Genesis / Reading Festival 1972 / 1CD

Genesis / Reading Festival 1972 / 1CD / Virtuoso
Live at Reading Festival, Reading, UK 11th August 1972

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The legendary Reading Festival ’72 that triggered a leap forward’ 72. A permanent preservation press CD that vacuum packed the whole view of the day, including the original master of the world first exhibition, with a superb sound appears.
The stage for such a work was “August 11, 1972”. Initial GENESIS participated in 1971, 1972 and 1973 for the third year in a row, and has been promoted to an important position every time it is undercard → mid to high → big bird. The 1972 year of this work is its second year. It was the first day of the three days (August 11th – 13th), it was a middle appearance after CURVED AIR, MUNGO JERRY.
Also, looking at GENESIS himself, it was also the time of the intersection of “NURSERY CRYME ​​TOUR” and “FOXTROT TOUR” in 1972. First of all, in order to imagine such a time, let’s look back from the activity schedule.

● 1971
“November 12″ NURSERY CRYME ​​released ”
· November 19 – December 23: Europe # 1 (26 performances)
● 1972
· January 1 – March 25: Europe # 2 (43 performances)
· April 6 – July 28: Europe # 3 (67 shows)
“August” FOXTROT “Production Start”
· August 11 – 23: Europe # 4 (9 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· September 1 – October 4: Europe # 5 (20 performances)
“October 6” FOXTROT “release”

This is a step from “NURSERY CRYME” release to “FOXTROT”. There are ambiguous points in the record at that time, so it is not strict such as the number of performances, but I think that you can understand the approximate flow. In August / September it was also the recording time of “FOXTROT”, the Reading performance of this work was a concert that was the first day of that “Europe # 4”.
Also, it is interesting to see from another viewpoint. Approximately 80% of the above are the home country British performances, and in the meantime the continental European performance was caught several times at a time. However, Italy was the exception. “European # 3 · # 4” has a full-scale Italy built in, and he also met OSNANA of Naples there. Did not their theatrical performance be a hint of Peter Gabriel? And it is also well discussed. Although it is a digression to the last, is not it possible to understand that it was a dawn period that established a style step by step and is going to leap.
Well, this work that recorded such a historical show is the longest audience album that made use of the two best recordings. Let’s organize the composition of this work here.

· Opening part 【New excavation: RECORDER 2】
· First half of show 【RECORDER 1 (2 songs)】
· Late show # 1 【RECORDER 1 (3 songs)】
· Late show # 2 【New excavation: RECORDER 2 (3 songs)】

