Deep Purple / Alpine Valley 1985 / 1DVD+2Bonus CDR

Deep Purple / Alpine Valley 1985 / 1DVD+2Bonus CDR / Darker Than Blue

Live at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wisconsin, USA 17th August 1985 plus Bonus 2CDR “ALPINE VALLEY 1985: Pro-Shot / Audience


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Translated Text:

“PERFECT STRANGER TOUR 1984-1985” which “golden five people” bit success and was having the most fulfilling time in music life. The new excavation multi camera / pro shot appears.
Speaking of the long project shot video of “PERFECT STRANGER TOUR”, there was also a Paris show known as “ROCKPALAST” broadcast, which was officially performed at “PERFECT STRANGERS LIVE”. However, this work is different from either one. It is a multi camera camera shots that can enjoy a full show of 1 hour 51 minutes of ” East Troy Performance on August 17, 1985 ‘.
Before the content of that shock, first of all the show position. Let’s check from the whole view of “Perfect STRANGERS” era with honeymoon and success.

● 1984
“October 29” PERFECT STRANGERS “released”
· November 27 – December 18: Oceania (13 performances) ← ※ Official
● 1985
· January 18 – April 9: North America # 1 (47 performances)
· May 3 – 16: Hawaii + Japan (8 shows)
· June 14 – July 17: Europe (17 performances) ← ※ ROCKPALAST
· August 14 – 24: North America # 2 (6 shows) ← ★ Coco ★

The whole of the reunion era when this was truly shining. “PERFECT STRANGERS LIVE” is the “Oceania” tour just after the tour starts, “ROCKPALAST” is the picture of “Europe” after the Japanese performance. In contrast, the East Troy performance of this work is “North America # 2” at the end of the tour of Honeymoon. Besides, it was the final stage of the fourth tour from the end of the tour.
To tell the truth, it was long known that this show was filmed professionally. “Space Truckin ‘” was recorded (with no credit) in the official work “NEW, LIVE & RARE: THE VIDEO COLLECTION 1984-2000”, and drum solo was also seen on Ian Pace’s DVD “NOT FOR THE PRO’S”. Still it has been thought that shooting has taken a long time, but it was about two years ago that I realized that it was actually long-length shooting. Pro shot video of song unit started to be released on the net little by little. “Knocking ‘At Your Back Door” “Smoke On The Water” “Difficult To Cure” “Perfect Strangers” … Whenever one song and one song is made public, “Were there such a picture? “We are talking about topics. And “Highway Star” was released, and the world reached convinced that “complete version” existed.
And finally. Very recently, its complete version took off the veil. That’s it. It is a press DVD that permanently preserves the golden fullshow.
Just like this “long-awaited” work. Of course the quality is great and the world awaits. Currently there is an official work “PERFECT STRANGERS LIVE”, so it can not be called lightly “Official grade”, but if it was at that time in 1985 I was calling without hesitation. The picture quality which is not via broadcast radio waves and analog dubbing is overwhelming, glossy coloring is beautiful, there is no white line noise and no tape. It is the image beauty that surpasses even the most popular “ROCKPALAST”.
Pro shot the world is trembling right now, but only one disadvantage. In the intro of “Knocking At Your Back Door”, the sound is about 15 seconds off. This is a disadvantage from the time it was released as a song unit, even in the complete version. It seems to be a mistake in shooting. Conversely, there are no other drawbacks like faults, but should be perfect as long as it is permanently preserved. In this work, it complemented with the superb audience recording, realizing a perfectly seamless full show recording. Besides, this audience recording is also a strange high quality, and it is a perfection degree that you do not know where it is supplemental (even if it is told) if not told.
Such miraculous multicamera is drawn by “The Golden Five” Honeymoon Show. In “PERFECT STRANGERS LIVE”, RAINBOW NORI remained in Ritchie Blackmore and Roger Glover, but this work is the last stage of the tour as described above. We have already won the national, Japan and European countries, and it is not Hanpa. A free mood, a flexible and supple ensemble that unleashes innovation, is undoubtedly “that 5 people”. You can taste that talking sympathy with multi camera images and direct sound board. This can be said to be a show similar to the “ROCKPALAST” schedule. Although Ian · Guillan is hard to say, it is still better than “ROCKPALAST”, but even in “Strange Kind Of Woman” it will also suppress the audience with a powerful shout. And above all, “ROCKPALAST” has been cut “Child In Time”. Even though I owe to the power of the octaver, Gillan (who can hear the sound of Bongo properly) to make a terrible scream, but Ritchie responding to that singing with the solo of Cirecchi … …. Now you can see British HR treasure scenes that you can not hope for with multi camera camera shots.

