David Bowie / Tremble Like A Flower / 2CD

David Bowie / Tremble Like A Flower / 2CD / Wardour

Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK 4th June 1980.


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Was done in recording the global smash hit “Let’s Dance” release period, for Bowie, it is 5 years, from the 1983 World Tour, London Wembley Arena three consecutive performances, the last day, June 4 a live, and complete recording over a 1 hour 48 minutes in the ultra-high-quality audience recording. Use the original master by providing from recording in person. 10 years ago was released from Masterport label “Wembley 1983” remastered the master sound source in the current technology, and increased separation sense of scale, boasts a dynamic sound in a more clear, we have achieved the unprecedented ultra-high sound quality You. Anyway, the sound has been near record, sound that has been organized in place that can not believe that it is a audience recording a masterpiece of a word. This is a degree that can not believe possibly be a record 30 years ago, it is a sound as if recorded brought a DAT recorder like the 1983 venue. It has been recorded at the highest quality of angry waves to Angkor from the opening, “What you say here is good up to this point, that part is what I wonder hear the Fu?” Hand to listen and You can proceed to hear is excited . Come those who are worried, try to listen in the shop. Everyone is sound enough to be stunned will come popping out from the speaker. Capacity 10,000 large venue Wembley Arena, with a cassette recording of 1983, and what was possible this great recording Once you exactly how I, the highest sound quality board of enough to feel strange If you are listening. Bowie fan, of course, is the one you want me contact person also recording mania. All 25 songs, such as to cover their own brilliant career. It is this time that it became a pop was told the gossip, but the highlight of the performance of the back-and Bowie with outstanding performance force sufficient to meet to hear from the beginning to the end, servants who in high-quality performance of full marks meet to hear , it would be to become nothing but listened. Because the set is fixed through the tour, etc. said that London performances of home ground, but there is no surprising song selection, enthusiastic audience in realistic, elation and moderate realism, and large venue unique in a good way the sound of the sound also felt, in every sense, has become the best content. Although Bowie also me band also to hear a performance of top form, one place, to lose sight of the band structure in the middle of the Let’s Dance (1:25), for a moment, even the performer also confusion hand to listen and what went There is a place, but without Bowie also disturbed there, so you will hear the state in which again without difficulty also original to the back would place is truly (Continued count of Red Sails, there was a technical repair adjustment, such as a monitor check here Perhaps.). In any case, as the Serious Moonlight Tour sound source, is a recording board of arguably the world’s best, also terms of content, it is representative of the ’80s Bowie, and has become one of the Best of the Best. Release at that time, an upgraded version of the original sound source and ultra-high-quality recording panel that called the big topic is, through the time of ’10, is the emergence from the popular Wardour in the long-awaited press platen!


London Wembley performances of 1983 will be held over three days, admirably thing to mention successful is one of the show of highlights, also live that was stable of David Bowie during that Noboritsume to the height of its popularity great item was released to enjoy the show. Sound source itself is the same as its outstanding record, but, to the height of the quality of this sound can feel the process also seems a truly 21st century, it can be said that the release in the monumental treatment of why by the press CD. Sound quality and source show itself is a set starting from the poor of change “Serious Moonlight Tour” so the safe “The Jean Genie”, which can be enjoyed slowly and carefully the unavoidable but still show a point especially new part is not many. Even so, the group past masterpieces are in do not see any mechanism of wonder and darkness and Everyplace to about would I arrange to become New Romantics power station sound and is played a Dansanburu 80’s style in this Apartments , the hit that becomes the minute listening easy light image is a side that would away the yesteryear of Bowie fan. On the other hand by this tour is, and also know the Bowie the time of this idle popularity, people became a fan would also be large. Such listener to it is definitely to be able to enjoy this work with plenty, middle from the beginning, to feel the goodness of the sound toward the second half, also it can be heard in even remember endorsement sound illusion like you are in the venue. Past items have become old without any also be seen in the market, but still this work, which accounts known high-quality source here would be a useful item.


