Lynyrd Skynyrd / Teaching An Oakie To Fly / 2CD

Lynyrd Skynyrd / Teaching An Oakie To Fly / 2CD / Sweet Encore

Knebworth Festival England. 21st Aug 1976 + Living room rehearsal July 1976 + Live at the Driftwood Club Michigan 1973. with 2-page detailed track info

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Recorded on August 21st, 1976, on the audience recording of the 21st November 1976 performance released on the Sweet Encore label. On Disc 2, 1976 “Living Room” rehearsal and 1973 Michigan recorded the live performance of “Driftwood Club” with sound board recording. Plaque specifications.

2000年にSweet Encoreレーベルからリリースされた1976年8月21日のネブワース公演をオーディエンス録音で収録。ディスク2には1976年”Living Room” リハーサルと1973年ミシガンは “Driftwood Club”でのライヴをサウンドボード録音で収録。プラケ仕様。

Knebworth Festival, England. 21st Aug 1976

Disc 1
1. Working For MCA
2. I Ain’t The One
3. Saturday Night Special
4. Whiskey Rock-A-Roller
5. Travellin’ Man
6. What’s Your Name?
7. That Smell
8. Gimme Three Steps
9. Call Me The Breeze
10. Blue Yodel (“T” For Texas)
11. Sweet Home Alabama
12. Free Bird

Disc 2
“Living Room” Rehearsals 1976

1. Working For MCA (Working On The Main Riff)
2. Sweet Home Alabama (Introduction)
3. Double Trouble
4. Simple Man
5. Sweet Home Alabama (Solo)
6. Working For MCA (Solo
7. The Needle And The Spoon

Live at the “Driftwood Club”, Michigan, 1973

8. No Money Down
9. Highway
10. The World Is Round
11. Grip Of The Grape
12. Gatta Move
13. Fishcake Breath
14. Come On
15. Listen To Me
16. Poor Brother Bill
17. Food Prints In The Snow
18. Long Tall Sally
19. Hee Bee Gee Bees
20. She’s Got It

Sweet Encore SW-007/8


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