…… and it looks like this. With the main “RECORDER 1” throughout the show, the show part and the latter half of the show are additionally recorded at “RECORDER 2” which will become worldwide first public. “Late # 1” and “Latter half # 2” are the same performance for three songs.
I am wondering why it is an irregular configuration, but let’s start with “RECORDER 1” which is the main one. This is the legendary name recording recognized by mania all over the world. The master who knows how to go only to the big festival Britain boasts is known, but “RECORDER 1” is its highest peak. Even experts in overseas sites are high ratings that are in line with the sound board sound source. Actually, that sound is excellent. Although it is a vintage audience recording, the thick core performance is straight, dive into hand without stagnation. Perhaps there are also outdoor venues. Detail is overcome because there is no wall or heaven that echoes the sound. Moreover, master freshness is also overwhelming. Yore and noise are almost missing, and the ringing is really glossy. It is exactly a name recording that is suitable for the legend’s name.
And, attention “RECORDER 2”. Recorded by a record company official at that time, what was woken up from an original cassette that no one in the world knows about. It is truly an excavation for miracles, but in fact there were also drawbacks. The middle part of the tape was deteriorated and it could not be played back. However, the opening part at the beginning and the last three songs of the show were alive. This work is a live album containing the maximum playable part. Moreover, its quality is also wonderful. Although the beauty that sounds truly does not match the legendary “RECORDER 1”, it has never lost the core that has been touched by on, the vibrancy of zero echoes, and the unusual sense of stability. Especially the thickness of the midrange range and the power of the heavy bass are the inscription that surpasses “RECORDER 1”.
The show which is drawn with such two best master is the vintage. In the mood full of the first part of the world that the world knows for the first time, while Peter greets “Hello, ‘body!”, The words of Japanese murmuring as “(Next band is Genesis … …”) are also super real. The set selected representative songs from “TRESPASS” “NURSERY CRYME”, and there played “Twilight Alehouse” which was limited at that time at the time. Beyond that, the famous song “Watcher Of The Skies” which was still in the pre-release. Although it is strictly not premiered, the big stage as much as Reading is still the first time, and (probably) the studio recording has not been completed yet. You can experience its early version with glittering superb sound.
As well as playing it, the atmosphere flowing throughout the show is also important. As it was in 1972, tuning was also performed for a long time between the songs, Melotron’s trial play flows, and the audience can hear the laughter of an infant (?). And the MC talked about there is a strange and unusual explanation of the songs, peeping in peacefulness that can not have time. More surprisingly after “The Musical Box”. I am cutting out “I have important news” at MC, but when I think of something, “Maggie Brooks, Maggie, are you there? Do you have a place to meet (?) As your older brother is waiting …” …. Until just a while ago, the members themselves who are spiraling complicated and fantastic progressive rocks also guide the lost child the next moment. This gap was also the reading in 1972, the then GENESIS itself. This work is also a document / album that can taste the air feeling of such times throughout the body.

GREENESIS in 1972, which grew rapidly, produced “NURSERY CRYME” “FOXTROT” shining brilliantly in the UK rock history. It is a masterpiece of a live album that captured the scene as a superb sound that vividly listens to the word of MC. Legendary “RECORDER 1”, the world is surprised “RECORDER 2”. Historical daimyo board which made use of both sides and updated the longest in history. Please enjoy it with your permanent preservation press CD.

そんな本作の舞台となったのは「1972年8月11日」。初期GENESISは1971年・1972年・1973年の3年連続で参加しており、前座→中堅→大トリと出演の度に重要ポジションへと出世していきました。本作の1972年は、その2年目。3日間開催(8月11日-13日)の初日で、CURVED AIR、MUNGO JERRYに次ぐ中堅としての出演でした。
また、GENESIS自身に目を向けると1972年は“NURSERY CRYME TOUR”と“FOXTROT TOUR”の交差する時期でもありました。まずは、そんな当時をイメージするため、活動スケジュールから振り返ってみましょう。

《11月12日『NURSERY CRYME』発売》

これが『NURSERY CRYME』発売から『FOXTROT』までの歩み。当時の記録には曖昧な点もあるので公演数など厳密ではありませんが、おおよその流れはご理解いただけると思います。8月/9月は『FOXTROT』のレコーディング時期でもあり、本作のレディング公演はその「欧州#4」初日にあたるコンサートでした。

・開演パート 【新発掘:RECORDER 2】
・ショウ前半 【RECORDER 1(2曲)】
・ショウ後半#1【RECORDER 1(3曲)】
・ショウ後半#2【新発掘:RECORDER 2(3曲)】

