Bob Dylan / The Ginsberg Tapes 1965 / 4CD

Bob Dylan / The Ginsberg Tapes 1965 / 4CD / Non Label

Translated text:
Masonic Memorial Temple, San Francisco, CA. USA 11th December 1965 &Civic Auditorium, San Jose, CA. USA 12th December 1965


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At the beginning of August, a shock ran across Dylan Mania all over the world. The audience recording which caught the live of the latter half of 1965, entitled “2 uncirculated shows from 1965” on the net suddenly appeared. The excavation of live sound sources of vintage age always brings out a great response, but undoubtedly it is a maniac madness if it becomes a sound source in the latter half of 65 years when Dylan began playing an electric rock. If such a period comes, historical excavation will be made regardless of the audience recording. On the other hand, because it is a vintage era audience recording, it is tough in terms of sound quality … it can still be helped. There are sound sources in any way, so it is of great significance to excavate in this way.
Although it is far from the level where you want to call “sound board” as well as the sound source of the two performances excavated this time, it is surprisingly clear as an audience recording of ancient rock no longer called 1965 It is easy to hear. It also surprised maniacs all over the world.
That was supposed to be that poet, Allen Ginsberg that recorded the sound source this time. Yes, it is a recording by a person who is not an exaggeration to say one of Dylan’s best friends. If you do so, you do not need to hide behaviors like ordinary audiences recording, you can record a concert as a Dylan friend as you can record a dignified, clear recording condition that you could leave. Of course, in 65 years it is an era that does not blame the audience recording itself, but when it becomes a person in a position like Ginsberg the recording position is perfect.
Another thing to be surprised is the good freshness of this tape. Even if it is an ancient audience recording, it can not be helped even if it is covered with noise and rough texture. However, what is the problem, it is hard to believe that this is an outstanding freshness or the 65-year audience recording which I had been asleep until now. It was also a time when Dylan toured in the second half of 65 years when he toured with the band, and there are surprisingly many audience recordings that fans recorded from audience seats, but compared to past sound sources An exceptional vintage recording quality that you can hear as much as possible.

Ginsburg recorded the first recording on December 11th in San Francisco. A familiar name with the word “Song And Dance Maen”, a live performance about one week after a press conference held on December 3 at the same place. Unfortunately, “She Belongs To Me” which was played on the first song was recorded, but instead, the oldest live version of “Visions Of Johanna”, a new song that was trial and error at that time at the studio, was super valuable. It should have been called “Freeze Out” yet at this time. There are countless live takes in the following year, but the song-playing version of 65 years which is still a little tempo fast is fresh. It has been said that live performances have already been played since this year, but a sound source that demonstrates it finally appeared.
The electric set which uploads the sound image is tight and the momentum performance is wonderful. Our shop released at “LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL” is also remembered since memorizing the bands from the Hollywood bowl in September through a member change and the bands are gathered together. What is even more surprising is the good behavior of the audience. It is remembered when Dylan followed the band that a storm of booing like Forest Hills or UK tour of the following year. However, in the two performances excavated this time, the audience listens closely even after the band has appeared. It was said that booing had calmed down in the United States at this time, but this sound source also demonstrates it. Furthermore, in “Positively 4th Street” the two big hits called “Like A Rolling Stone” are stunned by the excitement that the great cheers flutter as the performance starts.

Ginzberg accompanied Dylan to the concert performed at San Jose which took place the next day and has performed a recording. Unfortunately, “Freeze Out” thing “Visions Of Johanna” was not played in the acoustic set of this day, but it was a point that it totally recorded from the opening in place instead. He was turning the tape before Dylan appeared, but it is interesting that the fans came closer and asked, “Is it Mr. Ginsberg? Will Joan Baez come today?” On the other hand, it was his scene that he answered kindly “I will not come home, she will be home today.”
On this day the sound image is closer than the previous day, and as a result, it is the one with the highest sound quality among the existing audience recordings of Dylan 1965. Even if it is an acoustic set, the sound image does not become blurred due to the reverberation of the hole, and it is easy to hear as it is surprising to hear with the current ears. Also it is interesting that Dylan’s way of singing is not as dull as the UK tour of the following year.
When it comes to the electric set, the sound quality is finally promoted to a wonderful state and the quality of surprise that you can hear well to the baseline of Rick · Dancy firmly. The Beatles and Stones also have an audience recording that captured the stage of 65 years, but there is no sound source that boasts such a clearness at all. This is one thanks to Dylan (Folk) · Manner of fans who is free from fans’ screaming.

Overall, Dylan’s voice is on the verge of being played, but it is still a good sound. Actually, I think that such a surprising recording was sleeping until now, only the electric set of this day is actually a released sound source already. An item that included an electric set of Berkeley performance on December 3 more than two decades ago, for example, “LONG DISTANCE OPERATOR” was released, but in fact this same recording is also this time. In other words, it was found by the excavation this time that the sound source which was believed to be the Berkeley performance in the past was actually the San Jose performance.
Even those items in the past were of good sound quality, but this time the upper sound quality enough to understand and listen to it is also fluffy. Although it is now released (“50th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION 1965”) by Official (bonus copy from boot) in the name of Berkeley Performance, the sound quality is better than that, so that items of various Berkeley performance titles are not used for all I guess.
And here is where we are going to line up with the fans, but Ginsberg met with Dylan at the dressing room before and during the performance at each of the two days’ concerts, and he was recording the pattern as well. However, these “conversation” recordings have a long record time, and it is strict for Japanese people to be honest that English conversation continues with age. Therefore, in this release, the conversation between Dylan and Ginsberg left on both days is placed at the end of each second disc, that is, the position of the bonus track. I will assure you that it has become easier to hear further by this.
Even just saying that it is a sound source that captured the stage in the late 1965 which was enveloped in a mystery until now, there is something that is immeasurable in historical value, but from the ease of listening to that surprise and the good state of the tape, equalization We have not made it almost. We confined the historical excavation sound source which is attracting attention of maniacs all over the world in a definite press CD in an ideal form. What is this quality in 1965!

