Boston / Mothership / 3CDR+1DVDR

Boston / Mothership / 3CDR+1DVDR / Uxbridge

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Live At Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, USA 27th September 1976, Specrum, Philadelphia, PA,USA December 1976, Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA, USA 19th March 1977, Giants Stadium, The Meadowlands, NJ, USA 17th June 1979. SBD

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Rallying to a one-set the last few years emerged the 1970s upgraded version of the sound board sound source of Boston. The disc 1, 1976, from the US tour that took place in the first album, shortly after the release, September 27, of Cleveland past the best of 62 minutes full inclusion in superb stereo sound board recording at the sound quality of the Agora Ballroom concert . In recent years emerged, digitized version from the analog master reel to direct that was rapture the fan. This take is texture is to achieve a sound that is more powerful by increasing the sound pressure as it is. The degradation point of the analog due to the master, definitive edition, which was modified to the extent that does not appear affect the original sound. Philadelphia performances about 56 minutes recording that emerged in recent years that do not know the exact date only in the still December 1976 to the disk 2. Here also without giving a change in texture, it has been recorded in a more dynamic sound. But there is also a theory of it was a show of as the undercard of Foghat, the sound quality is the official release also the best of what level of possible, the spacey one and only Boston charm with dynamic, with plenty in the freshness preeminent of the best sound quality it is possible to enjoy. The disk 3 in the classic staple, was broadcast in the familiar King Biscuit Fuwara Hour also under the title “PAST INVITAION” in the past, 1977 March 16, the ultra-high-quality sound board sound source of the Long Beach Arena performance 63 minutes recording. Masterpiece of ultra-high quality sound of digital master direct not air check is looming from the speakers in the great power of enough to be dumbfounded. 3 performance both from the tour due to the unprecedented first album was a big hit, full tilt just updraft, gradually highest sound quality stereo live raise the completeness of supreme Boston freshness preeminent in its scale and live you can enjoy in the line recording. The fourth piece of the DVD, after about two months of the Japan tour of the legend than the Do not Look Back Tour, 6 May 17, 1979, New Jersey is the Giants Stadium concert in high-quality multi-camera Pro shot the item was recorded over about 84 minutes. attaching. There is a character in the same way the past was released title in the middle of “ME-94” at all times, except for center-shot multi-camera, but by no means perfect content Dattari black-and-white, this time pro-shot video is limited and cage, you can enjoy over one hour 24 minutes with a high-quality sound and vivid image by sufficiently clear screen and great line recording. For Boston fans would say the best set-title packed with supreme sound and video of the mast HAVE.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.125 (2010 December issue). In case you’re wondering.

Early Boston 4 Disc box should be called decisive of appeared. 1976 September of Cleveland, Philadelphia of December of the same year, is aligned with the 1977 March of California 3CD all sound board sound source, subjected to any further DVD was recorded pro-shot video of New Jersey of 1979 June there. Cleveland performances of the first 1976, that it immediately after the debut, enjoy still innocent compact performance. Last exactly playing, essentially seems to be dedicated to achieve the same sound as the record, play the part, such as the late stage is still small. Nostalgic voice, such as squeezing the vocals of Brad Derubu. Sound quality is a master Quality unbelievably and 1976, and the snare of the tuning is low, guitar, except that you have swung to the left and right to listen in almost perfect mix.
December of Philadelphia performances, has become a strong broadcasting sound source specific mix of the limiter, the instrument of the balun is comes through excitement of playing the bad things Guigui. Particularly large volume of the guitar, so come hear to direct, it can also be confirmed, such as the accuracy of the technique of Tom Scholz. Vocal and takes strange exciter to, only it regrettable place that has become so took phase to the voice of Brad. Two of this 1976, but it means that after the debut has been released, already be recorded in the “Do not Look Back,” the second “A Man I’ll Never Be” and “Do not Be Afraid”, etc. but to have been played as a complete type, is an unpublished song of the century “Shattered Images” and “Television Politician” is happy to listen to the CD quality.
California performances of March 1977, in a performance of the famous Long Beach Arena, performance that is openly playing in the large cheering already stately even feel. The sound source is make me hear the sound quality as the “King Biscuit Flower Sour” one of the on-air has been ultra-classic in, including the tuning of the drum, the world industrial rock band.
1979 June of New Jersey, Giants Sutashiamu performances classic video also appeared many times in the past. Or not see the big timecode and reel number on the screen, but the image quality is often such as rough scene, there is a charm that would somehow stare. There is also a seasonal effect that two months after that visit to Japan performances in Japan were rejoicing, it would be many fans that would do with Natsukashin. Since daytime stadium performances, indeed, but Tom Scholz has never appeared in the cloak figure, figure spree playing the twin-lead to pounding in rough appearance is really cool i. Also came out in PV, figure Fran Sheehan is playing the base over scan, shaking his head up and down is a must for fans. Is the initial phase of the Boston currently also continue its activities, it will be able to be said that it is box-set collection of only the best-take when he was the golden age.


