Heart / Definitive Boston 1976 / 1CD

Heart / Definitive Boston 1976 / 1CD /Zodiac

Live at Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA 10th October 1976 ULTIMATE SOUND(UPGRADE)


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HEART in 1976 debuted with “DREAMBOAT ANNIE” and was about to flutter the world. The super finest live album is appeared.
This work was recorded on “October 10, 1976 in Boston”. It is a transcendent audience recording. I can’t afford to lie, so I can only write “Audience recording”, but the quality of this work is completely different from what I can imagine from the words. It’s one of the most amazing sounds. I’m worried about its quality, but first the show position. Let’s take a look back at the 1976 schedule of HEART’s first world tour.

・ January 1 + 13: North America # 1 (2 performances)
・ April 9-June 28: North America # 2 (13 performances)
・ July 21-September 4: North America # 3 (11 performances)
・ September 24-November 6: North America # 4 (18 performances) ← ★ coco ★
・ November 13-14: Europe (5 performances)
・ December 9: Inglewood Performance

This is HEART in 1976. “DREAMBOAT ANNIE” was released in the fall of 1975, but just after that, he performed only a few showcase gigs. Since then, he has been traveling around the United States with a gradual increase in pace, and he has been constantly repeating shows and movements from day to day in “North America # 4″. The Boston performance of this work was the tenth performance concert.
本 This work recorded at such a show is a superb recording that doubts your ears. Anyway, it’s on and direct, and beautiful. The core that flows into the ears is as powerful as ever, and it is super-clear even to the fine parts. It doesn’t feel like a distance, but it’s not just a soundboard. The slight noise of the hall is terrifyingly fine, giving the core a shiny luster and thickness, while not hiding any details. As a matter of fact, this recording first appeared in 2007, but at that time also from a professional magazine “ Ultra high sound quality that does not seem to be an audience recording of 1976 ” “ This sound quality is far more than a poor sound board It is praised as being “great” and “must-listen”. In fact, speaking of the early HEART, the sound board of the Seattle performance in June 1975 and the Chicago performance in August 1976 are also left, and the professional shot of “THE SECOND ENDING” is also a standard shot. This recording is by far the best compared to many of these line recordings.
In addition, this work is the highest peak update board that polished such a miracle recording with the latest mastering. Of course, if there is no source or child if the beauty of the original sound is polluted, it will be kept to the maximum. On top of that, each range was organized to improve sharpness. The closeness of the core becomes more vivid in the glossy beautiful sound, and the outline is clear. Nancy’s guitar solos are also easy to hear and sound beautiful. Originally, it was a sound that surpassed the FM sound board, but this work balances the vividness and elegance that can be called “an official album”.
シ ョ The show drawn with such a sound is an early HEART that is precious and dazzling. From the beginning, the announcement of “This is the first Boston performance. HEART of Seattle“ MUSHROOM ”record!” Is full of the times, and the show that unfolds from there is just wonderful. The day was a short set for Jeff Beck’s undercard, enriching the young passion for about 45 minutes. The ensemble, woven by Ann’s flute and Howard Reese’s keyboard, is reminiscent of JETHRO TULL and FOCUS, and the vocals and guitars with the influence of ZEP are powerful. The set is centered on five songs that are half of the debut work “DREAMBOAT ANNIE”, but the opening is especially interesting. It is a flow of avalanche from progressive instrumental songs to “Sing Child”, but even with “Sing Child” alone, a crazy performance of over 10 minutes including a freaky guitar solo on the way. Speaking of 1976, the European proggressive momentum began to fade, but in North America, RUSH’s “2112” and KANSAS’s “LEFTOVERTURE” were prevalent. The boldness of such an era. At the start of the show, you can hear the scream “Jeff Beck!”
だ け I just thought that it was “DREAMBOAT ANNIE for live performance” just because it only made its debut work, and I also listened to “Magazine” which breaks into it. Although it is introduced as “a new song coming out”, the beginning is accompanied by a guitar solo “Silver Wheels” which is officially recorded in “BEBE LE STRANGE”, and it goes to the Akogi intro of “Crazy On You”. Just like “GREATEST HITS / LIVE”, “Crazy On You” bursts out … It doesn’t turn into “Magazine”. “Crazy On You” itself is also played with the last highlight, but the flow in the early days where the repertoire is still limited is interesting.