この8月の冒頭、世界中のディラン・マニアの間に衝撃が走りました。ネット上に「2 uncirculated shows from 1965」と題された、1965年後半のライブを捉えたオーディエンス録音が突如登場したのです。ビンテージな年代のライブ音源の発掘はいつも大きな反響を巻き起こすものですが、ディランがエレクトリックなロックを演奏し始めた65年後半の音源となれば間違いなくマニア狂喜。そんな時期と来れば、オーディエンス録音であれども歴史的な発掘となる。その反面、何しろビンテージな時代のオーディエンス録音ですから、音質的には厳しい…それでも仕方がない。何しろ音源が存在し、こうして発掘されることに大きな意義があるのだから。

ギンズバーグが最初に録音してくれたのは12月11日のサンフランシスコ。あの「ソング・アンド・ダンスメーン」と言う名言でおなじみ、同所で12月3日に行われた記者会見から約一週間後のライブ。残念ながら一曲目に演奏された「She Belongs To Me」は録音しそびれてしまいましたが、代わりに当時スタジオで試行錯誤していた新曲である「Visions Of Johanna」最古のライブ・バージョンが超貴重。この頃はまだ「Freeze Out」と呼ばれていたはず。翌年には無数のライブ・テイクが残されていますが、まだ少しテンポが速い65年の弾き語りバージョンが新鮮です。この年から既にライブ演奏されていたと言われていましたが、遂にそれを実証してくれる音源が現れました。
音像もアップするエレクトリック・セットはタイトで勢いのある演奏が素晴らしい。当店が「LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL」でリリースしたのも記憶に新しい9月のハリウッド・ボウルからメンバー・チェンジを経てバンドが格段にまとまっているからです。さらに驚かされるのがオーディエンスの行儀の良さ。ディランがバンドを従えた時期と言うと思い出されるのがフォーレスト・ヒルズや翌年のイギリス・ツアーのようなブーイングの嵐。ところがどっこい、今回発掘された二公演ではバンドが登場してからもオーディエンスがじっくりと聞き入っているのです。この頃になるとアメリカではブーイングが沈静化していたと言われていましたが、それもまたこの音源が実証してくれます。さらには「Positively 4th Street」に「Like A Rolling Stone」という二大ヒット・ナンバーでは演奏が始まるや否や大歓声が飛び交う盛り上がりに唖然。

ギンズバーグは翌日に行われたサン・ノゼで行われたコンサートにもディランに同行して録音を敢行してくれました。この日のアコースティック・セットでは残念ながら「Freeze Out」こと「Visions Of Johanna」は演奏されなかったのですが、代わりにオープニングから完全収録してくれたのがポイント高い。彼はディランが登場する前からテープを回していたのですが、ファンが近づいてきて「ギンズバーグさんですよね?今日ジョーン・バエズは来ますか?」と質問されているのが面白い。それに対し「来ないよ、彼女は今日は家だろうね」と優しく答えてあげているのが彼らしい場面でした。

全体的にはディランの声が演奏に追いやられ気味ではありますが、それにしてもイイ音。こんな驚きの録音が今まで眠っていたかと思いきや、実はこの日のエレクトリック・セットだけは既にリリース済な音源なのです。今から二十年以上前、12月3日のバークレー公演のエレクトリック・セットを収録したアイテム、例えば「LONG DISTANCE OPERATOR」といったタイトルがリリースされていたのですが、実は今回も同じ録音なのです。つまり、過去にバークレー公演だと思われていた音源が、実はサン・ノゼ公演であったことも今回の発掘によって判明したという。
それら過去のアイテムでも良好な音質でしたが、今回はさらに一聴して解るほどのアッパーな音質も流石。今やバークレー公演名義でオフィシャル(おまけにブートからのコピー)でもリリース(「50th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION 1965」)されていますが、それよりも音質が良く、これによって各種バークレー公演名義のアイテムはすべて用なしとなってしまうでしょう。

Masonic Memorial Temple, San Francisco, CA. USA 11th December 1965

Disc 1 (52:43)
1. To Ramona 2. Gates Of Eden 3. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue 4. Desolation Row
5. Love Minus Zero/No Limit 6. Visions of Johanna (Freeze Out) 7. Mr. Tambourine Man

Disc 2 (60:32)
1. Tombstone Blues 2. I Don’t Believe You 3. Baby Let Me Follow You Down
4. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues 5. Long Distance Operator 6. It Ain’t Me Babe
7. Ballad of a Thin Man 8. Positively 4th Street 9. Like A Rolling Stone
10. Backstage Conversation Before The Show

Civic Auditorium, San Jose, CA. USA 12th December 1965

Disc 3 (47:42)
1. Ginsberg And Audience Chat 2. She Belongs To Me 3. To Ramona 4. Gates Of Eden
5. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue 6. Desolation Row 7. Love Minus Zero/No Limit
8. Mr. Tambourine Man

Disc 4 (63:06)
1. Tombstone Blues 2. I Don’t Believe You 3. Baby Let Me Follow You Down
4. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues 5. Long Distance Operatorb6. It Ain’t Me Babe
7. Ballad of a Thin Man 8. Positively 4th Street 9. Like A Rolling Stone
10. Interval Conversation

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