世界的大ヒットを記録した「Let’s Dance」リリース期に行われた、ボウイにとって、5年振りとなる、1983年ワールド・ツアーから、ロンドン・ウェンブリー・アリーナ3連続公演・最終日、6月4日のライヴを、1時間48分に渡って超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。録音者本人からの提供によるオリジナル・マスターを使用。10年前にMasterportレーベルよりリリースされた「Wembley 1983」のマスター音源を現行技術でリマスター、分離感・スケールの増した、よりクリアーでダイナミックなサウンドを誇る、破格の超高音質を実現しています。とにかく音が近く録れており、オーディエンス録音であることが信じられない位に整理されたサウンドは圧巻の一言。これが30年前の録音であることが到底信じられない程で、まるで1983年の会場にDATレコーダーを持ち込んで録音したかのようなサウンドです。オープニングからアンコールまで怒涛の最高音質で収録されており、「ここがここまで良いと言う事は、あの部分はどんなふうに聴こえるのだろう?」と聴き手はわくわくして聴き進むことができます。気になる方は是非、店頭で試聴してみて下さい。誰もが唖然となるほどの音がスピーカーから飛び出してきます。収容人数10,000人の大会場ウェンブリー・アリーナ、1983年のカセット録音で、いったいどうやったらこんな凄い録音が可能だったのかと、聴いていて不思議に感じるほどの最高音質盤。ボウイ・ファンは勿論、録音マニアの方にも接して頂きたい1枚です。自らの輝かしいキャリアを網羅するような全25曲。ポップになったと陰口を言われたこの時期ですが、抜群の演奏力をもつバックとボウイの圧巻のパフォーマンスは最初から最後まで聴き応え十分で、聴き応え満点の高品質な演奏に誰しもが、ただただ聴き入ってしまう事でしょう。セットはツアーを通じて固定されているので、ホームグラウンドのロンドン公演と言えど、驚くような選曲はありませんが、観客の熱狂もリアルで、高揚感と適度な臨場感、そして良い意味での大会場ならではの音の響きも感じられ、あらゆる意味で、最良の内容となっています。ボウイもバンドも絶好調の演奏を聴かせてくれますが、一か所、Let’s Danceの途中(1:25)でバンドが構成を見失い、一瞬、何が行ったかと聴き手も演奏者も混乱する箇所がありますが、ボウイもそこで乱れることなく、難なく元に戻してしまう所は流石(続くRed Sailsのカウントもやり直している様子が聞こえますので、ここでモニターチェックなどのテクニカルな修復調整があったのかもしれません。)。いずれにせよ、Serious Moonlight Tour音源としては、間違いなく世界最高峰の録音盤であり、内容的にも、80年代のボウイを代表する、ベスト・オブ・ベストの1枚になっています。リリース当時、大きな話題を呼んだオリジナル音源・超高品質録音盤のアップグレード版が、10年の時を経て、待望のプレス盤で好評Wardourより登場です!

1983年のロンドン・ウェンブリー公演は3日間に渡り開催され、見事に成功したショウのハイライトのひとつであることは言うまでもなく、また人気絶頂へと上り詰めている最中のデヴィッド・ボウイの安定したライブショウを楽しむには絶好のアイテムがリリースされた。音源そのものは既発盤と同じだが、この音のクォリティの高さはさすがに21世紀とも思える処理を実感できるし、だからこそのプレスCDによる記念碑的扱いでのリリースと言える。ショウそのものは変化の乏しい「Serious Moonlight Tour」なので無難に「The Jean Genie」から始まるセットで、特に目新しい部分は多くない点はやむを得ないがそれでもショウをじっくりと楽しめる音質とソース。それにしても過去の名曲群がこのメンツで演奏されるとダンサンブルな80年代風なニューロマンティクス的パワーステーションサウンドになってしまうのはどんな仕掛けなのだろうと思ってしまう程に暗さや陰りが見当たらないアレンジで、その分聴きやすく軽いイメージになってしまうあたりは往年のボウイファンを遠ざけてしまう側面。一方ではこのツアーにより、またこのアイドル的人気の時期にボウイを知り、ファンになった人も多いだろう。そんなリスナーには本作をたっぷりと楽しめる事は間違いなく、序盤から中盤、後半に行くにしたがって音の良さを実感し、また会場内にいるかのような錯覚すら覚えるお墨付きサウンドで聴ける。過去のアイテムが古くなってきて市場でも見かけることもなく、それでも良質なソースをここに知らしめている本作は有用なアイテムになるだろう。

Disc 1(64:56)
1. Opening 2. The Jean Genie/Star (Intro) 3. Heroes 4. What In The World 5. Golden Years
6. Fashion 7. Let’s Dance 8. Red Sails 9. Breaking Glass 10. Life On Mars? 11. Sorrow
12. Cat People (Putting Out The Fire) 13. China Girl 14. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
15. Rebel Rebel 16. White Light, White Heat 17. Station To Station

Disc 2(43:18)
1. Cracked Actor 2. Ashes To Ashes 3. Space Oddity 4. Member Introduction 5. Young Americans
6. Hang On To Yourself 7. Fame 8. Stay 9. The Jean Genie 10. Modern Love

David Bowie – Vocals, Guitar Carlos Alomar – Guitar Earl Slick – Lead Guitar
Steve Elson – Saxophone, Keyboards Stan Harrison – Saxophone Lenny Pickett Saxophone
Tony Thompson – Drums Dave Lebolt – Keyboards Carmine Rojas – Bass
George Simms – Backing Vocals Frank Simms – Backing Vocals

Serious Moonlight UK Tour 1983



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