anyhow. There is no difference in audience recording that inhaled the real enthusiasm of the site, but its clearness is FM broadcasting. Although it is different from the close contact feeling like line recording, it does not mean there is a sense of distance. If you listen carefully well, although you can feel the venue acoustics slightly, even it is clearly transparent, the performance and singing voice that reaches straight are extremely vivid. It is no wonder that maniacs in the world are becoming turbulent and it is the world of beautiful sound.
This work mastered such new excavation master precisely. As a matter of fact, the master who appeared on the net had a slightly mad pitch and there was (slightly) difficulty in balance. Therefore, in this work, the balance is adjusted after correcting the pitch. Of course, I have not done such an intrusive maneuver as to destroy the original ringing of the original sound, but the bass which I heard as a waste feeling was also balanced on the street which would have been heard at the scene, and the omission of treble was also arranged. As a result, “JAZZ TOUR” realized one of the most beautiful albums.
The show drawn with that sound is also wonderful. You can also listen to “Somebody To Love”, “If You Can not Beat Them”, “It’s Late”, “Fat Bottomed Girls” cut by “LIVE KILLERS”, and the introduction of “Bohemian Rhapsody” is not “Mustapha” but “The March Of The Black Queen “seems to be initial. However, performance is more than that. Two days after this Providence performance, Madison Square Garden performance known as a masterpiece will be held, but this work is a good performance that can be said to be its run-up. Particularly wonderful is the new songs of “JAZZ”. In any case, the audience does not know the new song just on the day of the new release, and the members are also conscious of it seriously. The strength of trying to bring out the taste of songs to the maximum, is to say that they are going to buy and return home tonight.
Fresh QUEEN with a beautiful sound. As a matter of fact, permanent storage press CD conversion was also considered due to too wonderful sound. However, if you thoroughly review the full story, there was a (very slightly) cut in between songs. Perhaps it was probably that the recording person cut it to make it easy to hear, but released it … …. Anyway, if there is little possibility that the full version will be released in the future, we can not do it until permanent preservation. For that reason I missed press-forming, but the sound itself is a name recording that qualifies more than enough.
A fascinating new recording that came beyond the time of 39 years since the scene. Even “JAZZ TOUR” one of the best masterpieces, please enjoy it.

“JAZZ TOUR 1978-1979”から驚異のライヴアルバムが新発掘です。本作に収められているのは「1978年11月14日:プロヴィデンス公演」。この日の記録というとコアマニア同士のトレード界に存在こそはしていたものの、一般には知られてきませんでした。しかし、つい最近になって録音者本人が新録音を公開。しかも、それが凄まじいハイクオリティ・サウンドで世界中のマニアを騒然とさせているのです。本作は、そのマスターをライヴアルバムに仕上げた逸品なのです。

《6月22日『LIVE KILLERS』発売》

これが“JAZZ TOUR”の全容。北米レッグを「#1」「#2」に分けていますが、これは『JAZZ』の発売日を挟むための便宜上。そう、本作のプロヴィデンス公演は北米で『JAZZ』が発売された当日のコンサートなのです。
本作は、そんな新発掘マスターを精緻にマスタリングしました。実のところ、ネットに登場したマスターはピッチがやや狂っており、バランスにも(わずかながら)難もありました。そこで、本作ではピッチを正した上でバランスを調整。もちろん、原音の端正な鳴りを崩すような無粋なマネはしておりませんが、やせ気味に聞こえた低音も現場で聞こえたであろう通りのバランスに整え、高音の抜けも整理。その結果、“JAZZ TOUR”でも屈指の美音アルバムを実現したのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウがまた、なんとも素晴らしい。『LIVE KILLERS』ではカットされた「Somebody To Love」や「If You Can’t Beat Them」「It’s Late」「Fat Bottomed Girls」も聴け、「Bohemian Rhapsody」のイントロが「Mustapha」ではなく「The March Of The Black Queen」なのも初期らしい。しかし、それ以上なのがパフォーマンスそのもの。このプロヴィデンス公演の2日後には名演で知られるマジソン・スクエア・ガーデン公演が行われますが、本作はその助走と言ってもいい熱演。特に素晴らしいのは『JAZZ』の新曲群。何しろ、新作発売の当日だけに観客は新曲を知らないわけで、メンバーもそれは重々承知。曲の旨みを最大限に引き出そうとするような力強さは、今夜、買って帰ってくれと言わんばかりなのです。
現場から39年の時を超えてやって来た魅惑の新録音。“JAZZ TOUR”でも屈指の名作、どうぞ存分にお楽しみください。

Disc 1(59:33)
1. We Will Rock You (fast) 2. Let Me Entertain You 3. Somebody To Love
4. If You Can’t Beat Them 5. Death On Two Legs 6. Killer Queen 7. Bicycle Race
8. I’m In Love With My Car 9. Get Down, Make Love 10. You’re My Best Friend
11. Now I’m Here 12. Spread Your Wings 13. Dreamers Ball 14. Love Of My Life 15. ’39,

Disc 2(50:16)
1. It’s Late 2. Brighton Rock 3. Fat Bottomed Girls 4. Keep Yourself Alive
5. The March Of The Black Queen (intro) 6. Bohemian Rhapsody 7. Tie Your Mother Down
8. Sheer Heart Attack 9. We Will Rock You 10. We Are The Champions 11. God Save The Queen

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