Led Zeppelin / Fillmore West 1969 Final Soundboard Recording / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Fillmore West 1969 Final Soundboard Recording / 2CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA. USA 27th April 1969


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ZEP live sound source that our shop this time to release after a long time of 1969. And it is centered on the Fillmore West in April also not be removed absolutely in live recordings of this year! Speaking of April of Fillmore sound board recording on the 27th is famous since ancient times. The SBD sound source is one that is broadcast through FM radio in San Jose to become in 1979, and is not published in real-time in ’69 at that time. Certainly bootleg was recorded this sound source in the 70s that has not been released at all has backed it. Not only a time that has not yet even exist that boot was born, still ZEP the fledgling band. There is no any wonder as such sound board recording has been recorded without the consent of the ZEP side.

In any case, the impact of the SBD recording enormous, and spread during the blink of an eye the LP that appeared In the 1980s that it has its broadcast to the original. Most of first appeared it but it seems it was a “FLYING HIGH”, hiss less the number of stock to Japan on that was riding in grand, many of the people as “LIVE AT FILLMORE WEST 1969”, “MOBY It would not than was it released two titles divided into DICK “. Moreover, there is no art of drum solo song Bonzo had been showing off in ZEP Live ’69 first half to that was titled “Pat’s Delight”, I thought that it is also the song that has been heard here, “Moby Dick” It will remind miss it.
There is also the fact that the few SBD sound source other than the BBC radio in ’69 ZEP live, the number of titles that are on CD also was considerable. Was divided into this also two of the title of Condor as “EXPRESS”, “EDIFACE”, as starting with was good sound quality “SAN FRANCISCO 27/04/69 VOL. 1 & 2” around than that, various items has been released up to now to we have, we’ll be also the person who has it often.

However, in recent years, the longest version From item becomes a mainstream due to mix with the audience recording, SBD, items that were taking advantage of the style of AUD each single sound source has become not observed remarkably. If Kikere certainly the longest sound source might be best at it, but if me this is the Fillmore of April 27th is a classic ’69 live, I want to have the best version of each of the sound source … of course press CD so. There was a voice of mania that. Moreover, this Fillmore has characteristics of each sound source to previous splendor of playing content, there is a thing that a single release of each sound source is even more can not be ignored.
The first will introduce here, was recorded SBD sound source alone is version. Why is not whether to clear such a sound board recording is left (and that it is not at least live recording for the album certainly) is, that the live stage of the time of the fledgling that lively has been recorded in this way is really good luck It’s as you would say.
There is also the fact that all members were very young, but long “As Long I Have You” Any beginning and was playing a superhuman. Plant and Scream, already but is Bonzo of course the personality of drumming has been established at this point, Johnsy also playing the quiet face was terrible phrase is, it is nothing else even play Paige introduced the Les Paul from this tour It is overwhelming. This is in fact said to be consistently in the guitar playing of ’69 of Paige, but the succession of anyway elegant phrase is thought to wind the tongue.

And it is SBD sound source that has been many releases until now, but this time will be released with version boasts the clear of most natural. Of course, also cut in “The Train Kept A Rollin ‘” early and “Pat’s Delight” of the opening, and does not change, such as the second set of monaural sound quality corresponding to handsome of disk this time. Especially one of the sound source in recent years of the SBD and AUD hybrid item not a few that can be summarized in a state not in the best state, is here the version of the sound source also feel the deterioration due to surprisingly equalize feeling and generation that seems as if Detsukushi when you listen to one there was. This natural is and clearness in the point there is a wonderful thing. SBD sound source part is caused to re-recognize the goodness of comfort to hear that E has the original, will be fresh SBD-only version is limited press CD release!


いずれにせよ、SBD録音のインパクトは絶大で、80年代に入るとその放送を元にしたと思われるLPが瞬く間に広まります。一番最初に登場したのは「FLYING HIGH」だったと思われますが、ヒスノイズが盛大に乗っていた上に日本への入荷数が少なく、多くの人は「LIVE AT FILLMORE WEST 1969」と「MOBY DICK」に分かれてリリースされた二タイトルだったのではないでしょうか。しかも69年上半期のZEPライブでボンゾが披露していたドラム・ソロ曲が「Pat’s Delight」というタイトルだったことをする術がなく、ここで聴かれた曲も「Moby Dick」だと思っていたことが懐かしく思い出されます。
69年ZEPライブでBBCラジオ以外の数少ないSBD音源ということもあり、CD化されたタイトルの数もかなりのものでした。コンドルのこれまた二つのタイトルに分かれた「EXPRESS」と「EDIFACE」、それよりも音質の良かった「SAN FRANCISCO 27/04/69 VOL. 1&2」辺りを皮切りとして、現在まで様々なアイテムがリリースされてきましたし、それをお持ちの方も多いことでしょう。

メンバー全員が非常に若かったということもありますが、長い「As Long I Have You」を始めとした演奏はどれも超人的。プラントのスクリームや、既にこの時点でドラミングの個性が確立されていたボンゾはもちろんですが、ジョンジーも大人しい顔して凄いフレーズを弾き、何といってもこのツアーからレスポールを導入したペイジのプレイが圧倒的です。これは69年のペイジのギター・プレイに一貫して言えることではありますが、とにかく流麗なフレーズの連続には舌を巻く思いです。

そして今までも数多くリリースされてきたSBD音源ですが、今回はもっともナチュラルでクリアーさを誇るバージョンでリリースとなります。もちろん、今回もオープニングの「The Train Kept A Rollin’」の序盤や「Pat’s Delight」におけるカット、そして二枚目のディスクに相当するセカンド・セットのモノラル音質などは変わりません。特に近年のSBDとAUD混成アイテムではどちらかの音源もベストの状態でない状態でまとめられることが少なくなく、一聴すると出尽くしたかのように思えるこちらの音源も意外とイコライズ感やジェネレーションによる劣化を感じさせるバージョンがありました。その点において今回のナチュラルさやクリアネスは素晴らしいものがあります。SBD音源パートが本来持ちえた聴き心地の良さを再認識させられる、新鮮なSBDオンリー・バージョンが限定のプレスCDリリースとなります!

Disc 1 (58:52)
1. Train Kept A Rollin’ 2. I Can’t Quit You Baby 3. As Long As I Have You
4. You Shook Me 5. How Many More Times

Disc 2 (53:51)
1. Killing Floor 2. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You 3. Sittin’ Here Thinkin’
4. Pat’s Delight 5. Dazed And Confused 6. Communication Breakdown


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