Judas Priest / Osaka 2018/ 2CDR

Judas Priest / Osaka 2018/ 2CDR / Shades

Live at Grand Cube, Osaka, Japan 26th November 2018

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“FIREPOWER JAPAN TOUR” realized at the milestone for 40 years from the first visit to Japan. A masterpiece live album that will be the third edition of West Japan trilogy as its third volume will appear.
Such work is contained in “November 26, 2018: Grand Cube Osaka” performance. Nagoya · Hiroshima did not realize this time due to lack of the recent venue, but this time it was Gifu · Okayama performance, but it was held safely in Osaka. It is a masterpiece audience recording which recorded the whole story. Since this week is also the release rush of the latest IN THE EAST, let’s organize the collection on a schedule one by one.

· November 21: Zepp Sapporo
· November 23: “TAJIMI 2018”
· November 25: “OKAYAMA 2018”
· November 26th: Grand Cube Osaka 【this work】
· November 28: “TOKYO 2018”
· November 29: “TOKYO 2018” & “MUSASHINO FOREST ARENA 2018”

Over, all six performances. The Japan tour which began from Sapporo invades the three western Japan performances in the middle. This work is the final work of the trilogy following “TAJIMI 2018 (Shades 992)” “OKAYAMA 2018 (Shades 994)”. If you come with West Japan · HR / HM, you think that “Mr. Nishi Nippon Strongest Taper”‘s work … … or not. It is a work by another recordingist’s hand, but this person is not just a person. Actually, he is the same recording community as Mr. “Strongest”, and he is also familiar with equipment and know – how. Despite being a different person, it is just like a sequel.
Actually, the sound of this work is really neat and the balance is beautiful. As the site “Gran Cube Osaka” is about 2,800 people venue, there is no room for a small room feeling like “TAJIMI 2018” and “OKAYAMA 2018”, but this work seems to be the original JUDAS PRIEST. Of course, with the sound that I did not feel blurred due to the distance feeling (never!). It is recorded at the center of the 1st floor seat of the venue, the sense of left and right stereo is also balanced, it is too far forward, no reverberation going around it, neither far nor far away. The core that reaches straight in that space is brilliant like a laser beam, while being wrapped in a spacious clapper (why) neither there are nearest bizarre screams. Although it is not surprisingly super personality, it is a recording of honor students who have audience recordings.
The show drawn with that sound is a masterpiece collecting great praise as “the best in the 21st century”. Anyhow the great thing is Steel God Rob Halford. Its shrinking shouts, glossy singing turning, the dose closer to the desert which was not in the heyday. In “EPITAPH WORLD TOUR” which is said to be Farewell “Although it is certainly more likely than not … …”, after that it demodulated every tour. In the end, rather than updating the highest peak after returning, it came to the level where it is thin at the beginning of HALFORD and PAINKILLER TOUR. It exceeded the human body limit and it really came into the realm of God …… It makes me listen to such vocalization plenty.
It is the new twin team that supports the robustness of that Rob. Sorry Glen Tipton’s departure is unfortunate, but at the same time the ensemble rejoiced quite well. Tempo is rising, riff’s sharpness is sharp, harmony is also iron wall. Besides, Richie Faulkner is 38 years old, Andy Snoop is 49 years old, never “Waka”. In addition, this time Richie obviously felt different. Not responsible for the “KK role” so far, but also part of Glen, guitar work as well as performance “carry the steel god on the back! That youthful spirit is filled with the full story and shows a sharp and crisp metal show. It is an exquisite live album that is drawn as a cookie even to every corner of it.

Rob to update the best condition, burning young guardian Richie. Of course, even with three others, it is a performance that protects the signboard that Glenn has left, but Rob & Ritchie is too amazing. Steel God JUDAS PRIEST as if it had entered the heyday again after 40 years from the first visit to Japan. A live album that you can taste plenty of Osaka full show. Please, enjoy it.