Richie who sprains solo under a tremendous tension by putting himself down at the feet of Guillan. It is a masterpiece multicamera · pro shot of “HONEYUKU” PERFECT STRANGER TOUR “stuck in my heart even in such a single frame. A historic excavation that is not exactly ten years ago. Please, please fully enjoy with the permanent preservation press DVD!

“黄金の5人”が成功を噛みしめ、音楽人生で最も充実した時を過ごしていた“PERFECT STRANGER TOUR 1984-1985”。その新発掘マルチカメラ・プロショットが登場です。
“PERFECT STRANGER TOUR”の長尺プロショット映像と言えば、『PERFECT STRANGERS LIVE』で公式もされたシドニー公演、“ROCKPALAST”放送で知られるパリ公演もありました。しかし、本作はそのどちらとも違う。「1985年8月17日イースト・トロイ公演」の1時間51分に及ぶフルショウを楽しめるマルチカメラ・プロショットなのです。
その衝撃の内容の前に、まずはショウのポジション。蜜月と成功を極めた『PERFECT STRANGERS』時代の全景から確認してみましょう。


これが真に輝いていた再結成時代の全容。『PERFECT STRANGERS LIVE』はツアー開始直後の「オセアニア」ツアーであり、“ROCKPALAST”は日本公演後の「欧州」の映像。それに対して本作のイースト・トロイ公演は蜜月のツアー終盤の「北米#2」。しかも、ツアー最後から4公演目という最終盤でした。
実のところ、このショウがプロ撮影されていたことは古くから知られていました。公式作『NEW, LIVE & RARE: THE VIDEO COLLECTION 1984-2000』に「Space Truckin’」が(ノークレジットながら)収録され、イアン・ペイスのDVD『NOT FOR THE PRO’S』でもドラムソロが観られた。それでも長らく細切れ撮影と思われてきましたが、実は長尺撮影だと分かったのは今から約2年前のこと。曲単位のプロショット映像が少しずつネット公開され始めたのです。「Knocking’ At Your Back Door」「Smoke On The Water」「Difficult To Cure」「Perfect Strangers」……1曲、また1曲と公開される度、「こんな映像あったのか」「まだ残ってる!?」と話題を振りまいてきました。そして「Highway Star」が公開されるに及び、世界が「完全版が存在する」と確信するに至ったのです。
まさに「待望」の本作。もちろんクオリティが素晴らしいからこそ、世界が待ち望んだ。現在では公式作『PERFECT STRANGERS LIVE』があるために軽々に「オフィシャル級」とは呼べないのですが、これが1985年当時であったら躊躇わずに呼んでいた。放送電波もアナログ・ダビングも介していない画質は圧倒的で、艶やかな発色は美しく、白線ノイズもテープヨレもない。それこそ大定番の“ROCKPALAST”さえ凌駕する映像美なのです。
今まさに世界が震撼しているプロショットですが、欠点が1つだけ。「Knocking At Your Back Door」のイントロで音声が15秒ほど切れてしまうのです。これは曲単位に公開された頃からの欠点で、完全版でも同じ。撮影時のミスのようです。逆に言えば、それ以外に欠点らしい欠点がないのですが、永久保存する以上は完璧を期するべき。本作では極上のオーディエンス録音で補完し、完璧にシームレスなフルショウ収録を実現しました。しかも、このオーディエンス録音がまた異様なほどのハイクオリティであり、言われなければ(いえ、言われても)どこが補完部分なのか分からないほどの完成度なのです。
そんな奇跡のマルチカメラで描かれるのは、“黄金の5人”蜜月のショウ。『PERFECT STRANGERS LIVE』ではリッチー・ブラックモアやロジャー・グロヴァーにRAINBOWノリも残っていましたが、本作は上記したようにツアー最終盤。すでに全米・日本・欧州を制覇しており、こなれ方がハンパではない。自在なインプロを交わす自由なムード、柔軟でしなやかなアンサンブルは、間違いなく“あの5人”。その会話するような交感をマルチカメラの映像とド直結のサウンドボードで味わえる。これは日程の近い“ROCKPALAST”に似たショウとも言える。それだけにイアン・ギランは絶好調とは言い難いものの、それでも“ROCKPALAST”よりは良く「Strange Kind Of Woman」でもド迫力のシャウトで観客を制圧する。そして何より、“ROCKPALAST”ではカットされてしまった「Child In Time」。オクターバーの力を借りているとは言え、それでも凄まじい絶叫を轟かせるギラン(ボンゴの音もちゃんと聞こえます)、その熱唱にキレッキレのソロで応えるリッチー……。今や望むべくもない英国HR至宝のシーンをマルチカメラ・プロショットで観られるのです。

