Rolling Stones / Philadelphia Special -New / 2CD

Rolling Stones, The / Philadelphia Special -New / 2CD / Non Label

Spectrum Sports Arena, Philadelphia 21st July 1972,Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth 24th June 1972

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The Rolling Stones will be released this week on the 1972 US Tour, and another analog reprint is Philas II. You no longer need to write the original title. A super-popular masterpiece “Philas II”. A groundbreaking sound source where the rough mix of a multitrack tape that had been recorded with the intention of releasing a live album leaked and saw the light of day. It was later released as an item because it spread through the radio, but as you can see from the rough mix, it is different from the so-called radio show, and it is played at the radio station after the sound source has leaked There is a possibility that it was.
Therefore, before the appearance of “Philas II”, this sound source gradually began to look at the eyes of LPs such as “MICK TAYLOR WE MISS YOU” and “GREAT LOST LIVE ALBUM VOL.1”, while “Philas II” revealed the whole picture at a stretch It became. As mentioned earlier, the impact of the multi-track sound source, where the cheers were perfectly picked up in real stereo, was too great, and in addition to that, it became a big best seller with a unique jacket design featuring that star Is. The label that released it was another great success that spawned masterpieces in the mid-1980s, including the release of Knebworth’s masterpiece “HOT AUGUST NIGHT”.

ろ After all, a number of items have been created on CDs under the name of “Philas II” because it is a sound source that has a great appeal of recording a true multitrack sound board in stereo. Even in the early 90’s, when the first TSP was released, it had already been pointed out in research magazines that “the sound quality has changed from LP.” However, the CD version “ Philas 現 れ ” that appeared afterwards has been slightly more or less equalized, and if TSP is “ Mokoshari ”, the sound quality is that VGP is “ Surcer ”, both of which are different from those of LP That’s how it was.
And recently, DAC released a version that would be called “Real Filas II” on the second piece of “TOURING PARTY VOL.5”, but the sound quality of this was the best line Is. Still, it’s different from the sound of LPs … Maniacs would have enjoyed the fact that they could enjoy “Filas II” on CD, but they would have always felt uncomfortable and uncomfortable.
Therefore, this time, this is in parallel with the reprint from the “Philas ぺ” LP master, but this is not the first time that a press CD based on LP has been released. Already in 1993, CDs from LPs were realized in packages in small boxes. It is said that such items appeared as a result of responding to the mania’s discomfort with the sound quality of “Mokoshari” on the TSP board. However, this era was a time when “analog drop” CDs were perceived as evil, and above all, they abjected items from such LPs, so they were not justified.

As な ら mania knows, the “Philas ぺ” LP was released as a gorgeous multi-color vinyl, so there was a problem that scratch noise was more likely to occur than normal black vinyl. Therefore, this time we realized a CD based on the LP of mint condition and thoroughly removing scratch noise. Nevertheless, we succeeded in enclosing it in a press CD without compromising the LP’s original warmy sound quality. Originally, the sound quality of LP was a good sense of analog sound in a good sense, but if you add equalization to it, it will definitely change. That was the dilemma of past CDs. In particular, TSP has changed the “moco feeling” of LPs that are gentle on the ears into “moco shari”.
This is also true of ZEP’s “929” OG board, but there is a sound board that cannot reproduce the taste of LPs digitally. “Philas II” is definitely not that kind.

Thus, the first disc was converted to a CD, paying close attention to the rare masterpiece “Philas II” LP. On the other hand, the second disc added multi-track rough mix sound source songs that were not recorded in the same LP, and reproduced all the live songs of the day. One of the main sources of additional songs such as “Bye Bye Johnny” was “PLUG IN FLASH OUT” LP, which is also a masterpiece of the 1972 tour. After the release of “Philas II”, it is a set that was declared a culmination of the time when it was released with further excavation. In short, it is the LP sound source that fills the hole of the LP sound source.
に よ っ て This means that you can enjoy it as a full-length live version without discomfort of the sound quality (that is, keeping the same naturalness). However, regardless of whether it was “Philas II” or “PLUG IN FLASH OUT”, the pitch was basically high, and it fluctuated depending on the song. When I played the “PLUG IN FLASH OUT” LP at that time, I remember that I played that multiple record while adjusting the pitch on the turntable every time the song changed.
However, in this CD conversion, such problems have been thoroughly adjusted. Not only can you easily play back the original sound quality of “Philas II” LP, but also the problem that the fundamentally wrong pitch is further different for each song has been completely eliminated. Above all, “Philas II”, which can be enjoyed with the LP’s original sound, is special. Especially when it comes to a quiet part like the intro of “ You Can’t Always Get What You Want ”, it is not uncommon for past items to be “ Surcer ” and noise, but this time to such annoying places wiping. The scene that starts with the sound of the multitrack tape being played is also cut on the CD, and the opening that I heard only because of LP. This is the original sound of “Philas II” that mania wanted to hear!

★ It is the first time that the pitch is correct because the record is dropped directly and the sound is not tampered with unnecessarily. We aimed to reproduce the sound of the original sound itself. No noise. And great sound quality!

★ (Regarding the pitch of the record sound source)
Overall, 30 to 50% higher than a semitone, and higher than a semitone after All Down The Line → All have been accurately corrected for each song.

