Bryan Ferry / Horoscope Sessions / 1 CDR

Bryan Ferry / Horoscope Sessions / 1 CDR / Non Label

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Produced by Bryan Ferry & Robin Trower


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“Horoscope” which was announced to the title as a new work of Brian Ferry since 1990, finally did not reach completion, is a work which can also be said as a ferry version “Smile”, and from the outgoing sound source several times until now “himself As a result of Mr. Yuji Konno ‘s expression as a dinosaur as if it is too big and too immovable “, although it was difficult and gloomy content, although the few songs were later re – recorded in” Mamouna “, the whole picture is still enigmatic It is as it is. It becomes a sound source that can image the most album “Horoscope” at the present stage, whether it is the one which added the returning hand to the initial stage of the original sound source, completely re-recorded or the one which does not go out of the prediction It is. Regarding the recorded songs, Gemini Moon, N.Y.C, The 39 Steps, The Only Face are re-recorded and recorded “Mamouna”. Mother Of Pearl is a cover of Roxy. Blinded By The Life I’m Living, Midnight Train, Your Love Has Died has not been announced so far. As for this sound source, the sound quality has been upgraded several steps, the order of the songs has been changed, and it has been completed as a single work, although the same content as “Horoscope” (now out of stock) that appeared from the WITHDRAWN label. Of course, it is not comparable with the versions with a lot of analog noises scattered all over the place, of course, as well as the previous episode, the big hiss noise so far, “Horoscope” best felt that it can be accommodated in the official board in this case for the first time Edition.

1990年ごろから、ブライアン・フェリーの新作としてタイトルまで告知されながらも、とうとう完成まで至らなかった「Horoscope」は、いわばフェリー版「Smile」とも言える作品で、これまで何回か流出音源から「自ら巨大化し過ぎて動けなくなってしまった恐竜さながら」という故今野雄二氏の表現どおり、難解で陰鬱な内容で、後にその数曲が「Mamouna」に再録されたもののその全貌は未だ謎に包まれたままです。当初の音源の初期段階に戻し手を加えたものか、あるいはまったく新たに録音し直したものか、予測の域を脱しないもののいずれにせよ現段階で最もアルバム「Horoscope」をイメージできる音源となっています。収録曲に関しては、Gemini Moon、N.Y.C、The 39 Steps、The Only Faceは、再録され「Mamouna」収録。Mother Of Pearlはロキシーのカヴァー。Blinded By The Life I’m Living、Midnight Train、Your Love Has Diedは今のところ未発表となっています。この音源は、かつてWITHDRAWNレーベルより登場した「Horoscope」(現在廃盤)と同様の内容ながら音質は数段アップし、曲順は入れ替えられ、より1作品として完成したものになっています。既発は勿論、これまで出回っていた、大きめのヒスノイズや各所で散見されたアナログノイズの多いヴァージョンとは比較にならない、初めて「これなら公式盤にも収容可能」と感じられる「Horoscope」ベスト・エディション。

1. Blinded By The Life I’m Living 2. Gemini Moon 3. Midnight Train 4. Mother Of Pearl
5. N.Y.C 6. The 39 Steps 7. The Only Face 8. Your Love Has Died

Produced by Bryan Ferry & Robin Trower

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