ここ数年出現したボストンの1970年代のサウンドボード音源のアップグレード版をワン・セットに結集。ディスク1には1976年、ファーストアルバム・リリース直後に行われたUSツアーより、9月27日のクリーヴランドはアゴラ・ボールルーム公演を過去最高の音質にて極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音で62分完全収録。近年出現し、ファンを狂喜させたアナログ・マスター・リールからダイレクトにデジタル化したヴァージョン。本テイクは質感はそのままで音圧を上昇させることでより迫力あるサウンドを実現しています。マスターに起因するアナログの劣化ポイントを、原音に影響の出ない程度に修正した決定版。ディスク2には未だ1976年12月のみで正確な日にちが判っていない近年出現したフィラデルフィア公演を約56分収録。こちらも質感に変化を与えることなく、よりダイナミックなサウンドで収録されています。フォガットの前座としてのショウだったとの説もありますが、音質はオフィシャル・リリースも可能なレベルの最高のもので、ダイナミックでスペイシーな唯一無二のボストンの魅力を、鮮度抜群の最高音質でたっぷりと堪能することができます。ディスク3には定番中の定番、過去に「PAST INVITAION」というタイトルでもおなじみのキングビスケット・フワラー・アワーで放送された1977年3月16日、ロングビーチ・アリーナ公演の超高音質サウンドボード音源を63分収録。エアチェックではないデジタル・マスター・ダイレクトの圧巻の超高音質サウンドは呆気にとられるほどの大迫力でスピーカーから迫ってきます。3公演とも空前の大ヒットを記録したファースト・アルバムに伴うツアーからで、まさに上昇気流まっしぐら、次第にそのスケールとライブでの完成度を高めていく至高のボストンのライブを鮮度抜群の最高音質ステレオ・ライン録音で堪能できます。4枚目のDVDには、Don’t Look Back Tourより伝説の日本公演の約2ヶ月後、1979年6月17日、ニュー・ジャージーはジャイアンツ・スタジアム公演を高画質のマルチカメラ・プロショットで約84分に渡って収録したアイテムが付きます。過去にリリースされたタイトル同様に中央に「ME-94」という文字が常時あり、マルチカメラのセンターショット以外は白黒だったりと決して完璧な内容ではありませんが、この時期のプロショット映像は限られており、十分にクリアーな画面と素晴らしいライン録音による高品質なサウンドと生々しい映像で1時間24分に渡って楽しむことができます。ボストン・ファンにとってはマスト・ハヴの至高の音源・映像が詰まった最高のセット・タイトルと言えるでしょう。

★beatleg誌 vol.125(2010年12月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

12月のフィラデルフィア公演は、リミッターの強い放送音源的なミックスになっているが、楽器のバランは悪いものの演奏の熱気がグイグイ伝わってくる。特にギターの音量が大きく、ダイレクトに聞こえて来るので、トム・ショルツのテクニックの正確さなども確認することが出来る。ヴォーカルに妙なエキサイターがかかっており、ブラッドの声にフェイズがかかったようになっているのが唯一残念なところだ。この1976年の2枚は、デビューがリリースされた後ということだが、すでにセカンドの『Don’t Look Back』に収録される「A Man I’ll Never Be」や「Don’t Be Afraid」などが完成型として演奏されているし、世紀の未発表曲である「Shattered Images」と「Television Politician」がCDクオリティで聴けるのが嬉しい。

Disc 1
Live at Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH. USA 27th September 1976

1. Venue Announcements 2. Introduction 3. Rock And Roll Band 4. Shattered Images (Help Me)
5. Peace Of Mind 6. Something About You 7. A Man I’ll Never Be 8. Smokin’ 9. Guitar Solo
10. Foreplay/Long Time 11. Don’t Be Afraid 12. More Than A Feeling 13. Television Politician


Disc 2
Live at Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA. USA December 1976

1. Rock And Roll Band 2. Help Me 3. More Than A Feeling 4. Peace Of Mind 5. Something About You
6. Smokin’ 7. Guitar Solo 8. Foreplay 9. Long Time 10. Television Politician 11. Don’t Be Afraid


Disc 3
Live at Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA. USA 16th March 1977

1. Rock And Roll Band 2. Shattered Images (Help Me) 3. More Than a Feeling 4. Something About You
5. A Man I’ll Never Be 6. Smokin’ 7. Guitar Solo/Blues 8. Peace of Mind 9. Foreplay/Long Time
10. Television Politician


Live at Giants Stadium, The Meadowlands, New Jersey, USA 17th June 1979

1. Rock & Roll Band 2. Shattered Images (Help Me) 3. Peace Of Mind 4. Feelin’ Satisfied
5. Don’t Look Back 6. The Journey 7. More Than A Feeeling 8. A Man I’ll Never Be 9. Smokin’
10. Tom Scholz Guitar Solo 11. This Time 12. Foreplay/Long Time 13. Something About You 14. Party


Tom Scholz – Guitar, Keyboards Brad Delp – Vocal Barry Goudreau – Guitar
Fran Sheehan – Bass Sib Hashian – Drums


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