HEHeart in 1976, when there was no trial for label transfer and no big hit of “Barracuda”. It is a live album that lets you enjoy the appearance of a hard rock band that runs pure and innocent with superb quality beyond the sound board. One piece that exceeds the dimension of whether it is a fan of HEART or not and is a cultural heritage in the 70’s rock itself. Please enjoy the permanent preservation press CD to your heart’s content.

『DREAMBOAT ANNIE』でデビューし、世界に羽ばたこうとしていた1976年のHEART。その超極上ライヴアルバムが登場です。


これがHEARTの1976年。前年1975年秋に『DREAMBOAT ANNIE』がリリースされましたが、その直後はショウケース的なギグを数公演行ったのみ。その後、少しずつペースを上げながら全米を巡っており、連日連夜ショウと移動を絶え間なく繰り返すようになったのは「北米#4」あたりから。本作のボストン公演は、その10公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そんなショウで記録された本作は、耳を疑う極上録音。とにかくオンでダイレクト、そして端麗。耳元に流れ込む芯はどこまでも力強く、それに伴って微細部まで超・鮮明。まったく距離感を感じないものの、単にサウンドボード的なだけではない。わずかなホール鳴りが恐ろしくきめ細かく、芯に輝く艶と厚みを与えつつ、まったくディテールを隠さない。実のところ、この録音が初登場したのは2007年なのですが、その際も専門誌から「全編1976年のオーディエンス録音とは思えない超高音質」「この音質は下手なサウンドボードよりも断然素晴らしい」「必聴の価値がある」と激賛。実際、初期HEARTと言えば1975年6月のシアトル公演や1976年8月のシカゴ公演のサウンドボードも残されておりますし、“THE SECOND ENDING”のプロショットも定番。そうしたライン録音の数々と比較しても、この録音の方が断然上なのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるショウは、貴重にしてひたむきさが眩しい初期HEART。冒頭からして「初めてのボストン公演だ。シアトル“MUSHROOM”レコードのHEART!」のアナウンスが時代感満点ですし、そこから繰り広げられるショウがとにかく素晴らしい。この日はジェフ・ベックの前座だったためにショート・セットで、約45分の持ち時間に若きパッションを濃縮している。アンのフルートとハワード・リースのキーボードが織りなすアンサンブルはJETHRO TULLやFOCUSを想起させ、ZEPの影響が香り立つヴォーカルやギターがパワフルに轟く。セットはデビュー作『DREAMBOAT ANNIE』の半分となる5曲が軸となっているわけですが、中でも耳を惹くのがオープニング。プログレッシヴなインスト曲から「Sing Child」へ雪崩れ込む流れなのですが、この「Sing Child」だけでも途中にフリーキーなギターソロを盛り込んで10分超えの大熱演。1976年と言えば欧州プログレの勢いに陰りが見えてきたころですが、北米ではRUSHの『2112』やKANSASの『LEFTOVERTURE』が一世を風靡していた。そんな時代だからこその大胆さ。開演時には「ジェフ・ベック!」との叫び声も聞こえるのですが、そんな客さえもものの見事にねじ伏せているのです。
デビュー作しか出ていないだけに「生演奏版DREAMBOAT ANNIE」かと思いきや、そこに割って入る「Magazine」も聴きどころ。「今度出る新曲」と紹介されてもいますが、その冒頭には『BEBE LE STRANGE』で正式レコーディングされるギターソロ「Silver Wheels」が付せられ、「Crazy On You」のアコギ・イントロへ。そのまま『GREATEST HITS/LIVE』のように「Crazy On You」が炸裂……とはならず、「Magazine」へと入っていくアレンジ。「Crazy On You」自体も最後のハイライトでキチンと演奏されるわけですが、まだまだレパートリーが限られている初期ならではの流れが面白いのです。


1. Intro.
2. Instrumental
3. Sing Child
4. Dreamboat Annie
5. Silver Wheels
6. Crazy On You Intro.
7. Magazine
8. White Lightning & Wine
9. Magic Man
10. Crazy On You

Ann Wilson – Vocals, Flute
Nancy Wilson – Guitar, Vocals
Roger Fisher – Lead Guitar
Michael Derosier – Drums
Steve Fossen – Bass, Vocals
Howard Leese – Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals

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