UFO / Definitive Starwood 1976 / 1CD+1DVDR

UFO / Definitive Starwood 1976 / 1CD+1DVDR / ZODIAC

Live at Starwood Club, West Hollywood, CA, USA 3rd May 1976 Plus Bonus DVDR “FRESNO 1978: THE VIDEO”. STEREO SBD

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Golden 70 When he was enrolled in Danny Peironel, who stands out even in the Schenker era. The finest soundboard album has been brushed up. Introducing a permanent storage press CD.
“May 3, 1976: West Hollywood performance” is engraved in this work. It is the stereo sound board recording. The Schenker era of the 70’s can be roughly divided into three “4 people / Danny era / Paul Raymond era” by regular keyboard players. Among them, it was the “Danny era” that ended with only one studio work and let you hear a unique piano sound that is different from other eras. This work is a sound board album that you can enjoy such a valuable lineup.
Speaking of live albums from the Danny era, the official box “OFFICIAL BOOTLEG BOX” contains two performances, but of course this work is a separate performance. First, let’s look back on the schedule at that time and check each position.

● 1975
<< August: Joined Danny Peironel >>
・ August 22-September 14: Europe (9 performances)
・ September 23-November 19: North America # 1 (31 performances) ← * Official record Plant performance (?)
・ December 6-28: UK # 1 (7 performances)
● 1976
・ March 5 + 10: Sweden (2 performances)
・ April 6-25: UK # 2 (13 performances) ← * Official London performance
・ May 1st-June 7th: North America # 2 (22 performances) ← ★ This work ★
《July: Leaving Peironel》

This is a UFO in the Danny Peironel era. I was touring before and after this time, but I focused on Danny’s participation. Among them, the West Hollywood performance of this work is the third performance of the final edition “North America # 2”. It was also a concert about a week after the Roundhouse performance recorded in the official box (two digressions regarding the date here. First, the same show as this work is distributed as “March 3”. As mentioned above, there was no live at that time. The other was the official box record plant performance. This is officially “September 1st New York”, but at that time it is on a European tour. The place is said to be California on “September 23rd” or “October 6th”).
This work, which recorded such a show, is a real sound board directly connected to the brain. Indeed flowing out without Domo stop is unprocessed raw performance without care Tsu mixed with mix desk direct rough feeling. The latest official round house performance sound board was also lively, but this work is even more powerful. The momentum of “1976”, which was running up the stairs of success, blows out from the speaker.
Moreover, this work is the highest peak update board that refined such sound board recording with meticulous mastering. The original sound excavated in 2012 had some unstable parts, probably because it was the 2nd Gene Master, and the sound was (slightly) rounded. Although it is usually more than enough, it was undeniable that it was not as good as the official soundboards in that respect. Therefore, in this work, such weak points are thoroughly repaired. Partially out of order (effect of tape change?) The pitch was adjusted sharply, and sound omission was greatly improved. It has been reborn as a superb sound with a powerful and rushing feeling, while being as good as the official round house SBD.
With such a vivid sound, Schenker’s crying and Danny’s groovy piano play a big role in the show. The set is very similar to the round house performance just recently, but it’s also a good opportunity, so let’s organize it.

● Mick Bolton era (2 songs)
・ UFO appearance: C’mon Everybody / Boogie For George
● Michael Schenker era (10 songs)
・ Phenomenon: Doctor Doctor / Oh My / Rock Bottom
Force It: Out In The Street / Let It Roll / This Kids / Shoot Shoot
No Heavy Petting: Can You Roll Her / Highway Lady / I’m A Loser