ギランの足下に身を伏せ、凄まじいテンションでソロを紡ぐリッチー。そんな1コマでさえ心に突き刺さる蜜月の“PERFECT STRANGER TOUR”の大傑作マルチカメラ・プロショットです。まさに10年に一度もない歴史的大発掘。どうぞ、永久保存プレスDVDで存分にご堪能ください!

1. Intro. 2. Highway Star 3. Nobody’s Home 4. Strange Kind Of Woman 5. Blues
6. A Gypsy’s Kiss 7. Perfect Strangers 8. Under The Gun 9. Lazy 10. Drum Solo
11. Child In Time 12. Knocking At Your Back Door 13. Difficult To Cure
14. Keyboard Solo 15. Space Truckin’ 16. Woman From Tokyo 17. Smoke On The Water


Darker Than Blue 265


Deep Purple / Alpine Valley 1985 Audience Recording / 2Single CDR / Non label
Live at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wisconsin, USA 17th August 1985

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Translated text:

This press DVD is exactly a historical new excavation multi camera · pro shot. Naturally it is an unnecessary impact work such as a bonus, but in reality the shaw’s site was so frightful that it could not be transmitted by pro shot. So I decided to attach special masterpiece audience recording that will tell me the truth.
That’s why in this work is the same as the main press press DVD “August 17, 1985 East Troy Performance”. That is full-audience recording. That quality is really neat. As a matter of fact, there is a distance, so it is not a type to mistake as a sound board, but master freshness is wonderful. It is a recording that is known to mania from ancient times, but this work is said to be its highest peak. In recent years it has been newly transferred, there is no deterioration or yore, there is no sense of stability that the fresh sounds shake all the time (there is also a contact sound of the beginning microphone, but it will be a beautiful sound when the performance begins). It is master enough to be used also for complementing the main press DVD (“Intro 15” of “Knocking At Your Back Door”).
Drawed with that sound is a full show overwhelmed by the huge DEEP PURPLE popularity. Actually, it was a recording that sucked in a big cheer, and that frenzy is amazing. The ocean of neat applause spreading far and far is vast, and the amount of heat from which one voice one voice emanates is not an end. Although it is natural between songs, the whistle flies while playing, the roaring of the bastard and the yellow scream intermingle. As a precaution we add, this work is not a type that suffers from the loud voice / bizarre that is coming up. However, the carpet of applause is always spread all the time under the performance.
This enthusiasm is good in itself. Great. If anything, DEEP PURPLE is an authentic group of performers, and there is also a cool image. If you are at a Japanese site, you can even concentrate on not even missing that one sound. However, it is quite different to hear from this work. Is it Aero? Is it guns? It is a crazy hot weather to think that it is a street feeling to terrible. Dynamism of the large crowd riding like the ocean in the middle of “Gypsys Kiss” … …. How huge was the popular nationwide popularity I witnessed how the PURPLE resurrection was a huge incident? It is also a document / album that attends the real site.

