Soft Machine / Bundles In Marseille / 2CDR

Soft Machine / Bundles In Marseille / 2CDR / Highland Project

Translated Text:
Live At La Halle Vallieurs, Marseille, France November 26th 1975. Soundboard


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sound board live recordings from precious ’75 European tour of Soft Machine comes up for the first time!

I record with high quality sound board sound performances in Marseille, France November 26 75. Do not miss as a valuable record of this time this performance by John Etheridge with carriers enrolled in the gong – Darryl Ways Wolf such a hurry Allan Holdsworth left the band has joined. It is a collectible item of large recommendation as a sound board live recordings masterpiece album of “convergence” release date!



Live At Halle La Vallieurs, Marseille, France November 26th 1975

01. Intro
02. Floating World
03. Bundles
04. Land Of The Bag Snake
05. Out Of Season
06. Ban-Ban Caliban
07. Aubade
08. The Tale Of Taliesin
09. North Point
10. The Man Who Waved At Trains
11. Peff
12. Drum Solo

01. Hazard Profile – Part 1
02. Hazard Profile – Part 2
03. Hazard Profile – Part 3
04. Hazard Profile – Part 4
05. Hazard Profile – Part 5
06. Song Of Aeolus
07. Jam I
08. Ealing Comedy
09. Jam II

Highland Project. HLP-102A/B

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