Stranglers / Inside Tokyo 1979 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Stranglers /  Inside Tokyo 1979 / 1CD+1CDR / Rave Up

Translated text:

Live at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan 18th February 1979. Bonus CDR” Inside Tokyo 1979 Second Coming” Stereo Soundboard

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◆ Bonus Disc (CDR) comes with bonus disc only (CDR) for the first arrival, also comes with a bonus disc jacket that can be said as the first warranty card (limited number included).

Directly recorded from the air check master of those days!
On torrent and overseas some mania sites, we are distributing at the wrong info called TV STUDIO Live on 9th February, but in fact the live recorded at Korakuen Hall on February 18 (and commented on DJ talk It is recorded) FM radio program recorded from a master that the enthusiastic Stranglers fan checked air! The sound quality is stereo line and of course overwhelmingly better than the sound source of the net. In addition, the texture of the sound is quite different between the first half and the second half, the first half is a pretty rough mix, the second half is characterized by a gorgeous sound. I will also think that editing of multiple performances is different if the texture of sound is different so far, but I do not know at the present moment. By the way, the master used for this title includes not only the overwhelmingly high sound quality compared with the torrent sound source, but also a lot of DJ TALK which is almost all cut at the torrent sound source, and for the recording of about 51 minutes of torrent sound source The title was recorded for about 68 minutes and 17 minutes long! It is! Although the point that DJ talk part is covered by performance is missed, there is no useless part in the talk with the precious live day episode, which is very precious in this. It goes without saying that the main part of the live is awesome, but in the final part a lot of rough patterns can be heard enough from the recording, the organizer “Please wait for a while!”, Behind the pipe chair is making a noise with Gachan Gachan Listening is full of listening excitement, such as where you fall down to the performance as if you drown out the excited microphone performance of the concert organizer saying “Calm down! Calm down!

Limited bonus disc (CDR) is included for the first shipment. Bonus discs are specs that are included in the press casing case. In addition, although the jacket of bonus disc is also Perajake, it is offset printing, and the serial number which is the proof of the first board is also described (bonus disc Perajake will also be bundled inside the case). Body and bonus discs, please enjoy it by exploding! PLAY IT LOUD!


トレント上や海外の一部マニアサイトでは2月9日のTV STUDIOライブと言う間違ったインフォで流通しておりますが、実際は2月18日の後楽園ホールでのライブを収録(とDJ talkでコメントされている)したFMラジオ番組を熱心なストラングラーズ・ファンがエアチェックしたマスターから収録!音質はステレオラインでネットの音源よりも当然圧倒的に良好です。また音の質感が前半と後半で随分異なり、前半はかなりラフなミックスで、後半はベースもずっしりゴリゴリしたサウンドが特徴的です。ここまで音の質感が異なると複数公演の編集なのではとも思ってしまうのですが、現時点では知るよしもありません。さて本タイトルに使用されたマスターは、トレント音源にくらべ圧倒的に高音質なばかりか、トレント音源では殆ど全てカットされているDJ TALKも多数含み、トレント音源が51分ほどの収録に対し、本タイトルは約68分と17分も長く収録!!もっともDJ talk部分が演奏に被ってしまっている点は惜しまれますが、貴重なライブ当日のエピソードを交えたトークに無駄な部分は一切なく、これはこれで非常に貴重なものであります。ライブ本編はサイコーなのは言うまでもありませんが、終盤部分ではかなり大荒れの模様が録音からも十分に伺え、主催者は「しばらくお待ち下さい!」、背後ではパイプ椅子がガチャンガチャンと音を立てるのが聞こえたり、「落ち着いて!もっと落ち着いて!そのまま!」と言うコンサート主催者の興奮しきったマイクパフォーマンスをかき消すかのように演奏になだれ込むところなど、聞きどころが満載です。

初回出荷分には限定ボーナス・ディスク(CDR)が付属します。ボーナス・ディスクはプレス盤ケース内に同梱される仕様です。さらにボーナス・ディスクのジャケもペラジャケですがオフセット印刷となり、初回盤の証であるシリアルナンバーも記載されています(ボーナスディスクのペラジャケもケース内に同梱されます)。本体・ボーナスディスクとも、是非爆音で堪能下さい!PLAY IT LOUD!

Live at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan 18th February 1979
Stereo Soundboard

1. 5 Minutes (Incl. DJ Talk)
2. Straighten Out
3. Dead Ringer
4. No More Heroes (Incl. DJ Talk)
5. Bring On The Nubiles (Incl. DJ Talk)
6. Hanging Around
7. Outside Tokyo (Incl. DJ Talk)
8. Curfew
9. Threatened
10. Nice ‘N’ Sleazy (Incl.DJ Talk)
11. Do You Wanna
12. Death And Night And Blood
13. Tank
14. London Lady (Incl. DJ Talk)
15. Dagenham Dave
16. Toiler On The Sea
17. Outro (Incl. DJ Talk)

Rave Up. RAV-001
Stranglers /  Inside Tokyo 1979 Second Coming / 1CDR / Rave Up Production

Translated text:

Live at Korakuen(Specially set-up tent), Tokyo 16th December 1979

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It is recorded with monaural Aud. Remaster the torrent’s sound source. Although it is severe in sound quality, it is a valuable second visit to Japan.

01. 5 Minutes
02. Shah Shah A Go Go
03. Ice
04. Down In The Sewer
05. Hanging Around
06. The Raven
07. Dead Loss Angeles
08. Threatened
09. Baroque Bordello
10. Curfew
11. Tank
12. Burning Up Time
13. Bring On The Nubiles
14. Nuclear Device
15. Genetix
16. Duchess
17. Toiler On The Sea


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