Emerson Lake & Palmer (ELP) / Get Into That Show / 2CDR

Emerson Lake & Palmer (ELP) / Get Into That Show / 2CDR / Galaxy

Translated text:

Live at Boston Garden, Boston, MA, USA December 10th 1973


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70’s British progressive rock of the Three Musketeers “Emerson Lake & Palmer” 73 years valuable live sound source than the US tour of the first appearance!

Complete recorded 73 years December 10, Boston, MA performances from high-quality audience master. In the US tour due to release “Brain Salad Surgery” album, it is the title of a large recommendation as excavation rare live recordings that capture the live of the “Lesson of the Evil” beginning EL & P heyday!


1. Hoedown
2. Jerusalem
3. Tocatta
4. Tarkus (incl. Epitaph)
5. Benny The Bouncer
6. Take A Pebble
(incl. Still…You Turn Me On / Lucky Man)
7. Piano Improvisations
8. Take A Pebble (conclusion)

1. Karn Evil #9 – 1st Impression (incl. Drum Solo)
2. Karn Evil #9 – 2nd Impressions
3. Karn Evil #9 – 3rd Impressions
4. Poctures At An Exhibition

Galaxy. GX 008AB

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