……と、このようになっています。メインとなる「RECORDER 1」でショウ全体を通しつつ、全世界初公開となる「RECORDER 2」で開演パートとショウ後半を追加収録しています。「後半#1」と「後半#2」は3曲分の同じ演奏なのです。
なぜ変則的な構成なのかが気になるところですが、まずはメインとなる「RECORDER 1」から始めましょう。これこそ、世界中のマニアが認める伝説的な名録音。英国が誇る大規模フェスだけにいくかのマスターが知られていますが、「RECORDER 1」はその最高峰。海外の専門サイトでもサウンドボード音源と並ぶ高評価となっているものなのです。実際、そのサウンドは絶品。ヴィンテージなオーディエンス録音ではありますが、芯も極太な演奏が真っ直ぐ、淀みなく手元に飛び込む。恐らくは野外会場のせいもあるのでしょう。音を反響させる壁や天上がないためにディテールまで克明なのです。しかも、マスター鮮度も圧倒的。ヨレやノイズもほとんど見当たらず、鳴りも実に艶やか。まさに伝説の名に相応しい名録音中の名録音なのです。
そして、注目の「RECORDER 2」。当時のレコード会社関係者が録音したもので、世界中の誰も知らないオリジナル・カセットから起こされたもの。まさに奇跡の発掘なのですが、実は難点もあった。テープの中間部が劣化しており、再生できなかったのです。しかし、冒頭の開演パートとショウの後半3曲は活きていた。本作は、その再生可能パートを最大限に収録したライヴアルバムなのです。しかも、そのクオリティも実に素晴らしい。さすがに鳴りの美しさは伝説の誉れ高き「RECORDER 1」には及びませんが、オンで手応えたっぷりの芯も、反響ゼロの鮮やかも、そして絶品の安定感も決して負けてはいない。特に中音域の厚さや重低音の迫力は「RECORDER 1」も凌ぐ銘品なのです。
そんな2種の極上マスターで描かれるショウこそがヴィンテージ。全世界が初めて知る開演パートからしてムード満点で、ピーターが「Hello, ‘body!」と挨拶する中、「(次のバンドは)ジェネシスか……」とつぶやく日本人の言葉も超リアル。セットは『TRESPASS』『NURSERY CRYME』から代表曲をセレクトし、そこに当時はライヴ限定だった「Twilight Alehouse」も演奏。それ以上に注目なのは、まだリリース前だった名曲「Watcher Of The Skies」。厳密には初演ではないとされていますが、それでもレディングほどの大舞台は初めてであり、(恐らくは)スタジオ録音も完了していない。その初期バージョンを艶やかな極上サウンドで体験できるのです。
その演奏もさることながら、ショウ全体に流れる雰囲気も重要。1972年らしく曲間には長めのチューニングも行っており、メロトロンの試し弾きが流れ、客席には幼児(?)の笑い声まで聞こえる。そして、そこで語られるMCは曲の説明も妙に淡々としており、間を持たせ切れない初々しさがのぞく。さらに驚くのは「The Musical Box」後。MCで「大事な知らせがあるんだ」と切り出すのですが、何事かと思うと「マギー・ブルックス、マギー、いるかい? お兄さんが待ってるから待ち合わせ場所(?)まで来てくれ。よろしく」……。ついさっきまで、そして次の瞬間にも複雑で幻想的なプログレッシヴ・ロックを紡いでいるメンバー自身が迷子の案内までしているのです。このギャップもまた1972年のレディングであり、当時のGENESISそのもの。本作は、そんな時代の空気感を全身で味わえるドキュメント・アルバムでもあるのです。

英国ロック史に燦然と輝く『NURSERY CRYME』『FOXTROT』を生み出し、急速に成長していった1972年のGENESIS。その現場をMCの一言一言まで鮮やかに聞こえる極上サウンドで捉えたライヴアルバムの大傑作です。伝説的な「RECORDER 1」、世界が驚く「RECORDER 2」。その双方を駆使して史上最長を更新した歴史的大名盤。永久保存プレスCDでどうぞ存分にご堪能ください。


Recorder 2
1. Intro MC ★ピーターの「Hello, everybody!」の挨拶とサウンドチェック。そこに被る「(次のバンドは)ジェネシスか……」の日本語。史上初登場

Recorder 1
2. Soundcheck & MC
3. The Knife
4. MC
5. Twilight Alehouse
6. MC メロトロン チェック
7. Watcher Of The Skies
8. MC
9. The Musical Box
10. MC
11. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed

Recorder 2
12. Watcher Of The Skies
13. The Musical Box
14. The Return of the Giant Hogweed

Peter Gabriel – Lead Vocals, Flute, Tambourine Steve Hackett – Guitar
Mike Rutherford – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Tony Banks – Keyboards Phil Collins – Drums, Vocals

Virtuoso 391

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