Mcauley Schenker Group / Acoustic Evening In Frankfurt / 1DVDR

Mcauley Schenker Group / Acoustic Evening In Frankfurt / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Live at Music Hall, Frankfurt, Germany 4th November 1991 PRO-SHOT



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Than acoustic live of the last became the album “MSG” after the release as Macquarie Schenker Group, Show in Frankfurt, Germany on November 4, 1991, high-quality professional shot video and original menu in excess of its outstanding in the past the best version of the month, is released in the happy gift title to the fan.
The familiar image pattern professional shot from before the cut of this Frankfurt performance, but has been recorded sound source version to disk 4 of the “SEQUENCE OF EVENTS” as this week simultaneous release, this film is this both image quality and sound quality in remastered version that has been polished by more than before, Michael, robin, and you can enjoy carefully in the form no more acoustic sound by three Spencer Sakomu. “Of the sound source version may be those handy, somehow a little unsatisfactory” to people of avid fans who will try the feel, you will be able to enjoy a special live up to your heart’s content if this work!

Music has been featured in the 35 minutes of recording time is what all of Macquarie Schenker Group, just official mini album – has become a form to completely reproduce “NIGHTMARE THE ACOUSTIC M.S.G.” with live. Although this is a point I “MSG” has not yet been released, Michael is a beautiful melody, backed by certain techniques and high power of expression to show off everywhere, Robin and of which there was a reputation for originally wet melody has been given a fresh shine by the music, the audience has been welcomed in the Positive is like listening to past masterpieces by unknown new song. No performance of warm and pure sound and deception is not a difference a viewer to be similarly impressed with the audience of the venue.
Catching middle of the solo and the subsequent modulation is ear “We Believe In Love”, does not lose its sharpness in acoustic sounds, such as “Bad Boys”, guitar in hand does not have any way of change is also in the play of Michael changed . Michael to lock in hard is of course the best, but his appearance to spin the sound here is seen as a serious and stoic of what, perhaps something that poked the essence of Michael.
Often of Robin that is “picky split” singing also, acting on the unique voice is a good direction in this so as not Unplugged live such stretched Katahiji, “Anytime” and “When I’m Gone” in the catchy melody let me slowly and carefully Kikikoma.
Did would have been singing the Michael and Robin equal combination of from the name of the original “Macquarie Schenker Group”, it has always been Michael’s spot hit. It is the first time in this acoustic project, I would say that both are realized for the first time equal combination both in name and reality. Great performance of unfolds in the last “Never Ending Nightmare” is, or does not have to prove this fact clearly.

This at the time under the influence of MTV Unplugged, acoustic sound had become one of the boom in the rock scene. Some of the boom has created sound There was also a lot of unique things, but the music that this Michael and Robin has been presented I would say that it is one of the successful examples. The performance of compare favorably rarity even official, a piece of the best to give in a brush-up sound and video, Please enjoy this opportunity.

このフランクフルト公演の模様を切り取ったプロショットは以前からおなじみの映像で、今週同時リリースされる「SEQUENCE OF EVENTS」のディスク4にも音源バージョンが収録されていますが、本作は画質・音質ともこれまで以上により磨き上げられたリマスター・バージョンで、マイケル,ロビン,そしてスペンサー・サーコムの3人によるアコースティック・サウンドをこれ以上ない形でじっくりとお楽しみいただけます。「音源バージョンは手軽で良いものの、何だか少々物足りない」と感じるであろう熱心なファンの方々にも、本作ならば心ゆくまでスペシャルなライヴを満喫して頂けます!

収録時間の35分間で取り上げられている楽曲は全てがマッコーリー・シェンカー・グループのもので、ちょうど公式ミニアルバム「NIGHTMARE – THE ACOUSTIC M.S.G.」をライヴで完全再現する形になっています。この時点では「M.S.G.」がリリースされてはいなかったのですが、マイケルが随所で披露する確かなテクニックと高い表現力に裏付けられた美しい旋律は、もともとウエットなメロディに定評があったロビンとの楽曲により瑞々しい輝きを与えており、オーディエンスは未知の新曲でも過去の名曲を聴くようなポジティヴさで迎え入れています。温かでピュアなサウンドとごまかしの無いパフォーマンスは、観る者を会場の観客と同じく感動させるに違いありません。
中盤のソロとその後の転調が耳を惹く「We Believe In Love」、アコースティック・サウンドでも切れ味を失わない「Bad Boys」など、手にするギターは変わってもマイケルのプレイにはいささかの変化もありません。ハードにロックするマイケルはもちろん最高ですが、ここで見られるような真摯さとストイックさでサウンドを紡ぐ彼の姿こそ、マイケルの本質を突いたものなのかも知れません。
しばしば”好き嫌いが分かれる”とされるロビンの歌唱も、肩肘張らなこのようないアンプラグド・ライヴでは個性的な声が良い方面に作用し、「Anytime」や「When I’m Gone」ではキャッチーなメロディをじっくりと聴き込ませてくれます。
もともと”マッコーリー・シェンカー・グループ”という名義からしてマイケルとロビンの対等なコンビネーションを謳っていたはずでしたが、スポットが当たるのは常にマイケルでした。それがこのアコースティック・プロジェクトで初めて、両者が名実共に初めて等しいコンビネーションを実現したと言えるでしょう。ラストで繰り広げられる「Never Ending Nightmare」の名演が、この事実をはっきりと証明しているではありませんか。


1. Introduction 2. Anytime 3. We Believe In Love 4. What Happens To Me 5. Bad Boys
6. Member Introduction 7. When I’m Gone 8. Never Ending Nightmare

Robin McAuley – Vocal Michael Schenker – Acoustic Guitar
Spencer Sercombe – Acoustic Guitar, Vocal


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