Asia / Asia In Asia Definitive Audience Masters / 5CD+DVD+Republic Ticket

Asia / Asia In Asia Definitive Audience Masters / 5CD+DVD+Republic Ticket /Virtuoso

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Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 6th & 8th December 1983, Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka , Japan 9th December 1983.


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Asia’s new this year first, Virtuoso Label appeared in the press CD more! round out their 30th anniversary ASIA IN ASIA, is the last title in the series ultimate.Complete recording of the four-day all performances in total six disk called DVD1 sheet press CD5 sheets + press what! Of all of course! Is the full complete version of the enhancement that covers up to the state of after the show opening remarks of each day, and music, there is no precedent title you complete package in one performance, this work will become the title of the first, but the title fancy made ​​it specifically for ASIA IN ASIA thoroughly so far will not come out in the future perhaps . In the final definitive edition and first appearance in the title exactly, 6-Disc Memorial title of extremely high quality that batch verification in 2014 Remastered latest ASIA IN ASIA all performances is (5CD +1 DVD). It is the 6th day of recording in Disc-1 first, but this latest remastered (※ Disc-1 ~ Disc2-[2]) Total part the 6th “DRAGON ATTACK 1983 (Ayanami-055)” the name board of the Kitai sound image has been redesigned by applying to. It was recorded sound good originally very, succeeded in bringing out exactly to the sound of muted resolution was sweet rather, the sound image more accurate has been realized in its outstanding. You will be surprised that the positive α effect that transparency be increased further, a faint sound is heard well at close range as a tone with the core blur-free, and did not expect to punch the overall sound is born. Also, is the fact that a full recording’s further enhance the completeness of this Disc-1. “DRAGON ATTACK 1983” was the title with excellent sound quality, to be sure, MTV host was done before the start of the show: the first opening remarks of Mark Goodman was a non-collecting. The recorded uncut this time also this opening remarks, we have become like listen without one also lack the full picture of the show. Tape has continued around three and a half minutes or more also what state of after the show, dates of future ASIA IN ASIA’s listen in the announcement of the actual public address you also do a nice place. The song order levels because they are included in the set as the actual sound board decision board that was released in December last year: that the flow of the show the second half is unlike Disc-1 of “ASIA IN ASIA DEFINITIVE SOUNDBOARD MASTERS” You can not miss. Full recorded Budokan last day of the 8th and 3 Disc-2 followed. Those re-mastered carefully (Disc2-[3] ~ Disc-3) recorded the 8th part “DRAGON ATTACK 1983 (Ayanami-055)” the name board has been Recorded as well. It was also originally sound quality excellent, but the sound image phenomenal leaving one step forward than the previous work by correcting carefully the pitch was slow somewhat this time, was subjected to noise removal and equalization for shaping the sound balance of the entire implementation It becomes the finish you have, feel more strongly beat of music. Japanese men have served from this day opening remarks before the start of the show, but the state also fade-in recording from the late greeting in this work. This is because the opening remarks that have been recorded in full fan tape the sound source of the 8th in existence does not exist at the moment, this is the longest version of this at the moment. what’s very different from the contents of the 6th and 7th in that the set list is changed significantly, playing time also grew significantly it would be interesting change. Solo time of Downs and Howe has been enhanced, too, and became debuted on this day “Don’t Cry” also shows off the ending stunning that it repeated rehearsal firm a few hours before this (※ Enjoy: “SOUNDCHECK AT BUDOKAN 8th December 1983 DON’T CRY”) bonus CDR is how the rehearsal!. Performance of this 8-day it is immediately after the U.S. relay will be talked about as sound image of relaxation well, but if Sessure in this remastered sound that you come close further sound of the original sound, Asia of this day note one by one how much you’ll see it too? had the depth to, playing tough. State of