Beach Boys / The Best Of Video Trax 1962-2012 / 1DVDR+1Bonus DVDR

Beach Boys / The Best Of Video Trax 1962-2012 / 1DVDR+1Bonus DVDR / Johanna

Ultimate Archives Of Video Clips +TV Shows Sync With Studio Takes. NTSC


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Translated Text:

★ high image quality and high-quality video clips collection of Beach Boys, the long-awaited!
★ I thoroughly cover the clip and representative music in chronological / presentation order of their ’50!
★ first 200set limited bonus DVD (2012年· PROSHOT Live Collection) inclusion!
★ first 200set limited color original post card enclosed!

The reunion tour and new miracle in 2012 of the 50th anniversary. And Japan to achieve
this year was a year which is nice after a long time in the Beach Boys fan.
Clippings of intimacy comes up from JOHANNA label.

The cover over time most of the typical hit songs from the career of ’50 of them!
I have put together carefully slate with nostalgia novelty jacket image in front of each song.

Video clip is almost unheard of in the music of early,
deviation of an inch also Synchronizes the studio sound source of high-quality sound without the TV appearances video at the time,
in the video at the time that the song was announced, the best the song and it is with video work to be able to enjoy sound quality.

Surfin ‘USA black-and-white image in the Steve Allen Show’63 becomes a stereo MIX proven,
standing in the chorus for five people Don’t Worry Baby in innocent American Bandstand’64
a single mono mix, Jack California Girls in colorful costumes in Benny Hour’65
recorded in New Stereo mix of the 2002 voice addition to the vivid color quality of the all-time high!
Where rare, Ricky Fata and Blondie-Chapurin had joined
two video clips of 1972 is a change term of Carl Wilson led is quite rare.

In addition, it is also worth clip of 80’s often overlooked.
(Scene of the movie “Cocktail” is inserted) Kokomo which became a big hit after a long time, of course,
Do not Worry Baby remake of the 1980s to the emergence of Brian ultra slim and (Chapter34),
Getcha comical to symbolize the MTV era It is a fresh and surprising Back.
Such as a paper clip and fantastic in “radio Shi make of God’s” My song is also a must-see.

All 38 songs that sum up 50 years, is a must-have collection of clip-ultimate up to about 2 hours.

The first 200set, in addition to the color post card which designed the jacket photo
DVDR that Roundup trailers and pro-shot live in parts of 2012 is attached.

■ ■ JPD-606/DISC-1 117Mins / PROSHOT
01. JPD Opening Slate
02. Surfin ‘Safari <US TV 1962 / Studio Vers.1962 Mono>
03. Surfin ‘USA <Steve Allen Show 1963 / Studio Vers.1963 Stereo>
04. Surfer Girl <TAMI Show 1964 / Studio Vers.1963 Stereo>
05. Little Deuce Coupe <The Lost Concert Studio 1964/ Vers.1963 Stereo>
06. <The In My Room Red Skelton Show 1964/ Studio Vers.1963 Stereo>
07. Fun, Fun, Fun <The Lost Concert 1964 / Studio Vers.1964 Mono>
08. I Get Around <Ed Sullivan Show 1964 / Studio Vers.1964 Mono>
09. Do not Worry Baby <American Bandstand 1964/1964 mono . single Vers>
. 10 – When I Grow Up (To Be a Man) <Ready Steady Go! 1964 / Studio Vers.1964 Mono>
. 11 ​​Dance, Dance, Dance <TAMI Show 1964 / Studio Vers.1964 – new stereo Mix 2002 >
12 Help Me, Rhonda Williams <Andy Showtasu Shindig 1965/1965 mono single Vers.>.!
13 California Girls <Jack Benny Hour NBC-TV ’65 + ’69 Holland TV / Studio Vers ’65 -.. new stereo Mix 2002 >
14. Barbara Ann <Jack Benny Hour NBC-TV 1965/1965 mono single Vers.>
15. Sloop John B <video Clip 1966/1966 video Mix>
16. Would not It Be Nice <Video Clip ’66 + Twien TV ’68 / 2001 Stereo Mix>
17. God Only Knows <Twien Holland TV 1968/1996 Stereo Mix>
18. God Only Knows <Live Montage 1967/1968 Circulated Version>
19. “Pet Sounds” Promo <Video Clip 1966/1966 video Mix>
20. Good Vibrations <video Clip 1966 / Studio Vers.1966 Mono>
21. <video Friends Clip 1968 / video Mix 1968>
22. Do It Again <video Clip 1968 / Studio Vers.1968 Mono>
23. I Can Hear Music Clip <video 1968 Remaster / video Mix 1968>
. 24 I Can Hear Music Clip <video ’68 Original / Studio Vers.’68- remaster 2001>
.. 25 Bluebirds Over The Mountain <Beat Club 1968 / Studio Vers ’68 – 2001 remaster
26. Break Away <David Frost Show 1969 / Studio Vers.’68-remaster 2001>
27. Cotton Fields <TV show 1970 / Studio Vers.’68-remaster 2001>
28. Surf’s Up <video Clip 1971>
29. Do not Go Near The Water <KTV Films”Music Unlimited” 1972 / soundtrack 1972>
30. You Need a Mess of Help to Stand Alone <video 1972 Clip / video Mix 1972>
31. Sail On, Sailor <video Clip 1973>
32. Getcha Back <video 1985 Clip / video Mix 1985>
33. California Dreamin ‘<video 1985 Clip / video Mix 1985>
34. Do not Worry Baby <video Clip 1986 / stereo video 1986> Mix
35. Wipe Out (with the Fat Boys) <video 1987 Clip / video Mix 1987>
36. Kokomo <video Clip 1988 / stereo video 1988> Mix
37. Heroes and Villains <video Clip 2011>
38. That’s Why God Made The Radio <video 2012> Clip
39 . Do It Again (2012 Remake) <video Clip 2012>
40. JPD Ending Slate


*** “2012 REUNION SPECIAL” ***

[LIVE at QVC TV May 16 2012] —————–
Do It Again / Catch A Wave / Surfin ‘Safari /
Surfer Girl / God Only Knows /
That’s Why God Made The radio /
Dance Dance Dance / Little Honda
California Girls / Would not It Be Nice /
[Rolling Stone Magazine Webcast] ————-
Surfer Girl / Surfin ‘USA /
[Hollywood Bowl, CA June 2 2012 Proshot] That’s Why God Made The Radio / Would not It Be Nice /
[Good Morning America Show / Central Park June 15] California Girls / Good Vibrations / Interview /
That’s Why God Made The Radio /
[CBS TV Sunday Morning 2012 – The Beach Boys Special] [OFFICIAL SITE 2012 Trailer] 50th Anniversary Reunion, New Album and Tour Trailer /
Kick Off In Tucson Arizona / the Perfect Set List /
The Beach Boys Greatest Hits Sizzle Reel /

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