Among various live items, it is exhausted as multi camera / pro shot when speaking of the highest peak. Although it is the main press press DVD which became the historical new excavation, even with having the highest peak, the heat of the time and the insanity of the whole country do not convey. It is super super / live album that teaches it with skin sense. I touched the fact that “PERFECT STRANGER TOUR” was a honeymoon period, but it was not a sweet girlfriend, it was also an enthusiasm involving the world. One that stands in the middle. Please enjoy plenty with a miracle pro shot.

そんなわけで、本作に収められているのは本編プレスDVDと同じ「1985年8月17日イースト・トロイ公演」。そのフル・オーディエンス録音です。そのクオリティは、実に端正。実のところ、やや距離があるのでサウンドボードと間違えるタイプではないのですが、マスター鮮度が素晴らしい。古くからマニアに知られている録音なのですが、本作はその最高峰と言われているもの。近年になって新たにトランスファーされ、ヨレや劣化も見当たらず、瑞々しいサウンドが終始揺るがない安定感も絶品(冒頭マイクの接触音もありますが、演奏が始まる頃には美音になります)。本編プレスDVDの補完(「Knocking At Your Back Door」のイントロ15秒)にも使われたほどのマスターなのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるのは、絶大なDEEP PURPLE人気に圧倒されるフルショウ。実は大歓声を吸い込んだ録音でして、その熱狂ぶりが凄いのなんの。遠く遠くまで広がる端正な喝采の海が広大で、その1声1声が発散する熱量も半端じゃない。曲間は当然ですが、演奏中も口笛が飛び交い、野太い野郎の咆哮と黄色い悲鳴が混じり合う。念のために付け加えますが、本作は間近な大声・奇声に悩まされるタイプではありません。しかし、演奏の足下には喝采の絨毯が常に敷き詰められているのです。
この熱狂が何とも良い。素晴らしい。どちらかと言えば、DEEP PURPLEは本格派の演奏集団であり、渋いイメージもある。日本の現場であれば、その1音さえも聞き逃すまいという集中力さえ感じられます。しかし、本作から聞こえてくるのはまるで違う。それこそエアロか?ガンズか?と思うほどの狂った熱気であり、凄まじいまでのストリート感。「Gypsys Kiss」の中盤で大海原のようにうねる大観衆の躍動……。PURPLE復活がいかに巨大な事件だったのか、目の当たりにした全米人気がいかに凄まじかったのか。そのリアルな現場に立ち会えるドキュメント・アルバムでもあるのです。

さまざまなライヴアイテムの中でも、最高峰と言えばマルチカメラ・プロショットに尽きる。その歴史的新発掘となった本編プレスDVDですが、その最高峰を持ってしても、当時の熱気、全米の狂気は伝わってこない。それを肌感覚で教えてくれる超リアル・ライヴアルバムです。“PERFECT STRANGER TOUR”が蜜月期だった事は何度も触れましたが、それは甘っちょろい仲良しごっこではなく、世界を巻き込んだ熱狂でもあった。そのただ中に立つ1本。どうぞ、奇跡のプロショットと共にたっぷりとお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (50:29)
1. Announcer Talking 2. Intro Music 3. Highway Star 4. Nobodys Home
5. Strange Kind Of Woman 6. Blues 7. Gypsys Kiss 8. Perfect Strangers
9. Under The Gun 10. Lazy 11. Drum Solo

Disc 2 (63:56)
1. Child In Time 2. Knocking At Your Back Door 3. Difficult To Cure 4. Keyboard Solo
5. Space Truckin’ 6. Woman From Tokyo 7. Smoke On The Water

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