Free / Shefield 1971 / 1CD

Free / Shefield 1971 / 1CD / Wardour
Live at City Hall, Sheffield, UK 26th February 1971

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A miracle band created by British rock, Original FREE. A hidden treasure recording that has not been known until now appears on the permanent preservation press CD.
Included in this work is “February 26, 1971 Sheffield Performance”. It’s an exquisite audience recording. The traditional recording upgrade album “SANTA MONICA 1971 (Wardour-376)”, which was released the other day, is very popular, but this work is newly excavated in memory of Andy Fraser who died four years ago. What was done. Until then, the existence of Sheffield recordings has been sought among core collectors, but it has not generally circulated. It ’s a hidden treasure that mania around the world could n’t hear.
Such a master appeared over 40 years. That fact alone is surprising, but what’s more surprising is the sound quality. This is amazing. Of course, it is a vintage audience, but its recording and freshness do not seem to be half a century old. Guitars and vocals are imminent, and the bass that tends to be spoiled or explosive in vintage recordings is beautifully captured. Although it is not close contact with the sound board, it does not lead to a sense of distance. Details of the recording position etc. are not left, but it feels as if you are witnessing FREE in the front row. And a sense of stability. If the whole band is highlighted by Fortessimo, it will crack slightly, but it is very slight. Rather, the translucency of the scene that occupies most of the FREE stage is overwhelming, and Paul Kozov’s crying and Paul Rogers’ youthful candy can be tasted delicately. Such a stunning sound that almost half a century ago was unknown and slept in the darkness of history …
In this work, we have refined such an amazing master with meticulous mastering. As it is a vintage recording, the pitch of the sound and the shaking of the original sound that attracted attention on the net are scattered, and the cassette surface is rough. In the early stages, there were several (instant) interruptions in recording. Of course, although these are also the truth of the valuable master, in this work, treatment was given to every detail aiming at perfection as a music work. And sound. Of course, the sound of the original sound and the freshness are kept to the maximum, without making a sound pressure earning only for precious records. On top of that, the overall balance was adjusted by raising the bass, which was slightly small. The focus was on the reproduction of the sound that the original FREE would have played in the field.
So, it ’s the miracle of Blues Rock that flows out of this work that has been polished as a live album. Let’s organize the set here.

● FIRE AND WATER (4 songs)
・ All Right Now / Mr. Big
・ Songs you can’t listen to on FREE LIVE !: Don’t Say You Love Me / Heavy Load
● HIGHWAY (5 songs)
・ Ride On Pony / Be My Friend
・ Songs that cannot be heard on FREE LIVE !: The Stealer / The Highway Song / Soon I Will Be Gone
● Other (3 songs)
・ I ’m A Mover “TONS OF SOBS”
・ Songs you can’t listen to on FREE LIVE !: My Brother Jake

… and it looks like this. While the essence of the two great masterpieces “FIRE AND WATER” and “HIGHWAY” with the original FREE style completed, there are plenty of famous songs that cannot be heard on the traditional “FREE LIVE!”. Of course, this repertoire was also found in the decision board “SANTA MONICA 1971” introduced the other day, but this work is full of realism that cannot be expected with a sound board. Although there is no period or upcoming shout, the clapping wave is vivid, and above all, the reality that “there are those four people” is overwhelming. Even in the glorious British rock scene, you can bathe the whole body with an unparalleled deep and original blues expression.
Even though such a Sheffield performance is a new name, it ’s a great bonus track with 2 and 4 more delicious tracks. One is “Fire And Water” and “Woman” from “Perth performance on May 6, 1971”, and the other is “Rock Me Baby” and “Crossroads” from “Florence performance on January 19, 1971”. The former is a precious record of the Australian tour that triggered the collapse of the original FREE, and the latter is a cover of B.B. King and Robert Johnson (or say, Jimi Hen and CREAM). Both were iconic name recordings in 1971, and they were selected so that they would not suffer from the main Sheffield performance, so that they could fully enjoy their repertoire.

The legendary FREE that celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. He played a miracle music with deep blues that couldn’t be thought of as an average age of 20 and a youthful rock. The masterpiece of the live album that can still be seen at the site of unparalleled blues rock. Please fully chew with permanent preservation press CD.

★ Very rare sound source. The freshness is good and the performance is caught very close.

そんな本作に収められているのは「1971年2月26日シェフィールド公演」。その絶品オーディエンス録音です。先日リリースされた伝統録音のアップグレード盤『SANTA MONICA 1971(Wardour-376)』が大好評となっておりますが、それに対して本作は4年前に亡くなったアンディ・フレイザーを偲んで新たに発掘されたもの。それまでもコアなコレクター間でシェフィールド録音の存在は囁かれてきたのですが、一般に流通する事がなかった。一体どんな音なのか、世界中のマニアが求めても聴けないでいた秘宝なのです。

・All Right Now/Mr. Big
・FREE LIVE!で聴けない曲:Don’t Say You Love Me/Heavy Load
・Ride On Pony/Be My Friend
・FREE LIVE!で聴けない曲:The Stealer/The Highway Song/Soon I Will Be Gone
・I’m A Mover『TONS OF SOBS』
・FREE LIVE!で聴けない曲:My Brother Jake

……と、このようになっています。オリジナルFREEのスタイルが完成した2大名盤『FIRE AND WATER』『HIGHWAY』のエッセンスが濃縮されつつ、伝統の『FREE LIVE!』でも聴けない名曲がたっぷり。もちろん、こうしたレパートリーは先日ご紹介した決定盤『SANTA MONICA 1971』でも味わえたわけですが、本作はサウンドボードでは望めない臨場感に溢れている。時代柄か間近な嬌声などはないものの、手拍子の波は生々しく、何よりも目の前に“あの4人がいる”という現実感が圧倒的。栄光の英国ロック・シーンでも比類なきディープでオリジナルなブルース表現を全身で浴びられるのです。
そんなシェフィールド公演だけでも十分に新名盤ではありますが、本作ではさらに美味しいボーナストラックを2種・4曲収録しました。1つは「1971年5月6日パース公演」の「Fire And Water」「Woman」で、もう1つは「1971年1月19日フロリダ公演」の「Rock Me Baby」「Crossroads」。前者はオリジナルFREE崩壊の引き金にもなった豪州ツアーの貴重な記録であり、後者はB.B.キングやロバート・ジョンソン(と言いますか、ジミヘンとCREAMでしょうか)のカバー。どちらも1971年の象徴的な名録音であり、本編シェフィールド公演とは被らない選曲で、当時の彼らのレパートリーをたっぷり味わえるように致しました。




01. Introduction
02. The Stealer
03. Ride On A Pony
04. Be My Friend
05. I’m A Mover
06. Don’t Say You Love Me
07. Heavy Load
08. The Highway Song
09. My Brother Jake
10. Soon I Will Be Gone
11. All Right Now
12. Mr. Big

Bonus Tracks

Live at Sabica Stadium, Perth, Australia 6th May 1971

13. Fire And Water
14. Woman

Live at Pirates World, Dania, Florida, USA 19th January 1971

15. Rock Me Baby
16. Crossroads

Paul Rodgers – Vocals
Paul Kossoff – Guitar
Simon Kirke – Drums
Andy Fraser – Bass


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