after the show because it has been recorded two and a half minutes or more plentiful, and the lingering sense of fulfillment after you have finished listening also has become very high. The has been recorded and 5 Disc-4 It is Osaka Castle Hall of the 9th. This is what tried to further improve sound quality “FAREWELL (Ayanami-136)” in the name board that was dismissed the same day the title of the other surface quality of the sound source in the 9th. Specifically, adjust the range of the treble was out in slight excess, and become (speck does not detract from the sound dynamic high that clarity but ※) to sound image that does not remain with the shrill to the ear in its outstanding ease increases significantly as it was to hear from, remastered sound of extremely high quality has been born. You came to hear the sound of the bass stands out more the charm, it’s try to follow by comparing the line characteristic of Greg that has been unveiled and the actual line of Wet-N that I was used to listening This also would be interesting. I think (or interpretation of Greg unique) is very interesting differences in line with the “Daylight” and “Here Comes The Feeling” the second half of this day in particular, the expression difference is more enjoyable. And be noted another, it is that the missing part of the performance that existed in its outstanding panel has been resolved in this work. Loss of about three seconds had occurred at the beginning of “Only Time Will Tell” as a drawback of the only “FAREWELL”, but this work is partially compensated from the excellent alternative source of the same the 9th this part restoration. Because it has been applied carefully the treatment does not feel the traces of repair of course, playing the 9th of the original has been revived in the finish perfect in nature. The adequacy of each performance is higher than other days also a feature of the 9th, I’m out does not lose even playing 82 years for the song of the 1st album in particular, the sound sensual with the power. Some of the best high tension and intense driving rhythm of “Cutting It Fine” even through all the dates, and bolero second half there are many one turn also it would be a big gift that gave birth mistakes. Tape is kept around one and a half minutes or more after the show, lingering end of the event the last day are also trapped firmly. Last will be DVD disc. I have raised from the laser disk version of Japan, the pattern of the 7th that had the United States relay. It was released in December last year: is the same as the bonus title of “ASIA IN ASIA DEFINITIVE SOUNDBOARD MASTERS”, but glad response to the crisp picture quality and good color development of laser version unique over the video version than expected big, press on DVD was achieved in a way that is boost the voice of such a visitor this time. It becomes the one piece that you want to back up a strong Disc-1 ~ 5 boasts a finish unparalleled. This work has become all audience recording with the exception of the DVD, but this is that four days in perspective into the sea of sound Tayutau the venue is not an up close perspective of the sound board, Yuku down more to the depths of the layer It is because we aim to come close to. In other words, has become a title for “master from seat venue” the ASIA IN ASIA, it is composed of exceptionally excellent audience recording therefore.Recorded sound has become one that can realize the highest value the strength and texture of sound that none had analog recording in the early 80’s, the sound image will appear clearly surprised by the latest remastering, each You should be surely satisfied you HAVE its outstanding board. But instead of vain Wet-N because There were no, and what possibilities of sound was able to Wet-N is push simply because was absent in that 1983 is the processing listen to ASIA IN ASIA maximum. By all means, please enjoy 6-Disc title last title of the series strongest it. This weekend, it is landing in Japan! Finally to decorate the body in a beautiful picture disc ★ 100 pieces only the first will be the release of a sticker with numbering into. ★ the first delivery amount, insert it was reprinted in two flyers of 1983 Asia tour is attached. John Wetton version caption “super band the best ever era gave birth” (“throw away the glory of the past, incandescent live of the man who bet now” and is brave, and “satellite relay concert! Japan’s first” (back John Fox) 2 version) Greg Lake version of Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 6th December 1983 