… And it looks like this. There are still two songs left in the repertoire of the Mick Bolton era, which disappeared as the albums were repeated, and “Oh My” in the early days of Schenker was also delicious. And the best ones are the new songs “Can You Roll Her” and “Highway Lady” at that time. Both are limited songs on this tour, and there are only a few performance records. It’s a rare song unique to the Danny era.
And the ensemble that spins such a set is a must-listen. After all, the point is Danny’s keyboard. I think that the way the keyboard should be in a UFO is based on the aesthetics of support created by Paul Raymond, but Danny easily overcomes that frame and is a twin lead equal to the guitar. What’s more, the tone is particular about electric piano, and while using a lot of honky-tonk tones, it rolls comfortably and lets you listen to plenty of solos.
What’s more, it’s a wonderful ensemble because it doesn’t feel strange at all. It fits perfectly with the rock’n’roll essence that the band had before joining Schenker. The groove created by Pete Way is very pleasant, and the contrast with Flying V, which makes you cry and cry, is also vivid. Especially in the highlights “Rock Bottom”, “C’mon Everybody” and “Boogie For George”, a series of 8-10 minute enthusiastic performances. This good compatibility also leads to Paul Chapman. If the Chapman / Peyronel UFO had been born, the strongest British rock and roll in history might have been spun.

If you’re a UFO rather than an MSG, you’ll love UFO’s unique groove and crying guitar entanglement. The Schenker / Peironel era when the taste was at its peak. This work is a masterpiece of a live album where you can enjoy a special show with the best stereo sound board in both the set and the ensemble. It’s one of the best pieces that you can enjoy the groovy rushing power unique to this time while being thin on the official sound board. Please fully enjoy the press CD that has been refined to the highest quality.

(Remaster memo)
★ The pitch in the latter half, which corresponds to the B side of the tape, is fast, so I corrected it. The sound quality is also improved.

この作品には「1976年5月3日:ウェストハリウッド公演」が刻印されています。ステレオサウンドボード録音です。 70年代のシェンカー時代は、通常のキーボード奏者によって大きく3つの「4人/ダニー時代/ポールレイモンド時代」に分けることができます。なかでもスタジオ作品が1つで終わり、他の時代とは異なる独特のピアノ音色が聴ける「ダニー時代」。そんな貴重なラインナップをお楽しみいただけるサウンドボードアルバムです。
ダニー時代のライブアルバムといえば、公式ボックス「OFFICIAL BOOTLEG BOX」には2つの公演がありますが、もちろん本作は別の公演です。まず、その時のスケジュールを振り返り、各ポジションを確認しましょう。

<< 8月:Danny Peironelに入社>>
・3月5日+ 10日:スウェーデン(2公演)
《 7月:ペイロネルを離れる》

また、この作品は、そんなサウンドボードのレコーディングを緻密なマスタリングで洗練させた最高峰のアップデートボードです。 2012年に発掘された原音は2nd Gene Masterであったためか、(やや)丸みを帯びていたためか、不安定な部分がありました。通常はそれで十分ですが、その点で公式の響板ほど良くなかったことは否定できません。したがって、この作業では、このような弱点を徹底的に修復します。部分的に乱れている(テープ交換の影響?)ピッチを大幅に調整し、音抜けを大幅に改善。オフィシャルなラウンドハウスSBD並みの迫力とラッシュ感のある見事なサウンドに生まれ変わりました。

・UFO出演:C’mon Everybody / Boogie For George

…そしてこんな感じです。ミック・ボルトン時代のレパートリーにはまだ2曲残っており、アルバムのリピートによって消え、シェンカー初期の「オー・マイ」も美味しかった。そして最高の曲は、当時の新曲「Can You Roll Her」と「Highway Lady」です。このツアーではどちらも限定曲であり、パフォーマンスの記録はほんのわずかです。ダニー時代ならではの珍しい曲です。
しかも全然違和感がないので素晴らしいアンサンブルです。それはシェンカーに加わる前にバンドが持っていたロックンロールの本質と完全に適合しています。ピートウェイのグルーヴはとても心地よく、泣き叫ぶフライングVとのコントラストも鮮やかです。特に「Rock Bottom」、「C’mon Everybody」、「Boogie For George」のハイライトでは、8

1. Intro.
2. Can You Roll Her
3. Doctor Doctor
4. Oh My
5. Out In The Street
6. Highway Lady
7. I’m A Loser
8. Let It Roll
9. This Kids
10 . Shoot Shoot
11. Rock Bottom
12. C’mon Everybody
13. Boogie For George

