Rolling Stones /All Across Your Town / 1CD

Rolling Stones / All Across Your Town / 1CD /Devil’s Disciple Records

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Live – ‘ Ladies & Gentlemen ‘ Soundtrack.

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As a bonus title for the press CD title purchase in the spring of 2011, limited release, free title with press CD. While listening to the 1972 tour as a simple form with a jacket of factory printing on a slim case, we are sure to have a press CD with the highest sound quality and full song version of the sound track instrument of the movie “Ladies & Gentlemen” I want to collect! This work which responded to the fans’ expectation ended planned number within the popular reception at the time of 2011. Since then, it was difficult to obtain the situation. This time, we acquired 50 pieces that remained in the overseas press factory specially, we will re-release it as a gift title. As you probably know, at that time, the high quality master that was discovered was directly converted to a CD, and it is one piece indispensable for a fan. The jacket which reproduced the slick has become the tune according to the analog board, but of course, this board contains all the songs. Because the high-quality sound master which made the high-range elongation dramatically improved has become CD, compared with the conventional soundtrack board, you can enjoy the sound of natural texture without feeling forcibly lifted. After all, collectors wish to have the highest sound quality version of “Ladies & Gentleman” as a audio title with press CD. Especially from the analog era, for maniacs who have become familiar with this sound source for decades, it can be said that it is a sense of emotion in a certain sense as a final achievement point. Until now, the highest sound quality board of the soundtrack board which has changed hands and has been released and has been released. Although it is a gift item, the press CD title of the attention that fascinates the Stones collector will be restocked limitedly from overseas limited to 50 sets. .


1. Introduction 2. Brown Sugar 3. Bitch 4. Gimme Shelter 5. Dead Flowers 6. Happy
7. Tumbling Dice 8. Love In Vain 9. Sweet Virginia 10. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
11. All Down The Line 12. Midnight Rambler 13. Member Introductions 14. Bye Bye Johnny
15. Rip This Joint 16. Jumpin’ Jack Flash 17. Street Fighting Man

Devil’s Disciple Records.DDLG.72


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