Who / Christmas In London / 2CDR

Who / Christmas In London / 2CDR / Breakdown

Live At Edmonton Sundown, London, U.K. December 22nd 1973

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December 23rd London Edmonton Sandown performance from the UK tour of The Who appeared in 2 complete sets by high-quality audience recording master! The performance of this day has been released in the past, but it is a complete recording from the Low Generation Master, and 3 bonuses are also recorded from the performance on the previous day. This is a highly recommended title that is a must-see for the collector’s 73-year live performance in the Christmas season, centered on the songs of the albums “Quad personality” and “Tommy”!


01. I Can’t Explain
02. Summertime Blues
03. My Wife
04. I Am The Sea / The Real Me
05. The Punk And The Godfather
06. I’m One
07. 5:15
08. Sea And Sand
09. Drowned
10. Bell Boy
11. Dr. Jimmy
12. Love Reign O’er Me

01. Won’t Get Fooled Again
02. Pinball Wizard
03. See Me, Feel Me
04. Substitute
05. Naked eye
06. Magic Bus
◆Live At Edmonton Sundown, London, U.K. December 23th 1973

07. Magic Bus
08. Naked Eye
09. Spoonfu
◆Live At Edmonton Sundown, London, U.K. December 22nd 1973

Breakdown 767A/B

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