Deep Purple / Birmingham 1973 Master / 1CD

Deep Purple / Birmingham 1973 Master / 1CD / Darker Than Blue
Translated Text:
Live at Town Hall, Birmingham, UK 21st February 1973


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An upgrade board of the name recording which is representative of “1973” which was the end of the second period appears. That name recording is “Birmingham performance on February 21, 1973”. It is an audience album recorded in “Mark 2 last home country tour”. Let’s start with the step from the release of “WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE” to the Japanese performance which collapsed for the second term.

“January 13” Release of Purple “release”
· January 16 – February 10: Europe # 1 (16 performances)
· February 16 – 28: UK (10 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· March 5th – 20th: Europe # 2 (10 performances)
· April 12 – June 19: North America (42 performances)
· June 23 – 29: Japan (6 shows)
“Phase 2 DEEP PURPLE collapse”

This is the whole picture after “WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE”. The Birmingham performance of this work was a concert that was the 4th show of 10 last British performances. When saying this 1973 sound source, Europe, the United States and Japan are fairly substantial, but the home is the United Kingdom the thinnest. This work is a live album that conveys the precious British truth.
I think that many people have already come with pins, but this live once delivered as “BIRMINGHAM 1973 (Darker Than Blue 134)”. To tell the truth, what is included in this work is the same recording as “BIRMINGHAM 1973”. However, it is said that it is the already-existing massaging. This work appeared in recent years “master clone”. Digitized directly from an analog cassette, it is the most elegant gem.
Indeed, the fresh sound that blows out to this work is vivid as it awakens. Although it was not carefully selected as “a completely different thing” just because I was carefully selecting the young Master of Genes from “BIRMINGHAM 1973”, it is obviously fresh. Especially different is hiss noise. In “BIRMINGHAM 1973” (although it is surprisingly small when considering the age), the noise covering the whole was covered, but this work does not have it. The second stage DEEP PURPLE sounds clearly rising to clear air that is beautifully clear. This is more than the effect of “no noise” or more. Edge of the performance which was hidden behind Hiss which we did not care so far, detail of the recording comes out one after another. Honest talk, this recording is also known in some places that the sound is shaken or missing, but the detail of that shake is clear. Their sense of transparency will never be obtained by mastering. However, the pitch of the excavated sound source was out of order and it was considerably earlier. In this work, as it is natural raw sound, just pitch correctly corrected. I finished it as the best version of only one in this world.
Of course, the sound shaking words are analogy only. It is only saying “I can hear such things beautifully,” and the essential essence is of course the performance. The fineness of this performance, the goodness of freshness is the life of this work. Especially, I am happy that Richie. People who change the sound depending on the age, this “1973 ringing” is exceptional, more popular than any other era. Because its exquisite Strato sound is drawn with the brilliant vividness, it is an extremely sound world anymore.
Come over it, and the performance is wonderful. In 1973 it is a time when you can glimpse your work mode playing, but it is really wonderful whether this consciousness of “the final home country” is working on this day. Of course, I do not reach the 1970/1971 level which will tighten up with a feeling of tension, but each person’s Imprevise is clear, Iod Giran’s noodo is also great. It also shows “Mary Long” at that band potential. It is exactly a live album suitable for being called “1973 masterpiece work”.

Even just a valuable “second period last country home” recording. It is a masterpiece of a live album full of sounds and performances that represent “1973” even if you overlook the whole world with that upgrade version. One piece that permanently leaves a “master clone” sound that can not be reached by a simple remaster. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.

第2期の終末となった“1973年”を代表する名録音のアップグレード盤が登場です。その名録音とは「1973年2月21日バーミンガム公演」。“マーク2最後の本国ツアー”で記録されたオーディエンス・アルバムです。まずは『WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE』のリリースから第2期崩壊となった日本公演までの歩みから始めましょう。

・2月16日-28日:英国(10公演) ←★ココ★

これが『WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE』後の全容。本作のバーミンガム公演は、最後の英国10公演のうち4公演目にあたるコンサートでした。この1973年の音源というと、ヨーロッパ・アメリカ・日本はかなり充実しているものの、一番薄いのが本国イギリス。本作は、その貴重なイギリスの真実を伝えるライヴアルバムなのです。
すでにピンと来られている方も多いと思いますが、このライヴはかつて『BIRMINGHAM 1973(Darker Than Blue 134)』としてお届けしたこともあります。実のところ、本作に収められているのも『BIRMINGHAM 1973』と同録音なのです。しかし、だからと言って既発のマスリングではあ・り・ま・せ・ん。本作は、近年になって登場した“マスター・クローン”。アナログ・カセットからダイレクトにデジタル化した、もっとも由緒正しい逸品なのです。
実際、本作に吹き出すフレッシュなサウンドは、目も覚めるような鮮やかさ。『BIRMINGHAM 1973』からしてかなりジェネの若いマスターを厳選していただけに「完全な別物」というわけではないのですが、明らかに鮮度が良い。特に違うのはヒスノイズ。『BIRMINGHAM 1973』では(年代を考えれば驚異的に少ないものの)サーッというノイズが全編を覆っていたのですが、本作ではそれがない。綺麗に晴れ渡ったクリアな空気感に第2期DEEP PURPLEが鮮やかに浮かぶ上がるサウンドなのです。これが単に「ノイズがない」以上の効果を生んでいる。これまでは気にしていなかったヒスの向こう側に隠れていた演奏のエッジ、録音のディテールが次々と露わになってくるのです。正直な話、この録音はところどころ音の揺れや欠落があることでも知られていますが、その揺れのディテールまで鮮明になっている。その透明感は、マスタリングでは決して得られないものです。ただし、発掘されたままの音源はピッチが狂っており、かなり早くなっていました。本作では、素のナチュラル・サウンドはそのままに、ピッチだけを正確に修正。この世に1本だけのベスト・バージョンに仕上げました。
その上に来て、演奏も素晴らしい。1973年というとお仕事モードな演奏も垣間見える時期ですが、この日は“最後の本国”の意識が働いてでもいるのか、実に素晴らしい。もちろん、緊張感でギリギリと締め上げるような1970年・1971年レベルには到達しませんが、各人のインプロヴァイズは冴えており、イアン・ギランのノドも絶好調。そのバンド・ポテンシャルで「Mary Long」も披露してくれる。まさに“1973年の代表作”と呼ばれるに相応しいライヴアルバムなのです。


1. Intro. 2. Highway Star 3. Smoke On The Water 4. Strange Kind Of Woman 5. Mary Long
6. Keyboard Solo/Lazy 7. Drum Solo/The Mule 8. Space Truckin’ 9. Black Night

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ian Gillan – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass Jon Lord – Keyboards
Ian Paice – Drums
Darker Than Blue 239

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