YES / High Vibration Debut / 2CDR

YES / High Vibration Debut / 2CDR / Amity

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Live At Spectrum Arena, Philadelphia , Pennsylvania, USA 21st July 1975.


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1975 “Relayer” tour the end of July 21, Philadelphia is a complete recording, first appearance of the Spectrum arena performances in high-quality audience recording. Thick nature, punch even complete recording over 2 hours 7 minutes an excellent sense of stability preeminent great recording. This is the first appearance sound source of the original if the press CD is worthy of attention. To Be Over was removed from the set, he earned an acoustic section in the second half of the show, has become to live what can be called foreshadowing to the post of the solo tour. Sound from the beginning Chaser, Close To The follow up the Edge and ultra Omagari, Relayer tour familiar, you are also listening when the flow of the impact some introductory chapter excited. Aggressive play, such as how a madman in CTTE of this day are a fan must listen. (There is some tape flip in 16 minutes and 15 seconds of CTTE.) After this, playing in the third song carry the middle of And You And I, but is a flow that will have to remain epic Gates Of Delirium lasted excitement, Wow, here, in this time of 1975, High Vibration will be played, which is recorded in the “ultimate” in later. The is played with a light touch as the intro of Gates Of Delirium, but is completely live showcase of this day only, is a very valuable take. Dignified playing the first time of Gates Of Delirium of the day for us to hear the best of what both wonderfully five people (with cut in 14:20). Your piano Moratsu of the Move will sound fresh. In the solo time of Moratsu you can enjoy a performance with a response listen to continue to migrate to the classic climax he seems from fun playing is reminiscent of piano improvisation of Emerson. Mood For A Day and Clap shape to play in a way that sandwich the solo of John and Moratsu also is fresh. Ritual of up to 25 minutes must listen! Show last is Sweet Dreams Rashiku this time will be played. Unlike unusually fast version pitch is high semitone that exists between traders, this board is the pitch has been recorded correctly. Sound quality and content, one of the preeminent fan must-have. This is recommended! !

★ is a review Yowake of beatleg magazine vol.102 (Nos. 1, 2009).

From Jesus of “relayer” tour, Philadelphia on July 21, 1975, 2-Disc was complete recording of the spectrum performance. This time of the tour, there is the famous “Queens Park Rangers’ performance, it would be many fans that are very happy over there playing. But, the performance of the angry waves of Jesus to listen in this work is, if the more I think that there or not you’re fainted Once they have, come looming in the intense and aggressive performance that transcends the progressive rock. Rick Wakeman is missing, is the only work of facing a Patrick Moraz “relayer” is in the midst of all the catalogs of Jesus, but the album that shot the still unique color, it can be said that the factors Moratsu glowing a speedy keyboard play in jazzy. Such as the demon “crisis”, approaching Kiki “Door of confusion”, and such “ritual” of incontinence ones, also to show off three songs for more than 20 minutes of the epic big happy with the set list. In particular, in this work, after such a one-phrase is recorded in the “ultimate”, “Buddhahood” will showcase, also interesting place to have appeared in vividly ties of Jesus and Patrick Moraz. This work is but monaural audience recording, there is a strange enough sound pressure, very easy to listen to. Although the low frequency is somewhat halting, rather than the more noisy, because it is recorded high frequency also properly, listen well Diteiru playing. Performance of passion might be above the “Queens Park Rangers”.

1975年「Relayer」ツアー末期の7月21日フィラデルフィアはスペクトラム・アリーナ公演を高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録・初登場です。太く自然、パンチも優秀な安定感抜群の素晴らしい録音で2時間7分に渡って完全収録。本来ならプレスCDが相応しい注目の初登場音源です。To Be Overをセットから外し、ショウ後半にアコースティックセクションをもうけた、後のソロツアーへの伏線とも言えるライブ内容になっています。冒頭からSound Chaser、Close To The Edgeと超大曲を畳み掛ける、Relayerツアーお馴染みの、インパクトある序章の流れはいつ聴いても興奮させられます。この日のCTTEでのハウの狂人のようなアグレッシブな演奏はファン必聴です。(CTTEの16分15秒で若干のテープフリップあります。)この後、中盤のAnd You And Iを繰り上げ3曲目に演奏し、興奮を持続させたまま大作Gates Of Deliriumにもっていくという流れですが、なんと、ここで、1975年のこの時期に、後に「究極」に収録されるHigh Vibrationが演奏されます。Gates Of Deliriumのイントロとして軽いタッチで演奏されるのですが、完全にこの日のみのライブ披露であり、大変貴重なテイクです。この日のGates Of Deliriumの堂々たる演奏ぶりは素晴らしく5人とも最高のものを聴かせてくれます(14:20でカットあり)。Your Moveでのモラツのピアノは新鮮に響きます。モラツのソロタイムではエマーソンのピアノインプロを彷彿とさせる楽しい演奏から彼らしいクラシカルな盛り上がりに移行していく聴き応えのあるパフォーマンスを楽しむことができます。Mood For A DayとClapをジョンとモラツのソロを挟み込む形で演奏する形も新鮮です。25分に及ぶRitualは必聴!ショウラストはこの時期らしくSweet Dreamsが演奏されます。トレーダー間に存在するピッチが半音高い異様に速いヴァージョンとは違い、本盤はピッチは正しく収録されています。音質・内容、抜群のファン必携の一枚。これはお薦めです!!



Disc 1
1. Firebird Suite 2. Sound Chaser 3. Close To The Edge 4. And You And I 5. High Vibration
6. Gates Of Delirium

Disc 2
1. Your Move 2. Mood For A Day 3. Long Distance Runaround 4. Moraz Solo 5. Clap
6. Ritual 7. Roundabout 8. Sweet Dreams

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass Patrick Moraz – Keyboards
Alan White – Drums

Amity 035

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