それ故に「フィラスぺ」登場以前から「MICK TAYLOR WE MISS YOU」や「GREAT LOST LIVE ALBUM VOL.1」といったLPで徐々にこの音源が日の目を見ていく中、「フィラスぺ」で一気に全貌が明らかになったのでした。先にも触れたようにリアル・ステレオで歓声もばっちり拾われたマルチトラック音源が登場したインパクトがあまりにも大きく、そこへ加え、あの星をあしらった独特なジャケットデザインと相まって大ベストセラーと化したのです。これをリリースしたレーベルは他にネブワースの傑作「HOT AUGUST NIGHT」もリリースしてみせるなど、1980年代半ばに名作を連発した偉大な存在でした。

そして最近になってDACが「TOURING PARTY VOL.5」の二枚目において「実質フィラスぺ」と呼びたくなるようなバージョンをリリースしていましたが、これの音質が一番いい線をいっていたのです。それでもなおLPの音とは違う…マニアはCDで「フィラスぺ」が楽しめるようになったことを喜びつつも、それでいて拭えない違和感をずっと抱き続けていたことでしょう。


こうして一枚目のディスクは稀代の名盤「フィラスぺ」LPに細心の注意を払ってCD化。一方、二枚目のディスクは同LPで未収録だったマルチトラックのラフミックス音源の曲を付け加え、当日のライブ全曲を再現。「Bye Bye Johnny」を始めとした追加曲に関してメイン・ソースの一つとなったのは、これまた72年ツアーの名盤である「PLUG IN FLASH OUT」LP。「フィラスぺ」リリース後、さらなる発掘を加えてリリースされた当時の集大成と謳われたセットです。要するにLP音源の穴を埋めてくれるのもまたLP音源ということ。
これによって音質の違和感なく(つまり、同等のナチュラルさをキープした)ライブ全長版として楽しめるという訳なのです。とはいえ「フィラスぺ」にしろ「PLUG IN FLASH OUT」にしろ基本的にピッチが高めで、なおかつ曲によってそれが変動するという、再生時の大きなストレスとなる問題を抱えていたものです。私自身も当時「PLUG IN FLASH OUT」LPを再生する際は、曲が変わるたびにターンテーブルでピッチを調整しながら、あの複数枚あるレコードをかけていたことを思い出します。
しかし今回のCD化においては、こうした問題も徹底的にアジャスト。「フィラスぺ」LP本来の音質を簡単にプレイバックできるようになっただけでなく、基本的に狂っていたピッチが曲単位でさらに違うという問題も完全に解消しました。そして何よりLP本来の音で楽しめる「フィラスぺ」は格別。特に「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」のイントロのような静音部になると過去のアイテムは「サーサー」とノイズが乗ってしまうことも珍しくなかったのですが、今回はそうした耳障りな個所まで払拭。そしてマルチトラック・テープが再生される音から始まる場面もCDではカットされており、LPだからこそ聞けたオープニング。マニアが聞きたかった「フィラスぺ」本来の音がこれだ!


全体的に半音の30から50%高く、All Down The Line 以降は半音以上高い→全て、曲ごとに正確に修正しました。

Disc 1 (72:37)
1. Brown Sugar *
2. Bitch *
3. Rocks Off *
4. Gimme Shelter *
5. Happy *
6. Tumbling Dice *
7. Love In Vain ***
8. Sweet Virginia ***
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want ***
10. Midnight Rambler ****
11. All Down The Line *
12. Rip This Joint ***
13. Jumping Jack Flash ***
14. Street Fighting Man ***

Disc 2 (79:49)

1. Brown Sugar *
2. Bitch *
3. Rocks Off *
4. Gimme Shelter *
5. Happy *
6. Tumbling Dice *
7. Love In Vain ***
8. Sweet Virginia ***
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want ***
10. Midnight Rambler ****
11. Band Introductions ** ★追加
12. Bye Bye Johnny ** ★追加
13. All Down The Line *
14. Rip This Joint ***
15. Jumping Jack Flash ***
16. Street Fighting Man ***
17. Uptight / Satisfaction ** ★追加


* Philadelphia 21st July 1972 1st Show
** Philadelphia 21st July 1972 2nd Show
*** Fort Worth 24th June 1972 1st Show
**** Fort Worth 24th June 1972 2nd Show

A1 1. Brown Sugar 7/21 Philadelphia 1st
A2 2. Bitch 7/21 Philadelphia 1st
A3 3. Rocks Off 7/21 Philadelphia 1st
A4 4. Gimme Shelter 7/21 Philadelphia 1st
B1 5. Happy  7/21 Philadelphia 1st
B2 6. Tumbling Dice 7/21 Philadelphia 1st
B3 7. Love In Vain 6/24 Fort Worth 1st
B4 8. Sweet Virginia  6/24 Fort Worth 1st
C1 9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 6/24 Fort Worth 1st
C2 10. Midnight Rambler  6/24 Fort Worth 2nd
D1 11. All Down The Line 7/21 Philadelphia 1st
D2 12. Rip This Joint 6/24 Fort Worth 1st
D3 13. Jumping Jack Flash 6/24 Fort Worth 1st
D4 14. Street Fighting Man 6/24 Fort Worth 1st

Band Introductions 7/21 Philadelphia 2nd
Bye Bye Johnny 7/21 Philadelphia 2nd
Uptight / Satisfaction 7/21 Philadelphia 2nd



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