Phil Mogg –Vocals
Michael Schenker –Guitar
Pete Way –Bass
Andy Parker
–Drums Danny Peyronel –Keyboards




UFO – Fresno 1978: The Video / 1DVDR
Live At Selland Arena, Fresno, CA, USA 9Th August 1978 AMAZING SHOT


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main press CD, masterpiece stereo that does not also essential in the sound board collection of Golden Age -A decisive board that pursues the full potential of the sound board. If there is something missing in the new masterpiece, it is a “scene”. Therefore, we have prepared a spectacular image of the 70’s that will be the “on-site experience of STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT”.
This work was filmed at “August 9, 1978 Fresno Performance”. That audience shot. Speaking of Fresno images of the 70’s, the shock images of EL & P, AEROSMITH, and VAN HALEN appeared the other day, but this work is the UFO version of that series. First, let’s look back on the schedule at that time and confirm the position of the show.

・ January 19-February 25: UK # 1 (22 performances)
・ June
14-20 : UK # 2a (7 performances) << June 21 “OBSESSION” released >>
・ June 21- July 3: UK # 2b (12 performances)
・ July 12-October 29: North America # 1 (58 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
《October 29: Schenker leaving → Chapman return》
・ November 30-December 16: North America # 2 (11) Performance)

This is the 1978 UFO. They released “OBSESSION” which received the hit of “LIGHTS OUT” and started the US tour. It looked like a smooth sail, but inside it, human relations were approaching the limit, and Michael Schenker disappeared at the end of “October 29”. The Fresno performance of this work is the 10th performance of such “North America # 1”. The official traditional album “STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT” is also a live album of the same “North America # 1”, and it was a concert about two months before that.
This work that recorded such a show is just a shock. If you have experienced AEROSMITH or VAN HALEN, you will be surprised to find that it has a superb view, superb image quality, and transcendent sound. Although 8mm film was shot only for audience shots before the spread of video, its visual beauty far transcends video. The vivid image quality of the upset Schenker’s blonde is unprecedented in video, and the colors are extremely colorful. Some of the Fresno series are (slightly) reddish, but none at all. Anyway, the “white” that emerges in the spotlight is dazzling. Phil Mogg’s striped vest, Pete Way’s animal outfit, and Schenker’s Flying V look beautiful in white, which makes me want to line up words like laundry detergent CM.
Of course, the length of one cut, which is the biggest feature of the Fresno series, is tremendous even in this work. 8mm film takes a few seconds to a little less than a minute, but this work has plenty of cuts of nearly 5 minutes. Of course, it’s not a full show, and the making of supplementing the shortage of images with still images is the same as the previous Fresno series. However, the songs do not change one after another, and you can enjoy each song for about 32 minutes.
And voice. The best recording of this show has been known for a long time, but this work is (probably) the original master of the famous recording. The direct feeling that the clear core approaches in front of you is similar to the existing one, but the freshness is clearly exceeded, and not only the thick core but also the thick sound is dynamic. This sound is different from the one that is often found in audience recordings, and it is a type that greatly improves dynamism but does not cause a sense of distance or cloudiness. That is the best sound that makes me wonder if there was an FM broadcast.
What is drawn with such visual beauty and superb sound is exactly “the other side of STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT”. Phil’s wet voice is at the pinnacle of tension and melancholy, and Pete’s groove swells. And Michael Schenker just before being called “God”. Although the camera work is centered on Phil in the total video, the shenker becomes a large copy when it comes to the guitar solo, and the divine appearance of black leather and blonde emerges. And, I will spin out phrases that are likely to break if I touch them …. Anyway, the sound of this work is ridiculously wonderful, and you can enjoy that beautiful melody in close contact.

A 70’s UFO that shines uniquely in the British HR scene, which is based on a group of males, with a fusion of rock’n’roll groove and classical beauty melody. It’s not the same as the Danny Peironel era as the main press CD, but it is a historic video masterpiece that allows you to experience the precious stage of the Michael Schenker era on-site. Please fully enjoy the golden age of unidentified flying objects together with the main press CD.

