Bob Dylan / Santa Monica 1979 1st Night / 2CD+ 2Bonus CDR

Bob Dylan / Santa Monica 1979 1st Night / 2CD+ 2Bonus CDR /Non Label

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Live At Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, USA 18th November 1979 Plus Bonus 2CDR “Warfield Theatre 1979 13th Night”


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Bob Dylan further source of live by Mike Millard recording that seemed to do was complete in LA performances of 1978 appeared shock! And this would be greeted with a big shock if familiar with the 1979 gospel tour. In converted to Christianity album “SLOW TRAIN COMING” was filling a new message also release initially, but on the other hand was placed opposite to have a big impact, we are a big hit of surprisingly. Live tour, which was carried out and subsequently it became the starting point of a nascent Dylan should say so-called gospel Dylan. Dylan is where it started the first gospel tour from San Francisco Warfield Theater, as well as the latest album “SLOW TRAIN ~” songs that were recorded hit, you have to play along with the further newly finished writing was new song. Where is the past of music is completely sealed, I was added to the live repertoire while stage that is not other than the previous album songs yet also made recordings for the album. Thereby is a translation of songs became a live tour of the “new song,” but, moreover, I it was sparked a combined pros and cons and bold image change of Dylan who convert.
Civic Center such time to Millard is headed to the venue with a tape recorder in Santa Monica of November 18. This day has finished the live over the two weeks of the Warfield Theater that was held in front of live, it is time that the pros and cons, such as in the previous to the Dylan of Imechen had so already be reported. In other words, Millard change of Dylan, And more than anything else it seems that he was headed to the venue Based on the live content that does not take up any past songs. If familiar with, Millard might had welcomed rather the Imechen of Dylan. As proof, he live the opening act of Dylan band of the day, I Gospel Live was also completely recording by chorus. In the case of gospel tour of sound source, this part is cut, or from the beginning may not be recording I had many, but these complete recording is not was a manifestation that Millard himself was trying to welcome rather the gospel route of Dylan would either. Sound source of November 18 concert he recorded in such has been unearthed this time in the first-generation master.

Dylan’s first gospel tour in notoriety crispy from the media by its bold Imechen, will be that it is beset until later. However, I even try to listen to such Warfield Theater of sound that have been made in front of the Santa Monica, there are more if comes through appearance of enthusiasm rather audience to the new gospel sound of Dylan. Despite the notoriety by mass media, the audience of the strength of the sound and songs this time of Dylan and the band has created the day would had accepted obediently. Live performance of this day that actually Millard was recorded also overwhelming transmitted come great content of sincere feelings of Dylan through the whole volume. Previous such thing absolutely no way taunted fly even at the opening, I am showing signs of large upsurge tournament even at that point rather. That said, the fact that this opening part is would hear in certain “height of the threshold” for us Japanese, unlike Americans with Gospel in everyday. So this time making it the more easy to hear editing by turning in the second half of the handsome of disk opening act of the chorus as a bonus treat.
There is reason to it, Santa Monica dates from this day I was what originally was done as a charity concert for Christian support groups. In other words, was the environment that was blessed that show off live at the venue that has gathered great express understanding audience to Dylan of Imechen. In addition to it Dylan below, should that have also sprouted confidence and experience the long-term performance at the Warfield Theater. This would be a strong performance from the opening show off, yet you’ll be a matter of course also of that audience is enthusiastic reaction to it. The band to it when I listen again now, atmosphere of gospel that was produced by the chorus I of course, but in addition to the configuration you reduce a little number of people than the big band of 1978 tour, which was this time been refined by skilled craftsmen musicians -high rock sound degree of perfection of the sound’s the too attractive.
From this time until 1981, became a steadfast opening number to the gospel period “Gotta Serve Somebody” from Millard sophisticated live, yet hard told me to record in his unique stunning quality. Further increases the on degree of sound image is from “Slow Train” on which it is to achieve a truly stunning clearness from live beginning, Millard sound source for us to reproduce the gospel locks honed in tremendous about of powerful unique. And sing the first time of Dylan is stand out in any song, is I can ask that he himself had asked the enormous trust in this Gospel route. It is rather than just a “gospel”, if now “Sophisticated Gospel Rock” and any named want become such a violent play and Millard how the singing sincerely Dylan gave me realistic. Before the singing of the overwhelming performance and Dylan, Millard also been unearthed in involuntarily superb sound quality of live of verisimilitude that would had been deprived of the mind is unique First Generation, was released at this time limit of press CD you. Please enjoy the gospel please lock of Dylan on this occasion slowly and carefully!