本年最初のエイジア新作は、VirtuosoレーベルよりプレスCDで登場!! ASIA IN ASIA 30周年記念を締めくくる、シリーズ究極のラスト・タイトルです。何とプレスCD5枚+プレスDVD1枚という合計6枚ディスクで4日間全公演を完全収録!! 各日の冒頭挨拶、楽曲、そして終演後の様子まで網羅した充実のフル・コンプリート版です! もちろん全ての公演をひとつに完全パッケージしたタイトルは前例が無く、本作がその最初のタイトルになりますが、しかしここまで徹底的にASIA IN ASIAに特化して創り込んだタイトルは恐らく今後も出ないでしょう。まさに初登場タイトルにして最終決定版で、ASIA IN ASIA全公演を最新2014年リマスターで一括検証する極めて質の高い6枚組メモリアル・タイトル(5CD+1DVD)です。

まずDisc-1に収録の初日6日ですが、これは稀代の名盤『DRAGON ATTACK 1983 (Ayanami-055)』の6日収録部分(※Disc-1~Disc2-【2】)を最新リマスタリングにかける事で音像が一新されています。元々非常に優れた収録音でしたが、既発ではやや解像度が甘かった弱音の響きまで正確に引き出す事に成功し、より精度の高い音像が実現しています。透明度も一層増し、微かな音もブレの無い芯のある音色として至近距離でしっかり聴こえ、サウンド全体のパンチにも予想しなかったプラスα効果が生まれている事に驚かれるでしょう。またこのDisc-1の完成度を一層高めているのがフル収録であるという点です。『DRAGON ATTACK 1983』は確かに音質に優れたタイトルでしたが、ショウ開始前に行われたMTVホスト : マーク・グッドマンの初回冒頭挨拶が未収録でした。この冒頭挨拶も今回はノーカットで収録し、ショウの全貌がひとつも欠けること無く聴ける様になっています。終演後の様子も何と3分半以上テープが廻り続けており、場内放送でASIA IN ASIAの今後の日程が実際のアナウンスで聴けるのも嬉しいところでしょう。また曲順も実際のセット通りに収録されていますので、去年12月にリリースされたサウンドボード決定盤『ASIA IN ASIA : DEFINITIVE SOUNDBOARD MASTERS』のDisc-1とはショウ後半の流れが違っている点も見逃せません。

続くDisc-2と3には8日の武道館最終日をフル収録。これも名盤『DRAGON ATTACK 1983 (Ayanami-055)』の8日収録部分(Disc2-【3】~Disc-3)を丁寧にリマスタリングしたものが収録されています。これも元々音質優秀でしたが、今回はやや遅かったピッチを丁寧に補正し、全体の音像バランスを整えるイコライズとノイズ除去を施したことで旧作よりも一歩前に出た驚異的な音像が実現し、音楽の鼓動がより強く感じられる仕上がりとなっています。ショウ開始前の冒頭挨拶はこの日から日本人の男性が務めていますが、本作ではその様子も挨拶後半からフェイド・イン収録。これは現存する8日の音源とファンテープに冒頭挨拶がフル収録されているものが今のところ存在しない為で、現時点ではこれが最長版です。セットリストが大きく変更され、演奏時間も大幅に伸びたことで6日と7日の内容とは内容が随分違っているのも興味深い変化でしょう。ハウとダウンズのソロタイムも充実していますし、この日に初披露となった「Don’t Cry」も数時間前にしっかりリハーサルを重ねたことで見事なエンディングを披露しています(※このリハの様子はボーナスCDR『DON’T CRY: SOUNDCHECK AT BUDOKAN 8th December 1983』でお楽しみ下さい!)。全米中継の直後となるこの8日の演奏はよくリラックスしたサウンド・イメージとして語られますが、原音の響きに更に肉迫したこのリマスター・サウンドで接すれば、この日のエイジアがどれだけ音符ひとつひとつに奥行きのある、タフな演奏をしていたかも分かるでしょう。終演後の様子もたっぷり2分半以上収録されていますので、聴き終えた後の余韻と充実感も大変高くなっています。

Disc-4と5に収録されているのは9日の大阪城ホールです。これは9日音源の中では音質面で他の同日タイトルを一蹴していた名盤『FAREWELL (Ayanami-136)』に更なる音質向上を試みたものです。具体的には、既発ではやや過剰に出ていた高音域のレンジを調整し、耳にキンキンと残らない音像(※しかしあの透明感の高いダイナミックな響きは微塵も損なっていません)になった事で聴き易さが大幅に増し、極めて質の高いリマスター・サウンドが誕生しています。ベースの音がより浮き出て聴こえる様になったのも魅力で、これにより聴き慣れたウエットンのラインと実際に披露されたグレッグの特徴的なラインを比較して追ってみるのも面白いでしょう。特にこの日は「Daylight」と「Here Comes The Feeling」後半のラインの違い(或いは、グレッグ独特の解釈)が大変興味深いので、その表現差がより楽しめると思います。そしてもうひとつ特筆されるのは、既発盤に存在した演奏の欠落箇所が本作では解消されている事です。『FAREWELL』はその唯一の欠点として「Only Time Will Tell」の冒頭に約3秒ほどの欠落が生じていましたが、本作はこの部分を同9日の優秀な別ソースから部分補填して復元。もちろん修復の痕跡を感じさせないトリートメントを丁寧に施してありますので、自然で完璧な仕上がりで本来の9日の演奏が甦っています。また各演奏の充実度が他日より高いのも9日の特徴で、特に1stアルバムの曲については82年の演奏にすら負けない、威力のある官能的な響きを出しています。「Cutting It Fine」の激しいドライヴ感と高い緊張感も全日程通して最高のものがありますし、ボレロ後半が1ターン多いのもミスが生んだ大きな贈り物でしょう。終演後も1分半以上テープが廻り続けており、イベント最終日の最後の余韻もしっかり封じ込められています。

