Beatles, The / Magical Mystery Tour Original Japanese Laser Disc / 1DVD

Beatles, The / Magical Mystery Tour Original Japanese Laser Disc / 1DVD /Non Label

Taken from the original Japanese laser disc (SM050-5606)


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The Beatles of the television movie “MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR”. This video is the definitive release in 2012 with a remastering of the video and a stereo remix of the audio. In fact, the new remixing of the sound has been thoroughly converted to stereo, and despite that the CD album was never released. That’s when I saw “MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR SONGTRACK” released last week. was.
However, the video released in 2012 had a big pitfall. You may not notice this, but the colors are clearly “light” when compared to the earlier released versions. To express this state more specifically, the color of the image is closer to pink. This is exactly the result of the “fading” of the aging that was the fate of the film.
The 2012 version was released after entering the HD video era, and the restoration that made it possible to see the details of the video by its restoration is wonderful. However, I am sorry that I was not able to attack the dilemma that often occurs in color movie film. If this were work and release a few years later, the problem might have been resolved.
For most general fans, the 2012 edition of “MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR” (hereinafter referred to as “magical”) may be sufficient. However, if you are familiar with it, everyone should have noticed the light pinkish texture.
The fact that the phenomenon of fading caused by the film’s magical deterioration has become more prominent than other Beatles movies, probably because it is a colorful video work that reflects the Year of Psychedelic 1967. In addition, unlike other Beatles movies, which were managed by major movie companies, the fact that only TV magicals were under the control of the group may have caused the deterioration.

What should be re-evaluated in this matter is the first version released as software from Apple in 1988. At this point, 20 years have passed since the movie was completed, but fortunately the film has not deteriorated at all, and the natural colors look surprisingly fresh when you look at it now. At the time of the release in 1988, many mania should have been obtained, and at that time its natural color was natural. That’s why many enthusiasts have felt uncomfortable with the condition seen in the 2012 edition.
Also, Magical has long been associated with releases in Japan, and was already officially released in the 1970s in the form of film for appreciation, and as the first (and only in Japan) Beatles video software It was a video that had been released. Interestingly, it was said that Japan was the first video to be made on DVD for the first time. This was just a DVD of the 1988 video master just ten years after its release, and it wasn’t even talked about.
Nevertheless, the colorful color and beauty of the 1988 version, which contained the good film condition at the time, was wonderful. So, this time, based on the mint condition 1988 version of the laser disc, we made our own DVD using current technology. As a result, we succeeded in digitizing the 1988 version in a better condition than the 1998 domestic DVD. Of course, it is also significant that the development of technology for enclosing images on DVD is incomparable between 2019 and 1998.
Speaking of this 88’s version, the finish of several stereo versions of the sound that were independently remixed for release is also a great appeal. That’s the same as the last week’s “ MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR SONGTRACK ” release, as demonstrated by the audio album CD-R attached to the gift DVD-R for the first week only, but the unique finish of the 88 year remix of the movie title song is really interesting. In addition, unlike the 2012 edition, it was George Martin who did the work.

And unlike the UK and Japan, the bonus includes a trailer when it was finally released in the United States in the 1970s. This is a regret that the condition of the image is not good, but it is adopted because it is a valuable image that has never been recorded in the item so far. What’s more, I’m just surprised at the fact that in the United States, the original magical album was made and later it became a universal format, but the key movie was hard to release.
Anyway, the natural and colorful 1988 version of the color tells the exact psychedelic movie that the Beatles aimed for in 1967. That’s what makes it so magical. Even the magical part that was incorporated into 2003’s “ANTHOLOGY” did not have the color tone discomfort that the 2012 version had. However, there is no way to watch the whole movie. That’s why you should re-recognize the natural colors of the 1988 edition and enjoy the original colorfulness of the movie!

テレビ映画「マジカルミステリーツアー」のビートルズ。このビデオは、ビデオのリマスタリングとオーディオのステレオリミックスを含む2012年の決定版リリースです。実際、サウンドの新しいリミックスはステレオに完全に変換されていますが、CDアルバムはリリースされていません。それが先週リリースされた「MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR SONGTRACK」を見たときです。だった。
ほとんどの一般ファンにとって、2012年版の「MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR」(以下「マジカル」と呼ぶ)で十分かもしれません。ただし、これに精通していれば、誰もが淡いピンクがかったテクスチャーに気付いているはずです。

この問題で再評価されるべきものは、1988年にAppleからソフトウェアとしてリリースされた最初のバージョンです。この時点で、映画が完成してから20年が経過しましたが、幸いなことにフィルムはまったく劣化せず、自然な色に見えます今見てみると驚くほど新鮮です。 1988年のリリースの時点で、多くのマニアが獲得されていたはずであり、その時点でその自然な色は自然でした。これが、多くの愛好家が2012年版に見られる状態に不快感を抱いている理由です。
この88のバージョンといえば、リリースのために独立してリミックスされたサウンドのいくつかのステレオバージョンの仕上げも大きな魅力です。これは先週の “ MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR SONGTRACK ”のリリースと同じで、最初の1週間だけギフトDVD-Rに添付されたオーディオアルバムCD-Rで示されていますが、映画のタイトル曲は本当に面白いです。さらに、2012年版とは異なり、作業を行ったのはジョージマーティンでした。

とにかく、自然でカラフルな1988年版の色は、ビートルズが1967年に目指した正確なサイケデリック映画を物語っています。それが魔法のようです。 2003年の「ANTHOLOGY」に組み込まれた魔法の部分でさえ、2012年版のような色調の不快感はありませんでした。ただし、映画全体を見る方法はありません。だから、1988年版の自然な色を再認識し、映画のオリジナルのカラフルさを楽しんでください!

1. Intro
2. Magical Mystery Tour
3. Richard B. Starkey And His Aunt Jessica
4. The Fool On the Hill
5. “Good Morning Miss Winters”
6. “We’re In The Army Now”
7 Magical Mystery Tour Marathon
8. Flying
9. Where’s The Bus?
10. All My Loving
Jessie’S Dream 12.
13. Blue Jay Way
14. Where’S The Sugar?
15. “They’re Having A Lovely Time”
16. Death Cab For Cutie (by Bonzo Dog Dog Doo-Dah Band)
17. Your Mother Should Know
18. Magical Mystery Tour (End Credit)

Bonus Track
19. Movie Trailer


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