Toe Fat / Toe Fat In New York / 1CDR

Toe Fat / Toe Fat In New York / 1CDR / Breakdown

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Live At Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY December 5th 1970. Audience

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Acting since the late 60’s and initially formed by the Uriah Heap After Ken Hensley and Lee Kaaslake were enrolled, the band “Too Fat”, also known as the core British rock fan, Precious live sounds first appeared!

December 5, 1970 From the American tour which took place after member change, New York · Portchester performance recorded from high sound quality audience recording master. In the UK, Elton John’s “Bad Side of the Moon” including a single hit is a live tone generator that can be said as a collector’s item of attention as a precious live sound source of 70 years old!



01. That’s My Love For You/02. I Love Everybody/03. Just Like All The Rest/04. Bad Side Of The Moon/05. We’ll Be Travelin’ On/06. There’ll Be Some Changes Made/07. Midnight Sun

Live At Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY December 5th 1970


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