Johnny Winter / Live At Boulder Theater 1991 / 1CDR

Johnny Winter / Live At Boulder Theater 1991 / 1CDR / Gypsy Eye Project
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Live At Boulder Theater, Boulder, Colorado November 18th 1991. Soundboard


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Excavation live tone generator of a million dollar legendary guitarist Johnny Winter who played an active part from the 1960s and died in 2014 appeared newly! November 18, 1991 Contained the performances at Boulder Theater in Colorado together with sound board sound source for radio broadcasting and audience recording sound source. In the radio broadcasting at that time, it started from the ending part of “Gonna Find Myself Baby” and it was broadcasted up to “Rumble” with a stereo sound board sound source, but here, using the audience recording master, Also included is the encore ‘Oki Doki Stomp’ from the opening. It is a remarkable live music that included precious 91 years live!


01. DJ Intro (fade-in) / Gonna Find My Baby
02. Black Jack
03. You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover
04. Mojo Boogie
05. Shake Your Money Maker
06. Don’t Say I Don’t Love You
07. You’re Humbuggin’ Me
08. Rumble

09. Opening
10. Sen-Sa-Shun
11. The Sun Is Shining
12. Gonna Find My Baby
13. Okie Dokie Stomp
◆Live At Boulder Theater, Boulder, Colorado November 18th 1991

Gypsy Eye Project. GEP-345

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