この作品は「1978年8月9日フレズノ・パフォーマンス」で撮影されました。その観客が撃った。 70年代のフレズノ映像といえば、先日EL&P、AEROSMITH、VAN HALENの衝撃映像が登場しましたが、本作はそのシリーズのUFO版です。まず、その時のスケジュールを振り返って、番組の位置を確認しましょう。

・ 六月
14-20:UK#2a(7公演)<< 6月21日「OBSESSION」リリース>>
《 10月29日:シェンカー退場→チャップマン復帰》

これは1978年のUFOです。 「LIGHTS OUT」のヒットを受けた「OBSESSION」をリリース、全米ツアーを開始。滑らかな帆のように見えたが、その中で人間関係は限界に近づいており、マイケル・シェンカーは「10月29日」の終わりに姿を消した。この作品のフレズノ公演は、そんな「北アメリカ#1」の10回目の公演です。オフィシャルトラディショナルアルバム「STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT」も同じく「North America#1」のライヴアルバムで、約2ヶ月前のコンサートでした。
そんなショーを収録したこの作品は、ただの衝撃です。 AEROSMITHまたはVAN HALENを経験したことがあれば、素晴らしい眺め、優れた画像品質、そして超越的なサウンドを備えていることに驚きます。 8mmフィルムは、ビデオが普及する前のオーディエンスショット用にのみ撮影されましたが、その視覚的な美しさはビデオをはるかに超えています。動揺するシェンカーのブロンドの鮮やかな画質は、ビデオでは前例のないものであり、色は非常にカラフルです。フレズノシリーズの一部は(少し)赤みを帯びていますが、まったくありません。とにかくスポットライトに浮かぶ「白」はまぶしいです。 Phil Moggのストライプベスト、Pete Wayの動物衣装、Schenker’s Flying Vは白く美しく、洗濯洗剤CMのような言葉を並べたいと思います。
もちろん、この作品でもフレズノシリーズの最大の特徴であるワンカットの長さは凄まじい。 8mmフィルムは数秒から1分弱かかりますが、この作品は5分近くの多くのカットがあります。もちろん、それは完全なショーではなく、静止画で画像の不足を補うための作り方は、以前のフレズノシリーズと同じです。ただし、曲は次々と変わるわけではなく、1曲約32分楽しめます。
そして声。このショーの最高の録音は古くから知られていますが、この作品は(おそらく)有名な録音のオリジナルマスターです。クリアなコアが目の前に迫るダイレクト感は既存のものと似ていますが、鮮度を明らかに超えており、厚みのあるコアだけでなく、厚みのあるサウンドもダイナミックです。この音はオーディエンス録音でよく見られる音とは異なり、ダイナミズムを大幅に改善するものの、距離感や曇り感を感じさせないタイプです。 FM放送があったのかと思うと最高の音です。
そんなビジュアルの美しさと音の響きで描かれているのがまさに「STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT」の向こう側。フィルの濡れた声は緊張と憂鬱の頂点にあり、ピートのグルーヴは膨らみます。そして、「神」と呼ばれる直前のマイケル・シェンカー。総動画ではフィルを中心にカメラワークを行っていますが、ギターソロはシェンカーが大写しとなり、ブラックレザーとブロンドの神聖な佇まいが浮かび上がります。そして、触ると壊れそうなフレーズを紡ぎ出していく……。とにかく、この作品の音はとんでもなく素晴らしく、その美しいメロディーを密着して楽しめます。


1. Intro
2. Hot’n’Ready
3. Love to Love
4. Only You Can Rock Me
5. Doctor Doctor
6. Lights Out
7. Rock Bottom
8. Too Hot to Handle

Phil Mogg –Vocals
Michael Schenker –Guitar
Pete Way –Bass
Andy Parker –Drums
Paul Raymond

–Keyboards COLOUR NTSC Approx.32min.

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