最後はDVDディスクとなります。全米中継のあった7日の模様を、レーザーディスク日本版から起こしています。これは去年12月にリリースされた『ASIA IN ASIA : DEFINITIVE SOUNDBOARD MASTERS』のボーナス・タイトルと同じですが、ビデオ版を越えるレーザー版独特の発色の良さや鮮明な画質への嬉しい反響が予想以上に大きく、今回はそんなお客様の声に後押しされる形でプレスDVD化が実現しました。比類なき仕上がりを誇るDisc-1~5を力強くバックアップする一枚になっています。

本作はDVDを除いて全てオーディエンス録音となっていますが、これはサウンドボードの間近な視点ではなく会場にたゆたう音の海の中へ、層の深いところへもっと降りてゆく視点であの4日間に肉迫することを目指したからです。つまりASIA IN ASIAを”会場席から極める”為のタイトルとなっており、それ故にとびきり優秀なオーディエンス録音で構成されております。収録音はどれも80年代初頭のアナログ録音が持っていた響きの質感と力強さを最高値で実感出来るものとなっていますが、最新リマスタリングによって驚くほど鮮明に音像が現れるので、それぞれの既発盤をお持ちの方でもきっと御満足される筈です。ウエットンが居なかったからダメだったのではなく、あの83年にウエットンが不在だったからこそ推し進める事が出来たサウンドの可能性こそ、ASIA IN ASIA最大の聴き処です。それを是非、シリーズ最強のラスト・タイトル6枚組タイトルで御堪能下さい。今週末、美麗なピクチャーディスクにその身を飾っていよいよ日本上陸です!!



Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 6th December 1983

Disc 1 (79:57)
1. Introduction by Mark Goodman 2. Time Again 3. The Heat Goes On 4. Here Comes The Feeling
5. Eye To Eye 6. Sketches In The Sun 7. Only Time Will Tell 8. Open Your Eyes 9. Keyboard Solo
10. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 11. Wildest Dreams 12. Drum Solo 13. Heat Of The Moment
14. Sole Survivor 15. Cutting It Fine 16. Daylight

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 8th December 1983

Disc 2 (41:47)
1. Introduction 2. Time Again 3. The Heat Goes On 4. Here Comes The Feeling 5. Eye To Eye
6. Sketches In The Sun 7. The Valley Of The Rocks 8. The Clap 9. Cutting It Fine 10. Daylight

Disc 3 (58:59)
1. Only Time Will Tell 2. Open Your Eyes 3. Keyboard Solo 4. Video Killed The Radio Star
5. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 6. Wildest Dreams 7. Drum Solo 8. Heat Of The Moment
9. Sole Survivor 10. Don’t Cry

Live at Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 9th December 1983

Disc 4 (41:39)
1. Introduction 2. Time Again 3. The Heat Goes On 4. Here Comes The Feeling 5. Eye To Eye
6. Sketches In The Sun 7. The Valley Of The Rocks 8. The Clap 9. Cutting It Fine
10. Daylight

Disc 5 (57:31)
1. Only Time Will Tell 2. Open Your Eyes 3. Keyboard Solo 4. Video Killed The Radio Star
5. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 6. Wildest Dreams 7. Drum Solo 8. Heat Of The Moment
9. Sole Survivor 10. Don’t Cry

ASIA IN ASIA Laser Disc Edition
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 7th December 1983
Taken from the original Japanese Laser Disc (SM058-0002)

1. Introduction by Mark Goodman 2. The Heat Goes On 3. Here Comes The Feeling 4. Eye To Eye
5. Sketches In The Sun 6. Only Time Will Tell 7. Open Your Eyes 8. Keyboard Solo
9. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 10. Wildest Dreams 11. Drum Solo 12. Heat Of The Moment
13. Sole Survivor

Greg Lake – Lead Vocal, Bass Steve Howe – Guitar, Vocal Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Vocal
Carl Palmer – Drums, Percussion


Virtuoso 170/171/172/173/174


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