初来日からちょうど40年の節目に実現した“FIREPOWER JAPAN TOUR”。その第3弾にして西日本3部作の完結編となる傑作ライヴアルバムが登場です。
そんな本作に収められているのは「2018年11月26日:グランキューブ大阪」公演。昨今の会場不足が影響してか、今回は名古屋・広島は実現せずに岐阜・岡山公演となりましたが、大阪では無事に開催。その一部始終を記録した傑作オーディエンス録音です。今週は、最新IN THE EASTのリリース・ラッシュでもありますので、逐一日程でコレクションを整理しておきましょう。

・11月21日:Zepp Sapporo
・11月23日:『TAJIMI 2018』
・11月25日:『OKAYAMA 2018』
・11月26日:グランキューブ大阪 【本作】
・11月28日:『TOKYO 2018』
・11月29日:『TOKYO 2018』&『MUSASHINO FOREST ARENA 2018』

以上、全6公演。札幌から始まったジャパン・ツアーは、中盤の西日本3公演へ侵攻。本作は『TAJIMI 2018(Shades 992)』『OKAYAMA 2018(Shades 994)』に続く3部作の最終作なのです。西日本・HR/HMと来れば“西日本最強テーパー”氏の作品……かと思いきや、そうではありません。別の録音家の手による作品なのですが、この人物もただ者ではない。実は“最強”氏と同じ録音家コミュニティの方でして、機材やノウハウも通じている。別人物にも関わらず、まるで連作のようなスゴ録音なのです。
実際、本作のサウンドは実に端正でバランスが美しい。現場となった“グランキューブ大阪”は約2,800人規模の会場なので、『TAJIMI 2018』『OKAYAMA 2018』ほどの密室感はありませんが、むしろ本作こそが本来のJUDAS PRIESTらしい。もちろん、だからと言って距離感でボケボケしたサウンドでは(決して!)ない。会場1階席の中央で録音されており、左右のステレオ感も均整が取れ、前方過ぎて反響が回り込む事もなければ、遠く離れすぎることもない。その空間を真っ直ぐに届く芯はレーザービームのように鮮やかで、広々とした手拍子に包まれながら(なぜか)間近な奇声・絶叫もない。びっくりするような超個性ではないものの、オーディエンス録音かくあるべしという優等生録音なのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウは、「21世紀のベスト」と大絶賛を集めている名演。とにかく凄いのは、鋼鉄神ロブ・ハルフォード。その伸びまくるシャウト、艶っぽい歌い回し、全盛期にもなかったデス寄りなドス。フェアウェルと言われた“EPITAPH WORLD TOUR”では「確かに、これ以上はムリかもね……」と言われたものですが、それからツアー毎に復調。遂には復帰後の最高峰を更新するどころか、あのHALFORD初期やPAINKILLER TOURに肉薄するレベルまで来てしまった。人間の肉体限界を超え、本当に神の領域に入ってしまったんじゃないか……そんなヴォーカリゼーションをたっぷりと聴かせてくれるのです。

絶好調を更新するロブ、燃える若き守護神リッチー。もちろん、他3人にしてもグレンの抜けた金看板を守る熱演ではありますが、ロブ&リッチーはあまりにも凄すぎる。初来日から40年を経て、再び全盛期に突入したかのような鋼鉄神JUDAS PRIEST。その大阪フルショウをたっぷりと味わえるライヴアルバム。どうぞ、存分にお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (49:11)
1. Pre-Show: War Pigs 2. Firepower Intro 3. Firepower 4. Running Wild 5. Grinder 6. Sinner
7. The Ripper 8. Lightning Strike 9. Desert Plains 10. No Surrender 11. Turbo Lover
12. The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)

Disc 2 (52:42)
1. Night Comes Down 2. Guardians 3. Rising From Ruins 4. Freewheel Burning
5. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ 6. Hell Bent for Leather 7. Painkiller 8. The Hellion
9. Electric Eye 10. Breaking the Law 11. Living After Midnight

Rob Halford – Vocals Richie Faulkner – Guitar Andy Sneap – Guitar, Vocals Ian Hill – Bass
Scott Travis – Drums

Shades 995

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