1978年のLA公演で完結したかに思われたマイク・ミラード録音によるボブ・ディラン・ライブのさらなる音源が衝撃の登場!しかも今回は1979年のゴスペル・ツアーとなれば大きな衝撃をもって迎えられるでしょう。キリスト教に改宗して新たなメッセージを込められたアルバム「SLOW TRAIN COMING」もまたリリース当初、大きな衝撃をもって向かい入れられた反面、意外なほどの大ヒットを記録しています。それに続いて行われたライブ・ツアーがいわゆるゴスペル・ディランと言うべき新生ディランのスタート地点となりました。そこでディランはサンフランシスコのウォーフィールド・シアターから最初のゴスペル・ツアーをスタートさせ、ヒットを記録した最新アルバム「SLOW TRAIN~」収録曲だけでなく、さらに新たに書き上げた新曲と共に演奏しています。そこでは過去の楽曲が完全に封印され、先のアルバム収録曲以外はまだアルバム用のレコーディングも行われていない段階ながらライブ・レパートリーに加えられました。これによって全曲が「新曲」のライブ・ツアーとなった訳ですが、しかもそれが改宗したディランの大胆なイメージ・チェンジと相まって賛否両論を巻き起こしたのです。

この時期から1981年まで、ゴスペル期に不動のオープニング・ナンバーとなった「Gotta Serve Somebody」からハードでありながらも洗練されたライブをミラードが彼ならではの見事なクオリティで録音してくれました。ライブ開始当初から実に見事なクリアネスを実現している上に「Slow Train」からは音像のオンな度合いがさらに高まり、凄まじいほどの迫力で研ぎ澄まされたゴスペル・ロックを再現してくれるのもミラード音源ならでは。それにどの曲でもディランの熱唱ぶりが際立っていて、彼自身がこのゴスペル路線に絶大な信頼を寄せていたことが伺えます。それは単なる「ゴスペル」と言うよりも、今なら「ソフィスティケイテッド・ゴスペル・ロック」とでも名付けたくなるような激しい演奏とディランが心から歌う様子をミラードがリアルに再現してくれました。その圧倒的な演奏やディランの熱唱を前に、ミラードも思わず心を奪われてしまったであろう迫真のライブがファースト・ジェネレーションならではの極上音質で発掘され、今回限定のプレスCDにてリリースされます。この機会にどうぞディランのゴスペル・ロックをじっくりとお楽しみください!

Disc 1 (60:15)
1. Gotta Serve Somebody 2. I Believe In You 3. When You Gonna Wake Up 4. When He Returns
5. Man Gave Names To All The Animals 6. Precious Angel 7. Slow Train
8. Covenant Woman 9. What Are You Doing With Your Heart? (Sung by Helena Springs)
10. Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking 11. Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others)

Disc 2 (69:21)
1. Solid Rock 2. Saving Grace 3. Saved 4. What Can I Do For You? 5. In The Garden
6. Band Introduction 7. Blessed Be The Name 8. Pressing On

Opening Acts
9. Monologue by Regina Havis 10. Monologue part 2 11. I’ve Got My Ticket, Lord
12. It’s Gonna Rain 13. Do Lord, Remember Me 14. Look Up And Live By Faith
15. Oh Freedom 16. This Train


Bob Dylan / Warfield Theatre 1979 13th Night / 2CDR / Non Label

Live at Fox Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA. USA 15th November 1979.

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