Beatles / The Stereo Walk Remastered Edition / 1CDR

Beatles / The Stereo Walk Remastered Edition / 1CDR / Non Label

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From Get Back Sessions & From BBC Side By Side Recorded 4-4-63 And Aired 6-24-63.

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February 23 (Fri) to February 27 (Tue), at the shop front or mail order, the general type of Beano, Tricone, Uxbridge, Wardour, Zion, Trial , Masterport etc, Progress series Virtuoso, Sigma, Amity, Gravy Train, Sirene, Ayanami, Windmill, Metal system Zodiac, Shades, Power Gate, Black Box, Rising Arrow, DTB, Langley, Calm & Storm It is an introduction of items of present / item to customers who purchased two items of “Import Title” of introduction gallery.

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The title of REMASTER WORKSHOP released as another gift item this week is “THE STEREO WALK.” This is also a nostalgic LP item, but was released in 1988. There are many people who think that “There was such an LP?” It is not a special rare LP and there are no new sound sources, and in the end it is a typical class B bootleg that is released in color jackets as a collection of sound sources that were released in the past.
Unlike the 1970s, where stamp covers and slick covers were commonplace, in the 1980s lamination coating and full-color printing jacket designs became commonplace in the boot leg circle. Conversely, even if the contents are not serious, when it is made with a reasonable color jacket it looks like it properly. “THE STEREO WALK” was also one piece of such making.
The time when this album was released was the time before the beginning of the great renaissance of “THE LOST LENNON TAPES” LP series and “ULTRA RARE TRAX” CD, excavation of the surprising sound source of the Beatles was stagnant Era. Then the means left behind by bootlegger has to surpass the quote with past gathering of materials. In fact, most of the sound source contained in this LP is not rare at all, and the quality of sound which the feeling of deterioration copied from the original LP becomes greater and lesser is felt. But the old boots were all like this.
Even so, it is very easy to understand the content of the famous unreleased songs, centered on the first half. Is it the hobby of the producer that starts with unreleased song “Suicide” and overall has many piano piano playing sound sources? Also, “Beatles In The Studio” was the only studio conversation and counts before playing from “SGT. PEPPER’S – A HISTORY OF THE BEATLE YEARS 1962-1970” where the boot of the BOCK set which had the whole radio broadcast at that time was circulating Extracted and summarized. As this peculiar track symbolizes, it seems that he tried to put a rare sound source in a little place, On the B side, unusual sound sources are gathered for a while in talk direction.
When John visited Toronto in 1969, the comment recorded to push the local locker, Ronnie Hawkins’ comeback single, and the grammy award of the Bangladeshi concert on behalf of the performers It is like that. In addition, the apple jumped into the beach boys show and played the drums with “Back In The USSR” was a pirate from their promotional LP.
The contents which gathered the novel sound source somehow on the B side are LP which is also class B likeness and full throttle, and it will be made to feel a nostalgic feeling anything by listening now. In a sense, it sounds exquisite tastefully. Although the pitch of the original LP overall was low, it was the aspect of REMASTER WORKSHOP that adjusted it firmly. It is a gift CD-R that you can enjoy B class junk LP boots in the latter half of the 1980s, blown away by “THE LOST LENNON ~” and “ULTRA RARE TRAX” easily in a clean state and accurate pitch.

(47: 19)
1. Suicide – from Get Back sessions 1-26-69
2. Bad To Me – demo 1963
3. I’ll Be On My Way – from BBC “Side By Side”, recorded 4-4-63 and aired 6-24-63
4. Catswalk – Cavern rehearsal, 1962 (incomplete)
5. Goodbye – demo 1969
Step Inside Love – demo 1968
8. The Walk – from Get Back sessions 1-27-69
9. Back Seat Of My Car – from Get Back sessions 1-14-69
10. Commonwealth – from Get Back sessions 1-9-69
11. Spiritual Regeneration – Happy Birthday – with Mike Love, Rishikesh 1968
12. Suzy Parker – from Get Back sessions 1-9 -69
Ding Dong, Ding Dong – demo for Dark Horse 1974
15. Dark Horse – demo for Dark Horse 1974
16. Hello Little Girl – Decca audition, 1-1-62
Some other Guy – live at Cavern, 9-5 – 62, excerpts from “Sgt .” Sgt. From “Sgt. . Pepper’S Lonely Hearts Club Band: A History Of The Beatles 1963-1970 “. Radio Special
19. John Wizardo Talks To John – John Answered From Question Of Bootlegger At Radio 1974
20. John’S Promo For Ronnie Hawkins -” Down In The Alley ” Single (the long rap)
21. John’s promo for Ronnie Hawkins – “Down In The Alley” Single (the short rap)
22. John And Yoko press conference at Everson Museum 10-8-71
23. Ringo at Grammy Awards – 3- 3-73 (part 1)
24. Ringo at Grammy Awards – 3-3-73 (part 2)

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