George Harrison / Divine Providence 1974 / 2CD With OBI Strip

George Harrison / Divine Providence 1974 / 2CD With OBI Strip / Valkyrie

Providence Civic Centre, Providence Rhode Island USA December 11, 1974. Digitally Remastered

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The 1974 US Tour was the first for George, who had only had a single-shot stage. It seems that the schedule of performing all 45 performances including 2 performances in the day and night in 2 months is harsh for George who is not accustomed to tour normally, and the voice that hurts the throat even from the beginning is rattle turn into. The cause for George, who tends to record anything, and for which no official release has been made from this tour, is probably because he is not satisfied with his failure and media criticism, and above all the concert. However, for Mania, it is a valuable George’s tour, and all the sound sources that conducted an American tour prior to other Beatles members are regarded as valuable.

This film has recorded a Providence performance on December 11, 1974, which is known as high-quality sound among such North American tour of 1974 George. The contents of the concert are known and will not be described in detail. However, happenings occur in this show. The performance becomes suspicious in the middle of the fourth song “Will it go round in Circles” and finally the performance is interrupted. The fans started to make a large bowl at the audience in front of the stage. George tries hard to persuade from the stage. “There, there! Stop fighting! God is watching!” And resume playing from the middle again. The scene of the tension is recorded as clear. It is a place where you can feel the atmosphere of the 70’s.

A recording performance of December 11th 1974 from George’s North American Tour, with high sound quality of the white-collar sound source among the tour sound source. There is a happening where a fight occurs in the audience and the performance is interrupted, and it is a very interesting sound source along with the high sound quality. Also, the second half of the disc 2 is recorded as a bonus track, the first day of the tour November 2 Vancouver performances. A permanent press with beautiful picture and disc specifications. Japanese band included.


本作は、そんな1974年ジョージの北米ツアーの中でも高音質として知られる1974年12月11日プロビデンス公演を収録している。コンサートの内容については知られているので詳述はしない。しかしこの公演ではハプニングが起きる。4曲目の「Will it go round in Circles」の途中で演奏が怪しくなり、遂には演奏が中断してしまう。ステージ前方の客席でファン同士が大喧嘩を始めたのである。ジョージが一生懸命にステージ上から説得に当たる。「そこだ、そこ。ケンカをやめろ!神が見ているぞ!」そしてまた途中から演奏を再開する。その緊張の場面が克明と記録されているのである。いかにも70年代の雰囲気が感じられる箇所である。


01. Hari’s on Tour
02. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
03. Something
04. Will It Go Round In Circles
05. Sue Me, Sue You Blues
06. Zoom Zoom Zoom
07. For You Blue
08. band introductions
09. Give Me Love
10. In My Life
11. Tom Cat
12. Maya Love
13. Dark Horse
14. Nothing From Nothing
15. Outta Space16. What is Life

01. My Sweet Lord

02. Introduction
03. Tom Cat
04. Maya Love
05. Outta Space
06. Give me Love
07. Sound Stage of Mind
08. In my Life
09. Dark Horse
10. Nothing from Nothing
11. What is Life
12. While my Guitar Gently Weeps
13. My Sweet Lord


Valkyrie. VAL-033

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