Police / Tokyo Dome 2008 2nd Night / 2CD

Police / Tokyo Dome 2008 2nd Night / 2CD / Wardour
Translated Text:
Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 14th February 2008.

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It seemed like a dream “THE REUNION TOUR 2007-2008”. The finest live in Japan is appearing in permanent preservation press album.
The reorganization tour that began in the spring of 2007 has spread to Japan until the year 2008 was revised. Among them, this work is “February 14, 2008: Tokyo Dome Performance”. It seems like it was just before, but already 9 years ago. Let’s organize the schedule here.

· February 10: Kyocera Dome Osaka
· February 13: Tokyo Dome ※ TV broadcasting
· February 14: Tokyo Dome 【this work】

This is a one time reorganization THE POLICE Japan tour. Although the television broadcasting is also a standard staple at this time ‘s performance in Japan, this work is another final show than that. As you can see, at the moment (at the moment) THE POLICE is the last Japanese performance, but the biggest point of this work is not the memorial value …… It is a superb quality that blows even such emotion.
In our shop it is the master who was handed over directly from familiar name recordingist, but what should I express this sound … ?. It is undoubtedly an audience recording because the gigantic applause rises in the opening scene, but its clearness, the punchy feeling of the core forget the fact of the customer’s book. To be honest, although the “ringing” unique to the huge venue is also inhaled, because the core is strangely clearer, its “ringing” gives a lustrous feel and gives no detail to fine dust . A great recording frequently occurred in overseas performances only for the tour of the century, but the clearness of this work is different in dimension. Especially in Odiness recording, the bass which is often blurred is wonderful, the bass and the bassing bass are super sharp. Despite the abundance of vibe so that you can see that you are shaking the floor of the venue, “standing” to Bing’s “Be”. I heard that the sound of PA was good, but how can I clearly record so far at the Tokyo Dome …?
The dome depicted in such a dream is re-organized THE POLICE exquisite live in Japan. The set list is the same as the official board “CERTIFIABLE”, which means that you can experience that Greatest Hits 100% of your life. As mentioned earlier, the Japanese performance was also broadcasted on TV, but there were also “Walking In Your Footsteps” and “Next To You” that were cut completely there.
Furthermore, the engraving unique to the Japanese performance is solid. If the cheers awarded to those three people is also Japanese style, Sting’s Japanese MC is also a feeling of Japan. Especially when you say the feeling of the Scream that puts “Konbanwa Tokyo!” With the rust of “Message In A Bottle”! The memorable feeling of Japanese who responds to it also brings out the remembrance of that visit clearly.

Will not you be lying if you said long-awaited … …. The real life experience of THE POLICE, which was also a late Christmas gift, or even a kind of old-fashioned girl who gave him no yearly compensation. It is a book that vacuum packed that scene with ultra superb sound.
It is a super masterpiece that you can recommend it to all those who were present at the workplace, as well as those who do not. It is a real live album in which all good songs, good sounds, good performances are simply arranged in high dimensions. It is now in 2017 that Sting, who returned to rock, came back, one that gets deeply into my heart. Please, enjoy it as much as you want.
夢のようだった“THE REUNION TOUR 2007-2008”。その極上ライヴ・イン・ジャパンが永久保存プレス・アルバムで登場です。

・2月13日:東京ドーム ※テレビ放送
・2月14日:東京ドーム 【本作】

これが一度だけの再編THE POLICEジャパンツアー。この時の来日公演はテレビ放送もド定番にもなっていますが、本作はそれとは別の最終公演です。このように(現時点で)THE POLICE最後の日本公演なわけですが、本作最大のポイントはメモリアル価値……ではありません。そんな感慨さえも吹っ飛ばす極上のクオリティです。
そんなドーム離れしたサウンドで描かれるのは、再編THE POLICE極上のライヴ・イン・ジャパン。セットリストはオフィシャル盤『CERTIFIABLE』と同一ですが、それはつまり、あのグレイテスト・ヒッツを本生100%体験できるということ。先述の通り、日本公演はテレビ放送もされましたが、そこではカットされてしまった「Walking In Your Footsteps」「Next To You」も完全収録されているのです。
さらに、日本公演ならではの刻印もしっかり。あの3人に贈られる喝采も日本風なら、スティングの日本語MCも日本感。特に「Message In A Bottle」のサビで「コンバンワ東京!」と入れるスクリームの気持ち良さと言ったら! それに応える日本人の待ちに待った感も合わせ、あの来日の想い出が鮮明に蘇ります。

待望の……と言ったらウソになるでしょうか。遅れてきたクリスマス・プレゼント、もしくは年甲斐もなく貰ったお年玉のようでもあった再編THE POLICEの本生体験。あの現場を超・極上サウンドで真空パックした1本です。

Disc 1(52:40)
1. Intro. 2. Message In A Bottle 3. Synchronicity II 4. Walking On The Moon
5. Voices Inside My Head / When The World Is Running Down 6. Don’t Stand So Close To Me
7. Driven To Tears 8. Hole In My Life 9. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
10. Wrapped Around Your Finger

Disc 2(53:34)
1. De Do Do Do De Da Da Da 2. Invisible Sun 3. Walking In Your Footsteps
4. Can’t Stand Losing You / Reggatta De Blanc 5. Roxanne 6. King Of Pain
7. So Lonely 8. Every Breath You Take 9. Next To You


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